50 Unbelievable Facts about Earth

Although we know that mother nature still remains a mystery in the 21st century, it’s difficult to believe how little information we have obtained. Did you know that there are NOT 24 hours in a day? What about the theory that around 75% of Earth’s animals will be extinct in 300 years? Or the fact that two people die every second?

To find out more earth-shaterring facts, read the entire infographic here!

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Galaxy mofs have rather stunning nebula-printed minky bodies and a cosmic paint job to match. They have green glittery stars to add a bit of detail, are super soft, have fake fur manes and deep all-knowing eyes…

One of these has been made as a gift for my good friend @beezeeart who I met when we were playing neopets about a billion years ago (can you believe it). We drew dragons a lot, made art dolls when they first became cool, and now we both run awesome crafty businesses! BZ started making galaxy bats a while ago and when I saw that printed minky I HAD TO HAVE. And now I do. And my life is so much fuller. Thank you Brittany. Keep an eye on your post box!

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