space adventure cobra


1979-1990 Anime Primer
Space Adventure Cobra: The Movie (1982)

In the distant future, galactic bounty hunting and organized space crime abounds. One man is revered among the mercenaries and outlaws above all others: Cobra, a legendary adventurer known for the awesome power of his Psycho Gun. He’s also famous for having the highest bounty of all time on his head, courtesy of the villainous Pirate’s Guild. The beautiful huntress Jane is in search of Cobra, believing him to be the only one capable of saving her sisters and her planet. And while the cigar-smoking, wise-cracking real deal is not what she expected, together they become embroiled in a plot that brings Cobra face-to-face with his greatest nemesis, Crystal Boy.

Space Adventure Cobra: The Movie
is directed by Osamu Dezaki (Aim for the Ace!, One Pound Gospel) and features many of his trademark flourishes. The film is a science fiction spectacle, and its visual splendor more than makes up for its sometimes patchy writing. Made in 1982 but based on the 1978 manga by Buichi Terasawa, Cobra is practically swimming in psychedelic 70s aesthetic, which is just another of its charms. If you’re up for thrilling and stylish action, Cobra should not disappoint.