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What me and Peter used to do, I would usually get picked up at say 5, 5:30, and then on Doctor Who we were on set at 7:30, on camera to rehearse, and then you film through to 7 pm is the kind of schedule that you’re on. So what me and Peter began to do a lot is because Peter, in particular, his dialogue is insane, and, more often than not, I’m pretty fast at learning lines anyway, but not the kind of jargon that he has. So we’d just run them together in between takes. (x)

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Your drawings that feature winter clothes are always just so precious!

Thank youu!!

It’s funny because growing up I hated winter, and still do to a certain extent, but after my first year in California, the perpetual sunshine tired me out. Coming home to snowstorm after snowstorm was beautiful.

Also, drawing characters in winter clothes is a chance for me to make them all pouffy fluffs of lurv <3 I have a set of clothes for every OC and every other character, based off something they wore in TV shows or their personalities. My OC Coco Lemur gets hardcore bundled up in winter because he hates the cold, and wears a longer and looser version of Zack’s toque.

For the MML characters, I gave both boys parkas, though initially Milo’s was supposed to uber fluff. Zack has a fur hood because he can make it his personal space when his Bffs are being butts. Also doesn’t bother with boots or ski pants because he be 2 coo for dat. Also my brother Alex hated wearing skipants too so it’s based off him.

Milo used to be all Fluff because cute nerds need to look like nerds. He also used to have a plain white toque until I decided a hunter’s cap was cuter on him. He uses his parka to warm Diogee up too. My youngest bro used to look really cute all bundled up for winter so Milo’s look is based off his.

Meli is really more based off clothes I would have loved to have yet could not because they either didn’t make them with the active girl in mind or made them my size. I find it typical to dress girls in pink, but since that’s her color palette I just went with it. *shrug*

So ye, I put a lot of freakin thought into the winter fluffs I draw my characters and others’ in. Maybe a little too much, but still. It makes for great fun and great gags XP

I’m listening to the “Fascination” episode of The Rules of Acquisition Podcast, and just got to the point where they mention how, in the shooting script, Lwaxana heard about the Founders from Admiral Nechayev, because they’re apparently BFFs.  And guess what?  IT’S TRUE (just ignore the typo of her name):

I’ve always liked the idea of Tasha living and Worf inviting her to come visit DS9. She would be so impressed by (read: dazzled by and slightly in love with) Jadzia. Because she’s a science officer, yeah, but not like any of the science officers Tasha has ever met. She’s sharp and daring and she gives Worf a run for his money in a sparring match. (Tasha doesn’t dare challenge the Trill. Not because she’s nervous or intimidated or anything….)

But then she would meet Kira and just. BAM. There’s a connection. Not romantic, but there’s kinship. They’re both closed off, so it’s incredibly rare for either of them to feel immediately comfortable, but I think within a short while they not only see eye-to-eye, but they damn near commiserate. Because there are scars that they both have that are harder to spot –the lasting repercussions of childhoods spent surviving and of teenage years spent fighting and killing because that’s just what they needed to be. They don’t talk heavily about their pasts, they don’t feel they have to. Because it’s enough for each of them to see the healing and fading of scars in their lives. Talking about their friends, their joys, the ways they’ve filled their lives with light. 

Kira grins when Tasha tells her about Deanna, tosses a teasing joke over her raktajino. Tasha raises her eyebrows and asks Kira very simply when she plans to tell Jadzia how she feels. And while Kira coughs and splutters something along the lines of “well half the station feels the same, I don’t want to bother her”. Tasha just laughs a little and takes a sip of her drink, “I know the feeling.”

Just. Tasha on Deep Space Nine. Tasha getting to meet Jadzia and Kira. Tasha and Kira being lovesick lesbians talking about their girlfriends (or the ones they wish were their girlfriends). Just. More lesbians being friends in space. 

The time has come for Phil’s Massive List of Things Regarding Two Dorks’ BFFness from the Future (I will take a moment here to virtually bro-fist psycygni for aiding and abetting the culmination of many of these bullet points).

