Space Station View of the Full Moon : Expedition 48 Commander Jeff Williams of NASA took this photograph on June 21, 2016, from the International Space Station, writing, A spectacular rise of the full moon just before sunset while flying over western China.


The GOP could cut NASA funding for climate change in favor of space exploration

  • The GOP is bringing its fight against climate science to a new battleground: NASA. 
  • According to a report from E&E News, congressional Republicans have called for a “rebalancing” of the program’s budget, which could allocate much of the roughly $2 billion that currently goes toward NASA’s Earth Sciences Division to space missions.
  • Under President Donald Trump, however, the fate of agencies focused on climate change research feels precarious at best. 
  • Himself a climate change doubter, Trump has spent his first month in office fast-tracking policies that worry environmental activists. Read more. (2/19/2017 3:00 PM)