This is an absolutely stunning view of the recent solar eclipse as seen from the Stratosphere. Universe Today recently shared this incredible image on their site from French journalist Guillaume Cannat. Flying in a Falcon 7X jet 48,000 feet up, he took this surreal photo.

Traveling through the stratosphere allows the unique opportunity to watch the total eclipse without atmospheric turbulence. Also, traveling at speeds near Mach .9 also “lengthened” the view of the eclipse to over a minute. 

The Big Dipper Enhanced  : Do you see it? This common question frequently precedes the rediscovery of one of the most commonly recognized configurations of stars on the northern sky: the Big Dipper. This grouping of stars is one of the few things that has likely been seen, and will be seen, by every human generation. In this featured image, however, the stars of the Big Dipper have been digitally enhanced they do not really appear this much brighter than nearby stars. The image was taken earlier this month from France. The Big Dipper is not by itself a constellation. Although part of the constellation of the Great Bear , the Big Dipper is an asterism that has been known by different names to different societies. Five of the Big Dipper stars are actually near each other in space and were likely formed at nearly the same time. Relative stellar motions will cause the Big Dipper to slowly change its apparent configuration over the next 100,000 years. via NASA


anonymous asked:

why do girls like you feel the urge to post random photos of space. leave it to those who actually enjoy learning about it and appreciate it because it's cool, not because it's pretty. ugh. just ugh.

How do you know what me and “girls like me” enjoy and do outside our blogs? The thing is, you don’t. I - like everyone else on this website - choose which parts of my life you see through my blog. What you see me post here is just a scratch on the surface of all the things I am and enjoy doing. It doesn’t tell you the whole story, it doesn’t give you a full understanding of who I am, and your message is a perfect example of that.

Why did you just assume I don’t like learning about space? Because I do. You don’t see that side of me on my blog often but that doesn’t mean the conclusion you’ve jumped to is correct.

I enjoy watching documentaries…

…I enjoy astronomy bo- Wait, this one isn’t just photos, this has information on it! Put it back, put it back!

Just kidding, I like reading this book.

And these too.

Yes, I know they are all very basic books and DVDs, made for those who do not have extensive knowledge on the subject. (I’m also aware I have The Universe in a Nutshell twice but one book is that alone and the other one is a combo of TUIAN and A Brief History of Time.) But I am a hatmaker, not an astrophysicist and that’s why they are great for me. I like the ideas they give me, I like how small they make me feel, I love learning about places so far away and so different and yes, I love the visual side of them too. I might not be able to solve the mysteries of the universe, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the beauty and complexity of it.

Also, let people who aren’t interested in the science side of space enjoy the pretty pictures. Saying someone isn’t allowed to appreciate the colours of a galaxy because they don’t know how it was formed is like saying you need to be a botanist to enjoy the smell of roses.