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I’m just as pissed about Emma’s tattoo as the next person but I find it really interesting which character some people chose to place the blame on. and by some people, I mean sqers and by which character, I mean Killian. it’s kind of hilarious that they’re acting as if Killian is the one who gets too much focus on his past and family, and takes away from Emma’s story, when last time I checked, Regina is the queen of useless back story’s, centrics, and trivial family member focus. let’s see some of the content we’ve had Regina wise:

  • about 101 variations of basically the same damn flashback of Regina killing some people and plotting her revenge and the murder of the Charmings (but she’s wearing a new dress each time which surely makes the plot brand new)
  • Regina saying goodbye to and getting closure w her mother, her father, Daniel, and even her damn horse
  • a sister spa day
  • a centric during the 100th episode and about 30 others
  • more screen time than even the main character in seasons 2, 3a, 4b, 5b, and from the way things are looking, probably the whole 6th season
  • whatever the hell this useless split queen arc is

I’m sure if the tattoo was on Queenie’s wrist we’d have a whole two-part episode dedicated to it.

Emma Swan deserves her backstory to be told and she deserves centric episodes but it’s not Killian who’s taking that away from her.


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Sorry about taking so long with this one. It’s was hell rendering this stuff but I must persevere. anyway Maya and Rarity has finally made it at the spa we’re Aloe and Lotus Blossom waited eagerly for them. The recipe for the greatest spa episode is finally in place.

Part 1


Sup everyone, so the story continues. The spa twins has find out about Lady Maya’s past life and they are tingling with joy (and somewhere else) about having their idol at the spa. Lady Maya’s worst nightmare has gotten even worse!

Part 1

Part 2

I’m at the spa with my sister who wanted to go so Iv gotten a pedicure. The lady asked what I wanted done and I don’t know much about it so said “whatever you want, be creative” IV never seen such joy and fear in someone’s eyes.

So she’s used the colour she’s always wanted to use and I have glittery bronze/rose gold toes.

Sparkle sparkle


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Dinner was wonderful, everypony said.  Penwright seemed to think the results of his grand experiment at cooking tasted all right, so he swallowed his doubts and accepted the thanks and complements with good grace.  Ickle had been especially interested to hear him talk about how dinner was made up of Germane dishes with his own small flourishes, like how the morel mushrooms were harvested from his parents’ land up north.  Petina even managed to get him to fess up about where he got the pumpkin pie, though everypony still thought it was delicious, especially with a couple generous scoops of ice cream to go with it.  The story seemed to make it all the better.

Finally, they all retired to the living room, where they began the gift exchange.  Penwright and Ickle went halfsies on a set of drafting instruments for Sky Brush to help him with the technical drawings he did on the side (it helped having a friend who owned an art supply store), while Penwright bought Carousel a gift certificate for the Lotus Sisters’ spa.  With all of the holiday deliveries she had to make, including a few last-minute ones that morning, she definitely deserved it.  Petina, however, only received one present, but it had kept her rapt attention practically throughout the evening.  It was a small puzzle box, but within each of its hidden compartments was a riddle leading somewhere in Penwright’s house.  It was a collaborative effort between him, Ickle, Sky Brush, and Carousel, though they apparently underestimated Petina’s ability to navigate her way through the puzzle box, as she had already opened up four of the seven compartments.  Still, she was having fun with it, though Penwright was starting to regret letting his house being the hiding place for her other gifts.  Ah well, he should’ve known the dangers when he took the job.

Finally, it came time for Penwright to give Ickle her gift.  He slid the present out from under the tree and held it up to her with his magic.  “Happy Hearth’s Warming, Ickle,” he said with a warm smile.

“Thank you, Penwright,” she said hefting the gift experimentally in her hooves, gently feeling along the sides with her hooves.  “Ooh, feels like a book!  I wonder what this one is…”

Like most of the other ponies Penwright knew (including himself), Ickle preferred to rip the wrapping paper off of her gifts, but somehow she managed to make it look elegant.  It was unwrapped completely in a respectably short time, revealing a thick tome with a stylized profile of a pegasus wearing a crested helmet on the front cover with the words Pax Pegasus: A History of the Pegasus Tribe embossed in silver underneath it.

“Oh my goodness!  This is wonderful!” she cried happily.  “Is this by the same author who wrote the one about the history of the unicorns?”

“It is indeed,” Penwright replied.  “I figured you would like it.”

“If it’s anything like the last one you gave me, I know I’ll love it!  Thank you!”  She quickly set the book down and wrapped her forelegs around him, giving him a tight hug and a quick peck on the cheek.

“You’re very welcome, Ickle,” he said, returning her hug.

She released him almost as quickly and immediately began flipping through the pages, taking note of some of the maps, diagrams, and pictures within.  “I can’t wait to sit down and read this thoroughly, it all looks so fascinating!”  She glanced back up at him.  “Does this book mention that skyvolley game that took place against the griffons?”

