~ You know whats crazy about love? like we are willing to change ourselves all for the sake of the person we love, we would are so concerned about losing the person we love that we make sure not to do anything that would break her/his heart. We find joy in making the person we love happy, that simple smile of hers/his can make your day complete. We’d do nothing but give , give and give some more .

~ I feel as if, man are meant to shoulder there friends or gfs burdens. We must be strong for our friends, as a man you must be a brother to all your friends, be willing to stop what you are doing and go to your friend or Girlfriend when shes or he is in need. 

~ My only wish is to be a little perfect for others. Not for myself and self interest but so I can have the perfect way of helping someone or perfect words to say to motivate or inspire whomever comes in my life whether temporarily or permanently. A little perfect so then I can shoulder a friends burden or possibly my girlfriends/wife. A little perfect in making someone happy or smile when it’s needed.  Perfection does not exist but I do wish I could have my character alittle close to being perfect .

- I’m in love with History and cannot live a day without it ! History is so fun as well as very exciting to learn things about people! especially kings and queens! historic wars , revolutions , history that was never really told by the teachers ! its so fun to learn and I can spend hours just reading about historic people back then .