The signs in space
  • Aries:Doing some no gravity parkour
  • Taurus:Getting a tan literally right next to the sun
  • Gemini:Just floating through space and time, nothing out of the ordinary
  • Cancer:Somehow found a way to make it to the death star
  • Leo:Riding a space rover on the moon
  • Virgo:Relaxing on the ISS
  • Libra:Became the queen of an alien planet
  • Scorpio:Got caught in a meteor shower
  • Sagittarius:Taking space selfies.....that is if they get reception from up there
  • Capricorn:Tries to spot where they live from thousands of kilometres above
  • Aquarius:Has seen too many movies about problems in space and they think any second their oxygen tank will brake
  • Pisces:Looking for their toothbrush that floated away

I Believe Knee High | Sock it to Me

A strange stranger has beamed down to your ankles from an unidentified (but familiar) flying object. I wonder what they want? Probably to tell you that those are a great pair of shoes.

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