“The Second Battle of Cloudwall Pass?  No, that happened after the book was written,” he said.  “This book and the one about the history of the unicorns were published a little less than two hundred years ago.”

“Really?  Is this book that old then?” Sky Brush asked, his curiosity piqued.

“Not the book itself, no, it’d be in the Canterlot Library then.  These are more modern reprints from about fifty years ago,” Penwright replied.  “Good thing I know a bookstore owner in St. Luna who specializes in these kinds of things.”

“Ha!  That’s it!” Petina cried out, giving everypony in the room a bit of a start.  She set her puzzle box down and stood up, pointing the paper with the riddle on it at Penwright and grinning victoriously.  “I now know where you hid my next present.  Thanks for the hint, Penny!”  And with that, she trotted up the stairs, humming a merry tune.

“Told you you should’ve made them harder,” Carousel said when she was out of earshot.

“Riddles aren’t my strong point, okay?” Penwright retorted mildly.

“You’re just upset that you’re out of the betting pool,” Sky Brush countered with a small chuckle.

“She probably knew what time I betted on and did the easy ones first just to spite me,” Penwright muttered, though he had to grin as well.

“Found it!” Petina called as she trotted back down the stairs, holding an envelope aloft with her magic.  “Nestled between two books, very clever.  And two of my own books, too!  How very thoughtful.”  She quickly opened the envelope and read the piece of paper inside.  “And it looks like this is…oh my, Sky Brush, you shouldn’t have.”  She sidled up to the pegasus stallion and gave him a lingering kiss.  “Though I am glad you did,” she added with a wink.

“Oh, what did he get you?” Ickle asked.

Petina paused and thought for a bit.  “Normally, I wouldn’t mind saying so, but in this case I’ll save Penwright any embarrassment and keep it a secret for now,” she said, throwing a smirk in his direction.  “After all, he was kind enough to make us all dinner.”

“I appreciate that,” Penwright replied dryly.

“Hey Petina, since you’re up,” Carousel said, “maybe now’s a good time to get Ickle’s gift for Penwright.”

“Ah!  Good idea!” she said, opening up the back door and stepping outside on the porch.

“Wait, what?  It’s outside?” Penwright asked in bemusement.

“Well, it’s a bit too big to just carry inside and leave propped against the wall,” Carousel replied.  “It would’ve been a big distraction, anyway.”

“Fair point, but how long was it out there?”

“We hid it there before we started caroling at your front door,” said Sky Brush.  “You might want to get a lock for the gate to your fence.”

Outside the window looking out on his back yard, Penwright saw Petina levitate a large, flat parcel about the size of a large movie poster wrapped in waterproof packaging over to his porch.  She undid a few strings and the covering fell away, revealing the present’s gift wrapping.  He glanced over at Ickle, an eyebrow raised in curiosity.  Ickle just smiled warmly, eager to see him open it.

“Happy Hearth’s Warming,” she said as Petina presented it to him.

“Now this is interesting,” he said as he took hold of the present with his magic.  He quickly tore the wrapping paper off, revealing a canvas covered in a riot of color splatters, mostly reds and yellows but also some blue and green in there as well.  The first thing Penwright thought of when he looked at it was of a pony standing under a tree in autumn, though set on a wintery landscape.  The split-second impression disappeared as he looked at it some more, but he grasped the significance of it soon after.

“Ooh, this is one of your dreamcatcher abstract paintings!” he said excitedly.

Ickled nodded.  “It is!  I hope it will give you lots of inspiring dreams.”

“Then this is getting hung over my bed tonight, then,” Penwright declared.  He stood up and walked over to Ickle, giving the top of her head a nuzzle.  “This will be a gift that keeps on giving.  Thank you, Ickle.”

“You’re very welcome, Penwright,” she replied happily.

The moment lasted for a few seconds more before Petina spoke up.  “Oh, why didn’t I think of that before?”  She lifted the edge of the skirt around the base of the Hearth’s Warming tree and pulled out a small box hidden under there.  “Ooh, a ring, perhaps?”  She glanced over at Ickle.  “Better hope Penwright didn’t buy this, otherwise this will be rather awkward for all of us.”  She paused, then winked at Penwright.  “The answer’ll be yes, pending Ickle’s permission, of course.  She gets first dips on you.  And don’t worry, Ickle, I’m willing to share.”

Ickle blushed slightly, though she chuckled along with everypony else (save Penwright, who just rolled his eyes).  Petina opened up the small box, revealing a key with a small tag attached.  “‘Find and solve the final riddle to find the lock,’” she read aloud.  “Well, best get back at it.”  As she stepped back to her place, she leaned over and whispered into Penwright’s ear.

“I left something for you under your bed,” she said just loud enough for Ickle to hear.  “Happy Hearth’s Warming!”

Penwright glanced over at Ickle, whose blush deepened a little as she held back a chuckle.  “Yeah, thanks, Petina,” he replied dryly, trying not to imagine what it might be.