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What do you think about the possibility of a 5 years time jump? I think it doesn't fit with their story, The100 story I mean. I've seen many ppl so sure because of the script but still.... I can't see that happening. We would miss development of characters and relationships. The story will be wasted. What's the point of doing that? If they do that, they're unnecessarily dragging things

Part 2. and talking about bellarke, If they got separated for 5 years, writers would be killing their story. Bellarke is always moving, more or less, but they never get stayed, if there’s a big time jump, they would lose their moment.

Yes. One of the things that throws this speculation into doubt is that it would be bad for narrative momentum. It’s just not such great story telling.

*Tells intense story* *Intensity intensifies* *humanity intensely in peril* *Intense love story on the brink* *intense people deciding the fate of the world–*

AND EVERYBODY BREAK. I’LL SEE YOU IN FIVE YEARS. NAP TIME. Love story? What love story. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nothing to see here. They just kind of “survive” in their spaceship/blasted planet/shelter. Whatever, no big deal. Wake me up when it’s over. 

The writers also said they were not totally pleased with the 3 month break between seasons 2 and 3 and that the audience missed a lot of development that was a bit unsatisfying. That doesn’t mean they won’t do it again, or find a way to fix that problem to the best of their ability, but it’s an issue that they mentioned, so it throws the idea of an even BIGGER time lapse at an even MORE critical time into doubt. Can it be done? Yes. It can be done. Even satisfyingly to a degree, but it throws the speculation into doubt.

Anonymous said:what is this speculation that clarke and bell will be separated for 5 Years due to radiation? i missed something :/ (sorry for my english)


rumors, speculation, a little bit of unconfirmed but widely accepted leaked spoilers. people see it as reasonable so they are leaping to some conclusions. i’m very wary of conclusions, first because they’re putting meaning onto clues that have no context, second because this show switches things up and throws in twists and last minute reversals ALL THE TIME. 

So the way I’ve decided to handle it is to consider the rumors, speculation and even vague leaks, and keep my mind open to possibilities, examine them, but refuse to get attached to any one prediction.

When new information appears on screen, I readjust my understanding and speculation, and that’s the only reason why I’m talking about these “spoilers” now… because we’ve heard mentions of and seen hints of going to space and trying to get shelter that will keep everyone for 5 years… which they’re having a hard time with, huh? But now there is something in canon for me to start putting together into theories. 

the sims is still going strong

stardew valley is one of the big games of 2016

every major mmo has housing and homebuilding

minecraft has taken over the world

the fantasy of being able to destroy your enemies is sharing space at a growing pace with the fantasy of being able to have a home and live in peace and safety.

Start the New Year Right

Happy Christmas, New Year & Epiphany!  @mlsecretsanta substitute Santa here with a gift for @daninha-chan .  This story got WAY out of hand!  Hope you enjoy!


Ladybug looked like she’d been hit in the face, and quite frankly Chat Noir couldn’t blame her.  Their meeting with the mayor had turned out unexpectedly to say the least.  How they agreed to this was beyond him.  There were much more relaxing ways to spend New Year’s Eve than being the guest of honor at the Palace Hotel. Yet there they were with a month and change to prepare for the event.

“How did this happen?” Ladybug finally asked him.  They had ended up at Notre Dame for no other reason than it gave them enough space to pace he supposed.

Chat Noir shrugged his shoulders.  “Guess it’s one of the reasons he’s mayor.”

There wasn’t going to be a good answer to her question.  In all actuality it was probably rhetorical.  None the less it gave Ladybug a reason to pause and look at him. She then let out a long sigh. “I guess you’re right.  No reason to fret over it now.  It’s done.  Now we just need to coordinate our outfits.”

“Our outfits,” Chat Noir parroted as he tilted his head questioningly.

“Yes, I mean I could just design and make our outfits myself,” she held up one hand as though trying to weigh out their options but Chat Noir wasn’t having any of that.

“Wait, I thought we were just going to go in costume,” he interrupted, looking at his lady with new admiration.

“Certainly not. If we have to go then I’m going to,” and then she stopped, her eyes going slightly wide as she covered her mouth. “Um, that is to say…”

He couldn’t help it, he stepped closer to her gleefully. “That is to say you already have ideas?” She nodded silently and he could feel the grin on his face widen. “If you’re really going to make us both something to wear to this New Year’s gala then I’m going to insist I pay for all the material and accessories.”

