spa day

totoko and chibita interactions i want to draw but probably won’t:

  • shopping/trying on lots of clothes and not buying anything together
  • drinking and venting buddies
  • chibita being one of the few guys totoko knows that isn’t gross to her
  • totoko being one of the few friends chibita has that will pay and tip
  • singing duets and both insisting they’re the better one
  • totoko calling her outings with chibita “dates” in front of the matsus to drive them up the wall
  • brute force honesty
  • spa day 
Nice Things To Do For Youself

14 new meshes from the last couple of days! Thanks to everyone that came to the livestreams. Massage table requires Spa Day.

Not too much to say really, don’t think any polys are over 2k. A lot of these include a default gray so feel free to recolor, etc. 

Search “Ste” to find it all in game. (stereos will show up too… I guess I could have thought that through more but w/e)


Cropped Sweatshirts

This is the second piece of CC I created on Friday. I have a job now, so I can’t do it as often, but I’ve been dying to get this mesh out; I love this one. These cropped sweatshirts are base game compatible, available for teens through elders. They’re inspired by real Korean clothing found on fashion blogs. Hope you enjoy!~

(If you recolor, please don’t include the mesh) 

Download (Dropbox)

Credits: Made with S4S and Photoshop CS6. Mesh I edited was from Spa Day; credit for that and original textures goes to EA/Maxis 

Please don’t claim as your own or put through paysites! Thank you! 

Alien ‘Aesthetic’ Sweaters

So I’ve made custom content before but this is the first piece I actually think is good enough to share. It’s an edit of the Spa Day sweater; when i first saw it I thought it was screaming to be edited with how plain it was. I also made a cap which I thought matched the aesthetic of the sweaters c: One of the designs is actually real - I got it from the Kokopie shop so go check them out. Otherwise, hope you like the new cc :)


- Male + Female

- Teen / Y Adult / Adult / Elder

- NOT Base Game Compatible (sorry)

- Requires the Spa Day GP

- Enjoy!!


  Sweaters: Dropbox

Cap: Dropbox