Studying Circadian Rhythms and Sleep in Space

Do you remember the last time you stayed awake all night? Maybe you had a major exam, or flew across the ocean. How did you feel the following day? The time at which you would normally feel sleepy was probably different from usual. Your eyes “told” you that it was day, time for work or school. Your brain or muscles disagreed. They “told” you that it was middle of the night, and that you should sleep.

Changing when you sleep, or being in areas where daytime and nighttime are “off-schedule”, affects your circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm exists in humans as a roughly 24-hour clock that prompts us to sleep or wake.

The European Space Agency’s experiment, Circadian Rhythms, investigates the role of this “biological clock” and its changes during spaceflight. Researchers hypothesize that a non-24-hour cycle of light and dark affects crew members’ circadian rhythms. Understanding the effects of life in space on astronauts’ circadian rhythms may help improve performance and health for future crew members.

Researchers collect data on astronaut’s circadian rhythms by using a “double-sensor,” which measures the temperature at the core of the body. The crew attaches one sensor to their head, and the other to their chest.

Based on results from this research, future crew members could more accurately adjust their sleep, work and physical activity scheduled to accommodate natural circadian cycles, which could improve productivity and health.

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Printable tapes with space patterns!

Finally they’re here! :D I’ve decided to add patterns from my August monthly spread, because a lot of you liked my star map. There are also the moon phases, planets, aaand of course galaxies!

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the file

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🍁⭐And here the last part of 🌿“Floraison”🍂, It was at first a challenge, because i never do backgrounds, big illustrations with perspective, indoors design etc… I wanted to add it to my portfolio too, last year. But the first one took me.. like more than one week only for the color, so I choose to take the time to learn, analyse, think etc… and now it’s finish, and I’m happy :) Thank’s again, for your kind words, it’s always motivating !🌟👍👏 and I called the character Yori yeah.

“…there must have been something we did in the series that provokes all these questions…In terms of your questions–what you saw was what we did. That’s the best answer I can give you.” Leonard Nimoy on slash fiction

Did Kirk have any relationships with aliens during TOS? “Only one, but it was continuous.” William Shatner at FedCon

“Certainly we all thought the affection was sufficient for that, if that were the particular style of the 23rd century.” Gene Roddenberry on whether Kirk and Spock could have been lovers

“T’hy’la–brother, friend or lover.” The infamous footnote about how Spock sees Kirk, on p. 22 of Roddenberry’s movie novelization.

NGC 1097 in Fornax

NGC 1097 (also known as Arp 77) is a Seyfert-type barred spiral galaxy spanning about 125 thousand light-years across, located about 45 million light-years away in the southern constellation of Fornax.  At its center is a huge supermassive black hole approximately 100 million times the mass of our Sun.

Credit: David M. Jurasevich