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I just realized something: Zen'o/the Omni-king and Future Zen'o represents some parts of the Dragon Ball Z fandom. Think about it: they want great fights, don't care about "boring" things like slice of life things, never happy with episodes that has little fighting, not caring about characters' drives or motivations, and wanting to 'cancel' things that don't live up to the hype.

Hahaha, kinda. They seem to think any character not Goku or Vegeta-tier is a waste of time and space and have advocated getting rid of them, and the Omni-kings are wiping out any “losers”, so…

Hmm. Maybe that’s the point?

i CAN believe y’all made me write this

Hi everyone.  I decided to make a more detailed amendment to an earlier meta post I made because there were some deep flaws in what I wrote and I don’t feel that it succeeded in communicating what I originally intended.

I wanted to start off by saying I’m deeply sorry for one of its core failings.  I failed to consider the emotional investiture of those who identify with fictional narratives.  I used my personal viewpoint on fictional narratives and created a post that assumed it was ideal and was feasible or even desirable. Further segregation of fanworks does not ensure that they are only consumed by intended audiences, and puts a huge onus on anyone to develop a certain level of media literacy in order to just participate in fandom space.  By advocating only one kind of media critical approach to fanwork, I alienated many people and in many cases, revictimized people by using the ideology of their oppressors.  I further contributed to a dismissive environment that refused to acknowledge a growing push for change.

While I do think that media literacy is becoming an increasingly essential skill, and I do think the good representation vs bad representation argument is too frequently simplified to an idealized portrayal vs anything else argument; my original meta assumed these were foundational absolutes and were not presented in a way that invited discussion but instead were paternalistic.

It’s really very ironic because my original intent was to argue that the way and means of arguing against mlm fetishization have been paternalistic and not sufficiently intersectional.  Many people have interpreted my post to say that criticism isn’t allowed and I don’t entirely blame them because the post ended up becoming an argument from tradition and concluding that slash tropes are inviolable by the virtue of the slash fandom’s history in being an outlet that women could transform their own experiences of misogyny into fantasy.  I literally just restated the argument of the current fandom status quo. 

I never actually wrote down my real concern, which was that a large amount of the current slash fandom still only approaches fictional mlm through the lens of slash conventions. For them, slash is a vice.  They may have completely progressive and fulfilling relationships with mlm in their real lives but slash is equivalent to porn for them.  The issue with dealing with a vice is that such products don’t follow conventional psychological, social, or economic models.  One of the few universal tactics against vice is stigmatizing that behavior. I’m kind of uncomfortable with that implication.  None of the arguments or meta I had come across offered solutions for those who now cannot engage in sexualized fantasy without social consequences.  All you then do is move the problem underground.

I was considering going through my original post line-by-line but I’m sure you’re exhausted enough.  Ultimately I share the same goal as many of you and that’s an increasing awareness and production of works that take mlm’s lived experiences into account.  I was overly reactionary in my initial foray into this discussion but, like for you, it’s an important topic for me.

Thank you.

Help Bill Nye get his documentary made!


Bill Nye, for those of you outside of America, is a mechanical engineer and the host of the most scientifically prolific show in the 90′s, “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” It’s silly, quirky, super weird, and completely scientifically focused. It was a staple for any middle school science classroom, and it shaped the lives of millions of children across the USA.

The coolest part? Bill Nye is an internationally acclaimed advocate fighting for scientific literacy, gender equality in male-dominated scientific fields such as coding and engineering, and a vehement supporter of combating global climate change… And we want to record his historic role in scientific literacy and advocation with a super cool documentary! This documentary aims to “start following Bill as he tours the globe, advocates for space policy in Washington DC, launches a satellite, hangs out with Neil deGrasse Tyson, debates climate change deniers, and attempts to fill the big shoes of his former mentor and friend Carl Sagan – all at a time when science is under attack.”


The Kickstarter only has 10 days to go and it’s scarcely past 50% funding. We need your help! AND YOU GET SOME HELLA COOL PRIZES!

So please, please, PLEASE spread awareness of this! This man mentored under Carl Sagan, debated one of the most (deluded) popular anti-evolutionists, and travels the globe ALL THE TIME to raise awareness of the struggle a scientifically illiterate world can cause. Donate what you can, and if you can’t spare the monies, please reblog! Let’s make this happen!

Jupiter Ascending is...

Warning for minor spoilers (sorta) (kinda)

- Channing Tatum fights flying alien lizards while wearing eyeliner and anti-gravity space roller blades because he fell in love with the reincarnation of a space queen who owns the planet earth, whom he tracked down by sniffing her signature because he’s also a part wolf soldier who just wants his pack and wings back.
- The architecture and design in this film is incredible; the characters all have so much depth, even if they’re minor characters, it’s so much to pack into two hours! (It’s too much to pack into two hours, I want a 3-movie remake immediately)
- Seriously I think they cared more about how this movie looked than the plot on occasion, it’s beautiful to look at
- There’s a space DMV. With Intergalactic Advocate Bob.
- If you thought Twilight had a lot unnecessary shirtless-ness I invite you to watch a particular 30-miute segment about a third of the way in and re-evaluate your ideas of “a lot” and “unnecessary.”
- The sci-fi trope of a women as a decorative plot device is kinda reversed because I’m pretty sure pretty male protag Channing Tatum is basically just there to catch Jupiter whenever she falls (literally)
- I adore the fact that Jupiter uses a pad in first aid and all the men always give Jupiter this look when they realize what it is but can never bring themselves to actually say anything
- I didn’t know I needed this movie until I saw it and let me tell you I have NEVER paid full price to own a movie and I’m probably going to buy this as soon as it comes out, hopefully in some kind of extended-cut special edition.
- One of villains tries so hard to be as deep and troubled as Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and just can’t seem to pull it off quite as well but he still basically just comes off as a creepy mass murderer (he is) who looks like he’s in serious need of a good night’s sleep and chapstick (desperately) and who’s voice sounds like he gargled nails
- The big tough soldier boys are angsty babies cause they lost their wings and they solve it by punching each other out in a field of bees that are bowing to a space queen while being mocked by a teenage girl for their “Male mating rituals”
- You meet the pilot of the Aegis and I want a whole TV show about her and her crew to be the next generations space phenomenon that will rival of Star Trek
- The costumes, oh my sequins, the glorious costumes!
- We now know what happened to the dinosaurs
- This movie has serious drinking game potential, including “drink every time a male antagonist is dressed better than the girls at your high school prom”
- This movie is completely unapologetic in all of its glory and faults
- If you think I’ve spoiled the movie you are so very wrong because there is so much more packed into this movie. They tried to cram a Harry Potter Universe’s worth of backstory and plot into a 2 hour movie and it’s GREAT
- Basically the Wachowski’s were given a ton of money to do whatever the hell they wanted and they did just that
- Holy royalty-sensing honey bees it was great

Here’s How We Can Bring People Together on the Abortion Debate

By focusing on “red states” and regional culture, Take Root has managed to create a space to talk divisive issues without the typical divisiveness. By expanding the conversation from just abortion to reproductive justice, they are able to create a space where advocates from several different fields can work together, rather than treating justice as a zero sum game. They explain their focus on reproductive justice as “the right to have children, not to have children, and to parent the children we have in safe and healthy environments.” This allows participants to “see the connections between poverty and food access in rural and urban environments, histories of coercive sterilization of women of color, the disparity in impacts of criminalization of drugs and its effects on families, gender self-determination and gender violence, and access to contraception, transition services, sexual health and consent information.” They even had sessions on climate change!


It’s time to gear up for the fight for NASA’s next budget again. If you’re here, chances are you’re a space advocate too.