I was blessed to commission @dahliadenoire for this most stunningly sensational artwork of Klance. She is seriously such a gem to work with and if you can, you defiantly should commission her! She’s seriously a sweetheart. I can’t thank you enough for this artwork, it’s so so amazing that I’m just at a loss of words. ❤❤❤

Her Commission Info  ❤

Unusual Planets

Nautica 7
A swamp planet with minimal land and giant continents of mangrove trees. Renowned for its sea food.

Mah-tatt 2
A giant mattress the size of a tiny moon. Cleaning the sheets is a continual task, but living here means you can lay down and comfortably sleep anywhere.

Planbit 16
Thought to be a telescope resolution error when first observed, expeditions later confirmed the entire planet is made of 16-bit pixels and resembles old video games. Planbit 16 has a small, even less developed 8-bit moon.