So, my brother’s watched a little bit of Voltron.  Here are his thoughts:
  • The Klance ship confuses him.  He’s like “Guys can have a rivalry without it being sexual tension.”
  • He can see Shallura being a thing.
  • He thinks Shiro is definitely not a teenager.
  • He calls Allura “British Space Yue.”
  • He was like “I was surprised Pidge was a guy.  I thought she was a girl.”  I just laughed at that.
  • He agrees that Lance is Space Sokka.
  • Keith is his favorite so far.

So my friends and I were discussing Avatar the last Airbender today and we came across a great discovery that we really hope is true.

Sokka’s sword is made from a meteorite, which came from space.

Maybe Yue was trying to give Sokka one last gift to repay his loving kindness