Science and Astronomy turned 3 today!

Thank you everyone for making tumblr a special place - here are some awesome space gifs what I posted in the past!

I never thought that I would be able to share astronomy and scientific literacy with over 150,000 awesome people! I started this blog when I was a senior in high-school because I liked space and Carl Sagan… now I study Astrophysics & Computer Science and work for NASA. I never thought any of this would happen the way it did. I really think it’s because of the support all of you have provided. It is because of you I was able to believe in myself, so:


I’ve had several giveaways in the past and I’m considering having another one:

Possible Giveaway Ideas, what do you want (we can have multiple prizes)?


It’s been a fun month to follow space news - here’s the top stories.

July 9th - Astronomers at Hawaii’s Keck Observatory discovered an unexpectedly enormous black hole that called into question current theories about galaxy formation.

July 14th - After nearly a decade and a journey of three billion miles, the New Horizons space probe flew past Pluto.

July 20th - Stephen Hawking launched the biggest project to date to search for intelligent life on other planets: Breakthrough Listen.

July 20th - The 46th anniversary of the lunar landing (1969) put these recent space landmarks in the context of a century of exploration

July 23rd - NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler Telescope spotted the first roughly Earth-sized world orbiting in the “Goldilocks zone” of another star – offering perhaps the best bet so far for life elsewhere in the universe.

The Ultimate Metaphysical Secret, if we dare to state it so simply, is that there are no Boundaries in the Universe. Boundaries are Illusions, Products not of Reality but of the way we Map and Edit Reality. And while it is fine to Map out the Territory, it is Fatal to Confuse the two.” - Ken Wilber