new year’s resolutions
  • Eggsy promises to stop eating so much junk food. Harry brings him a large meal from McDonald’s on January 1 to cure Eggsy’s massive hangover, so let’s just say he didn’t get off to a good start
  • Harry promises to take up a hobby that’s a) calming and b) ‘’not something creepy like taxidermy or  collecting butteflies’’ (Eggsy’s words, not his). He takes up yoga after Eggsy insists that a little bit of flexibility goes a long way in the bedroom (he’s right and after they combine Eggsy’s gymnastic past with Harry’s newfound prowess in yoga, they are unstoppable)
  • Roxy is already perfect, so her only resolution is to beat her own personal record at the shooting range (and maybe find a girlfriend, but others don’t need to know that)
  • Merlin promises to finally go on a holiday. (Spoiler alert: he doesn’t because he’s a workaholic)
  • Separately, Eggsy and Harry promise to try and be there for each other more, because in their line of business, you never know when you’re going to die. What follows is a year of tender kisses, grasping embraces and declarations of love

i hope everyone has a great 2017!