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We are now one week away from the Finno-Urgic Trio Week! Like for DenEst week, we are starting it one hour before Sunday EDT! This means we are starting Saturday September 16th at 11 PM EDT (Sunday Sept 17th at 4 AM GMT)! 

Personally changing some of how this works. So here are the days with the full prompts so those who need it can start early!

Sept 17th: Springs, Saunas, and Spas Sunday

Relaxing is good for the soul, and these three love relaxing steam and water. Hungary is home to more than 1000 hot springs, and Estonia and Finland love their Saunas. All wonderful places to treat yourself to a spa day. Let’s have them bond while relaxing.

Sept 18th: Metal Music Monday

Finland is a metalhead. It’s not hard picturing Hungary as one as well. And Estonia still has a strong metal scene too. Why not have them bonding over metal music or maybe making it as well? Or if metal is not for you, how about folk music or pop or Eurovision? It is a day to bond over music.

Sept 19th: Tiny Terrors Tuesday

OK, Finland wasn’t so much of a tiny terror. However Magyars and Osealians show that Hungary and Estonia were very much terrors of their own childhoods. Maybe Estonia even dragging along his life long Finnish friend along for the ride? It’s time for some fearsome children! Or maybe some history bonding. You can throw a certain “awesome” person in there for some good old the enemy of my enemy is my friend for Estonia and Hungary.

Sept 20th: Whatchu Say? Wednesday 

While related, these languages aren’t really mutually intelligible. Estonia and Finland have words that are false friends all over the place. And then Hungarian got influences from entirely different countries. Time to miscommunication! OR maybe bond over the few words they do all share.

Sept 21th: Hipster Thursday 

This one is @kruspolska for the suggestion. There are one three countries whose official language is Finno-Ugric after all. Exclusive. You probably never heard of it before. Time to make this trio the Hipster Trio.

Sept 22th: Fight Night Friday

On the same line as Tiny Terrors Tuesday, but let’s throw in some Finnish snipers and some good, old, crazy competitions. Whether they are bonding by history or by competition is yours to decide!

Sept 23th: Surprise Me Saturday

This is a day to do what you want! Or maybe you want the trio to surprise each other with history or traits or a party! It’s a time to surprise someone!

Hoping for a fun week ahead! 


Day 1 of FU Week: Saunas, Springs, & Spas Sunday

Simple cause I am ridiculously tired today, but both canon and Nyo FU trios!

Canon trio are relaxing and snoozing at the Sauna. Don’t sleep in a sauna unless someone knows to wake you up, kids! The Nyo Trio are heading out to one of Hungary’s hot springs for a spa day!

Let’s hope for a good week!


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Spa Sunday

Listening To 

Sipping & Munching: Lemon Ballerina Tea with cucumber slices

Reading: Why Men Love Bitches

Spa Practice: I bought a de-stress mask for $1 at the dollar store, and it’s doing EXACTLY as advertised. 

Remeber that to be beautiful, inside and out, you must take time for yourself.

Namaste Beauties 



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