  • After he was let out of the hospital, Jim crashed at Uhura’s (and Spock’s) place like 88% of the time while the Enterprise was being refitted and repaired. Spock spent most of his time at Starfleet HQ talking to important people and Mccoy was nearly always busy with paperwork, but he insisted that Jim was offically off-duty and so by extension not allowed to do anything starfleet-related and delegated the task of supervision to Nyota, who arose to the challenge magnificently.
  • Jim’s socks had an uncanny habit of ending up all over the apartment
  • In retaliation, Nyota sneakily painted three of his toes purple and then hid the nail polish remover
  • It was inevitable that at some point they both realized that the other could sing (and sing well, at that) and so singing-at-the-top-of-their-lungs dance party house clean ups are a thing (more on that later).
  • Even after his full recovery, Jim frequently crashes at Nyota’s place for random reasons (ranging from “I’m too drunk to remember how to get to my own house” to “I was lonely and wanted to gossip with someone and Bones is on-call/with Joanna/being a grump and id where Spock is but I figured he might be here”)
  • She only lets him in on the condition that he do odd jobs for her like help her set up furniture or braid her hair
  • When they were at the academy, Jim insisted on getting the xenolinguistics club matching sweaters (he’s in the club okay, this is canon) because, like, it’s cold in space, so they’ll need them at some point, and at first Nyota is like NO THAT IS A TERRIBLE WASTE because it is not possible that Jim Kirk could have a good idea ever except that then the sweaters actually are really great because dang, it is cold in space, and so Nyota ends up wearing hers far more than she thought she would and Jim wears his all the time too and sometimes they both end up wearing them and Jim whispers “we’re like twins” in her ear every damn time
  • Intense Scrabble battles at three in the morning are a thing
  • The firs time Jim meets Nyota’s mom he’s both really nervous and really stoked but he ends up metaphorically charming the pants off her anyway and Nyota decides that introducing them was quite possibly the single worst decision she has ever made
  • Mama Uhura is incredibly perceptive about everything makes it a point to treat Jim like her own son and when he visits always insists that he take like, third helpings of meals and gives him big hugs and calls him “dear” and pats him on the cheek fondly because she can tell he craves it and Jim doesn’t admit it but he always feels a lot better about everything after every visit
  • (Nyota can tell)
  • (Mccoy can tell too, and tell Nyota that her mother is a Godsend miracle working angel lady from heaven)
  • (Spock says nothing because he already knew that Mama Uhura has a sixth sense when it comes to being sensitive and welcoming and warm and motherly to people)
  • There are rumours in all the gossip magazines on Earth that Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura have a secret illicit love affair and Nyota finds it hilarious and Jim is kind of embarrassed but not really and Spock just sighs.
  • Okay, but hugs.
  • Big bear hugs and little squeezes and desperate clinging no no no you’re not going to die hugs and gripping of shoulders that aren’t even hugs, but still support systems, and you know what sometimes it bypasses hugs and goes straight to kisses on the forehead.
  • Jim and Nyota viciously competing for top marks in every class they have together
  • Jim and Nyota pretending to be totally ruthless in their competition but actually ending up taking notes for each other when one is not in class or stopping one from handing an assignment in when the other realizes one of their answers was incorrect
  • “we have to play on fair ground” they insist, but Gaila knows it’s just talk and they don’t really want to beat each other because they both respect the other’s genius and hard work so much
  • Jim and Nyota both being terrible at Biology and having to stay up really late studying for the midterm together for the one bio course that’s mandatory and struggling with every single concept and when they get their marks back they see that they've tied and good gracious  this is unacceptable we are never studying together again except that finals come up and they both kind of flounder alone helplessly for a bit (Mccoy refuses to help Jim because he has exams of his own to worry about, or is busy with something else, or something,) until they’re just like DAMN IT and Nyota comms Jim and is just like “KIRK I HATE YOU SO MUCH DO YOU WANT TO STUDY FOR BIO WE’RE GONNA FAIL” and Jim is like “YEAH” and so they study together and end up with the highest marks in the class.
  • But they tie again.
  • Gaila laughs about it for a week.
  • Nyota being the most perceptive human in the galaxy and realizing that Jim has a huge crush on Carol because oH MY GOD JIM ARE YOU BLUSHING YOU NEVER BLUSH except that she realizes that this is the first time he hasn’t said anything to her about hooking up with a girl and so, wait, oh my God, this is like, serious? (her thought process is something like “what?” to “WAIT” to “AFSDJFHSDFS YOU CUTIES”) and so she doesn’t bring it up except for to give him knowing looks across the bridge on occasion.
  • Jim wants to hate her for knowing but then he can’t because she’s so nice and understanding about it
  • Jamming to 21st century pop playlists is their favorite pastime and they occasional just run around the house singing and dancing in their matching sweatshirts and like, boxers or bicycle shorts or something, idk, and one time Carol comm Nyota the night before and is like “My mum is visiting and we really don’t get along and tomorrow can you accompany us or something so it won’t be so miserably awkward” and Nyota is like “sure!!!” but doesn’t think to ask for a specific time and just says “let yourself in whenever” but then Jim shows up at like two in the morning and he’s like “I have discovered a game called bananagrams and we must immediately have an epic battle of wits thIS IS URGENT” and so they stay up playing bananagrams all night (Nyota forgets all about Carol and her mum) and wake up the next morning and realize that the apartments a mess and Spock’s gonna give them The Eyebrow, so they start blasting the pop songs and run around cleaning up the apartment and at one point Jim jumps out from the hallway with the stereo remote in his mouth and three protein bar wrappers stuffed into his hoodie pocket and his hair on end, wearing nothing but his boxers and the old Xenolinguistics club sweatshirt in the middle of a totally epic air guitar solo when he hears this sharp “ahem” from his left and he freezes mid guitar solo and turns to see Carol, looking exceptionally pretty, standing in the doorway with someone who could only be her very intimidating, very astute-looking mother, and the remote kind of just falls from his mouth and he doesn’t know what to say and it is the single most mortifying experience of his entire life until Nyota comes dancing from the other room with the laundry basket in her Xenolinguistics sweater and bicycle shorts, sees Carol and her mum, realizes she forgot all about them, considers being embarrassed and apologizing for about half a second but then looks at Jim’s face and bursts out laughing uncontrollably instead. And then it’s even more mortifying.
  • Carol’s mother is very confused.
  • Carol is also confused, but also slightly pink, because her brain betrayed her like half a second after Jim jumped into the hallway and now there’s an endless loop of “boxersboxersboxersboxersohmygod” playing at the back of her mind and it won’t go away
  • Later, Nyota apologizes. 
  • It’s still the single most amusing thing she has ever witnessed, though.
  • Jim and Carol do not agree.
  • There are so many more headcanons I have oh my God but this post is really long already I’m so sorry
  • BYE