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Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 3.)


Part 1. - Part 2. 

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (pre-apocalypse)
Negan finally sees you again.
Word Count: 6,056
Warning: Sexual tension and Negan’s usual potty mouth!
Author’s Note: And the duo is back together!!! Wow, this is a long chapter! I didn’t expect to get distracted go off the rails in this one hehe. I’m glad you are all enjoying the story though! Things are going to pick up soon…

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Song: Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D’Angelo 

“Chris, it’s either I quit or I work for the both of you,” you argued. Having two jobs while going to school would be tough to handle, but you were sure that you would get used to it. Plus, having another job could help with the bills and then some.

“But why him? Of all people?”

“He asked me to work for him. Simon and I… We know each other. I told him that I couldn’t just leave this place. You gave me a job when I first moved here, Chris. So, I told him the same thing. Either I work for the both of you or I don’t work at all.”

Chris sighed, “But I get you for more hours than he does.”

“Well, yes, but let’s not tell him that,” you smiled.

“How is it going to be split up then?”

“I’ll work here weekends because I know it’s the busiest. The rest, I’ll work for him.”

“So, you’re telling me you’ll be working three days out of the week for me and the rest for him? How is that fair, [Y/N]?”

“Are you forgetting that I need a day off, Chris? It’s split evenly. Three days for you. Three days for Simon. I’ll work for him Monday through Wednesday and Thursday through Saturday for you.”

Chris narrowed his eyes. “You’re lucky we’re even negotiating this. If it were any of my employees, I would have let them go without having this conversation.”

“It isn’t too late, you know. You can fire me,” you grinned.

“Oh, and what? Let Simon have all the business? Yeah right. I’d be stupid if I did that,” Chris sighed. “So, today’s Monday…”

You nodded, “I’ll be across the street. This will work out. Trust me.”

“Oh, I trust you. It’s not you that I’m worried about… It’s Simon.”

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honestly, that was the best episode of the entire season. it had everything. j’onzz being a protective space dad, winn and lyra being disgustingly cute (just get a room already), james as guardian capturing a lex luthor look-alike, alex beating the crap out of said lex luthor look-alike, danvers father-daughter drama, lillian luthor being an extra ass dramatic ass binch, maggie getting more than 2 minutes of screen time, brian, sanvers ride-or-die dream team, salmonella’s mommy and daddy finally arriving to drag his ass back to space, kara’s own character arch actually being developed, lena luthor and her lunch dates eyebrow raises and hearteyes, supercorp rising (literally and figuratively!), storylines that parallel troubling real life issues, and most importantly, the danvers sisters believing and supporting each other again

@clarz​: “don’t leave me, you’re too warm.”

The line’s ringing before Niall thinks twice about it. It doesn’t even register until Bressie answers with a curious, “’ullo?”, and Niall has to look at the screen of his phone to figure out what’s going on.

Bressie’s contact picture is staring back at him – the one Niall took while they were in bed nearly six months ago, Bressie all sleep-soft around his eyes, cuddled up in Niall’s blanket – the one Niall desperately needs to change.

Anyway… Right, he called Bressie. ‘Course he did.

“Niall?” Bressie asks, when Niall doesn’t say anything right away.

“Hi, hey, Bressie,” Niall says, wincing at the way his voice gets all polite. That superficial voice he uses when he’s dealing with his boss. This is off to a great start, isn’t it.

“You rang?” Bressie prompts. Niall’s cheeks get warm. Right.

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I honestly can’t decide whether

a. you are thrilled that the Cardassian guy who you think is a spy is teaching you spying techniques (look, more proof he’s a spy!), or

b. you are thrilled that you’ve learned spying techniques, period.

Kings Among Runaways: Chapter 1 - A Bow of Holly

The starship Icarus glides serenely through the vastness of space, the arching blade of light from the nearby sun tracing the bow of her body. Shaped like a fat, wingless bird, she is battle scarred and worn. She cuts an impressively shoddy sight; her hull is scratched, vibrant blues and reds of her armour faded with the dullness of time. On her starboard bow, under the bridge windows, the icon of a slavering dog is splattered there; its jaws spread wide, tongue lolling from its jaws, crowned by a single blue feather.

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Placing bets with Bucky is a dangerous thing…but it often ends in pleasure so you don’t complain much.
Genre: Smut
Rating: E
Warnings: Unprotected sex, light bondage, oral sex, dirty talk, choking, spanking, swearings 
3,674 words

Notes: Here it is, my first attempt at smut. I feel like I described this whole thing way too much and I’m sorry for that but it’s my first time (lmao) so take it easy on me! This is low-key based on the 100-0 challenge, where you count from 100 to 0 to know how much you can last until you orgasm. READ ALL THE WARNINGS though choking and spanking don’t have much space on it. I hope this entire thing is understandable, lmao. I guess that’s it! Happy reading! <3</p>

You regret teasing him with every fiber of your body but you’re feeling way too alive to even think about complaining now. 

The room is filled with the afternoon’s sunlight and the windows behind the bed are completely open, the cool breeze cooling your skin in a way you’re almost sobbing at. Body splayed through the bed, you have your wrists tied up to the headboard and ankles to the bedposts, completely bare and open for him. 

Bucky is kneeling just between in your legs, a smirk curving his plump red lips while he’s got his hair up a tight bun and torso completely exposed for your minimum delight, the rough fabric of his pants rubbing insistently against the inside of your calves. 

You regret teasing him with every fiber of your body because deep down you know that he’s going to get exactly what he wants. 

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