Ladybug’s eyes went wider.  “I couldn’t ask you to…” she made an eeping sound as he carefully placed a finger on her lips.

“You didn’t ask, and we’re in this together, right?  I can’t exactly help you sew, but I have plenty of access to the type of things one might need for making a gown and suit,” he assured her.  Ladybug narrowed her eyes, likely judging the truth of his statement.  “Do you trust me?”

And of course she did.  It wasn’t a phrase he’d throw around needlessly, but Chat Noir was well aware that trust in each other was something they had in spades.

So it came to pass over the next several patrols, Ladybug came with sketches of what she intended.  The rough drafts getting more detailed quickly.  She even took in the few suggestions he’d made.  He was both flattered that she took what he said to heart and proud that all his time surrounded by the fashion industry was paying off so unexpectedly. If he wasn’t seeing the progress first hand, he might have suspected the art was being copied because it seemed slightly familiar. Whose work he wasn’t sure, he’d met so many designers over the years and he wasn’t familiar enough with how certain styles got copied by students or followers of a designer anyways.

That he didn’t bat an eye the day she brought a tape measure on patrol gave Ladybug pause and he couldn’t help but be amused by the turn of events. By the end of that session she was giving him calculating looks, but every time he joked at giving her an idea why he knew what she needed before she’d asked (because let’s be real he’d been measured so many times over the years he could do it half asleep anymore) she’d promptly find another topic to discuss.  Not before looking tempted though.

It wasn’t really fair of him he knew.  Keeping their identities a secret wasn’t something she insisted on a whim or for frivolous reasons.  It was to keep both of them, and those around them, safe.  Secretly he even worried how she would feel about him once she knew the truth.  Would she still see him as Chat Noir, her friend and partner, or just the celebrity Adrien Agreste?

Adrien Agreste had a problem.  A very very big problem.  Of course he had been invited to the New Year’s gala by Chloé.  It was an event for big names, and he was a big name.  His father had declined the invitation but told him to go.  What was he to do?  He couldn’t be Chloé’s date.  He’d never get away from her.

“Why don’t you invite someone to be your date then,” Plagg suggested as he chomped on some Camembert atop Adrien’s computer desk.

Adrien wasn’t going to look too closely when advice was freely given to him from his kwami, even if said advice did bring to mind a host of new problems to him.  Still after considering his options, it had to be a girl, it needed to be someone that would actually enjoy that sort of party, it needed to be a friend, who wasn’t dating someone else, there was really only one choice.

Adrien wasn’t expecting the answer though.  “I-I can’t!”

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The 50 days of Moviemas

(Adapted from tweets I made)

On the 50th day of Moviemas my true love gave to me:

50 Shades of Grey

Ladder 49

Another 48 hrs.

47 Ronin

Code 46


Catch .44

Movie 43

42 (the movie)

41 (the movie)

(This is getting boring)

No, This is 40


Dakota 38

37: A Final Promise

36th Precinct

35 and Ticking

(Boy, are we ever)


The 33

West 32nd

(Thank god for Korean movies)

Oslo 31. august

30 Minutes or Less

29 Palms

28 Days

27 Dresses

Special 26

25th Hour

Twenty-Four Eyes

(Screw you Jack Bauer)


22 Jump Street

(White-washed) 21

Twenty colon 20

K-19: The Widowmaker

Apollo 18

Stalag 17

Sixteen Candles

15 Minutes

(thank god humans love numbering things)

Fourteen Hours


12 Monkeys twisting

11:14 clocking

10 Things a-hatin’ (about you)

9 Plans from Outer Space

8 Super um… 8s

Se7en (that was scary)

6 Undiscovered Countries


4 Fantastic Heroes

3 Days to Kill

2 Fast 2 Furious



Requested by @blindspotlove - Jane and Kurt captive (unrealistic speculation for 208?)

She sat with her back to the cold concrete wall, not that she had much of a choice. They had shoved her and Kurt into this small room - cell - after roughing them up pretty bad, and just left them. Somehow Kurt still managed to find enough space to pace back and forth and she just couldn’t watch him anymore. It was driving her insane. She pulled her legs to her chest, ignoring the pain from what she was sure were cracked ribs, and tucked her face against her knees. She closed her eyes shut and suddenly the smell of the room, the sound of Kurt’s shoes against the concrete reminded her of her time in the Black Site, and she felt like she couldn’t breathe. The room was getting smaller around her and the memories began to flow rapidly in her mind.

