space age beauty

Everything about you is valid and important

Never doubt yourself as no one else sees you like that

It may be hard so take it one step at a time and learn to love yourself and everything about you

Love and embrace your stretch marks as they are your kitten stripes

Love and embrace your extra chub as there is more of you to cuddle

Love and embrace your scars as they show you as a fighter

Love and embrace your sexuality and gender as they show you who you are

Love and embrace your friends and family as they surround you with love and support

Whatever you are going through right now, I believe in you and I love you 💞

I can stand
atop my tiny shard of glass,
the gravitational pull
of my planetary resolve
holding me in place, and I can watch
all the other shards whirling past,
all the other people
waving at me, hello,
as they go by, and I can see
a shower of shimmers, like water,
like photons, like light, and each fragment
glimmers ghostly-bright, the hue
of some strange, enchanting star –
I see a nebula born
of a thousand thousand unlikely reflections,
and I know
that my breath
is my own, and
that it’s not.
—  My world these days is an ever-more-shattered mirror. – s.s.

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