I’m not sure why, but I liked having religion class when I went to my previous Catholic school. It was fun and it let me learn more about the faith, and others too (we had some Jewish people, one Muslim and one Hindu). I liked reading the bible, even though I didn’t honestly believe or agree with it. It’s a pretty good book. Long though. I actually only really like the Old Testament, kind of lost its flavor in the New Testament. :\

I am actually really excited that I get to go to a private Catholic school again because

1.) I really don’t like public education that takes place in an urban community

2.) I miss religion class.

I would go to church with my father, but everyone there has West African accents, and they yell a lot and I have no idea what they say.

I, in all, don’t really care for God’s existence or how we came to be. I do, though, believe in reincarnation. I just think everybody should get along and what not.