And then, against the thumping in her ears, she could hear his voice, faint and distant, and for a moment she thought it was an illusion, as it had been when the CIA had held her and she would imagine him by her side in darkest hours. But then his voice didn’t fade away as it used to do, instead, it got stronger and louder, and it was followed by a gently hand on her shoulder.

“Jane,” she finally heard him clearly, “just breathe.”

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The Witch

DOP Jarin Blaschke
Format - Arri Alexa 4:3
Lenses - Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar Lenses, Panavision Super Speeds
Aspect Ratio - 1.66 : 1
Delivery - Digital Intermediate 2K

Notable Strengths – Framing, Colour, Art Direction, Composition, Use of Natural Light, Use of Set, Space Making, Pacing, Tension Building 

When I was a child, within the cosy confines of my local library – a place that always smelled pleasingly of polish and paper – I made friends. I made friends with Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula, with Robert Louis Stevenson and M.R. James, with Edith Wharton and Stephen King.

I travelled too – to dusty Montana dinosaur fields, to pirate islands, to the moon and back. And my travels weren’t only fictional. As a fossil-obsessed boy, I used the resources of the library to reach out to the Natural History Museum and began a long correspondence with the Department of Palaeontology, even sending specimens back and forth hoping for identification.

I simply wouldn’t be the person I am, nor the writer I have become, without having this vital edifice so close to home. It’s easy to say that in the internet age, the library is redundant. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have a rosy future as community spaces, adapting to the fast pace of technology but not being sacrificed to it.

A library is more than a building. It’s a statement of intent. A shared space. A sanctuary. We remove these pieces of civilisation at our peril. Brick by brick

~ Mark Gatiss.

anonymous asked:

What happened to Fractured Space that you don't agree with?

There’s a very long answer to that question, as the motivations for said change, and the context in which they are happening, are worth discussing.

However, the short answer is that they made the maps significantly smaller. It removes so much of what made Fractured Space compelling to me. The pacing of combat and the strategic thought process behind what you and your team are doing are completely wiped out by this change in favor of creating a faster paced more “deathmatchy” environment.

It’s the equivalent of taking something with the scope, size, and variety of a Battlefield game, and then forcing everybody into tight corridors of a subway station using only firearms, grenade spam, and consequence free deaths. You know, just like what Battlefield has become these days.

It’s really a shame that this is what’s happening to Fractured Space, but it was inevitable. Fractured Space was simply too “good” for its own good. The game is too niche and lacks both the monetization options and player numbers to really sustain itself. I always knew the day would come where they would have to ruin Fractured Space, I just didn’t expect them to do it this way.

Re: Ten Count's most recent chapters

Lemme remind you because it seems some people have forgotten already:

Ten Count is still an amazing manga and the temporary shift of focus to sexual content does not mean that it became “trash”.

Ten Count only releases 10-15 pages a month and it is very difficult to contain any valuable plot progression in such a small space without rushing the pacing and cutting corners.

I am 100% certain Takarai Rihito will return to and address the psychological themes of the manga once she gets over the pressure of people (including her editors/managers) begging her for the sex scene because she is threatened that the manga will stop selling otherwise.

You may very well disagree with the order of events the way the are currently presented in Ten Count, but you are in no position to tell the author is wrong or is bad for writing the story the way she does.

This has been a PSA now please let’s return to the beautiful sexy times which we waited years for.

PS-Ten Count is still better than most BL manga released in the past few years and if you think that’s still not enough go make your own manga that will appeal to thousands of people worldwide.

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Milestone - “ancient signpost”

Babies hit “milestones”, adults do too. But what are they really? Author Rosalie Baker gives us the history behind the word: “In the early days of the Roman Empire, a large stone was positioned in the Forum of Rome. From this stone in all directions leading out of Rome were additional stones, spaced 1,000 paces apart (Latin for 1,000 = mille, hence milestone). These stones had chiseled on them the relative distance one was from Rome.” Therefore, as we move further and further along the path of life, we hit these figurative milestones.