spa sunday

Spa Sunday

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Sipping & Munching: Lemon Ballerina Tea with cucumber slices

Reading: Why Men Love Bitches

Spa Practice: I bought a de-stress mask for $1 at the dollar store, and it’s doing EXACTLY as advertised. 

Remeber that to be beautiful, inside and out, you must take time for yourself.

Namaste Beauties 


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Spa Sunday Relaxing Music


Every Sunday should be a spa day, and if you can’t afford to go to the spa or the one by your house is closed, treat yourself with some at home spa tricks.


I am sipping some organic pomegranate green tea, filled with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Putting the tea bags on my eyes for 10 minutes.

It may not be the same thing as going to the spa, but it’s relaxing and gives you a little “me” time that you crave all week. It’s easy to do, simple, cheap and will make you feel refreshed and your eyes look brighter.Enjoy your spa sunday, and relax <3

Ciao Bellissimi