• Hallelujah
  • The Canadian Tenors

There was something poetic about a fallen angel sitting in a pew, especially considering Gabriel hadn’t prayed in decades. What was the point, when there was nobody listening? 

It was still raining outside, and the sanctuary was freezing; he was soaked to the bone and shivering hard enough to make his muscles sore. There had to be something poetic, too, about the frigid air in the stone-walled chapel, and about the old, scuffed wooden cross on the altar. 

Gabriel had always hated poetry anyway.

He rested his elbows on the pew in front of him, pressed his forehead to his knuckles and tried to remember how to pray. He couldn’t, not like he had before, when he’d known that somebody out there would hear or even care. There was no going back to that, but there was one more prayer in him that he needed to get out, and it ached in his chest where Lucifer had plunged that foul blade.

His voice shook with cold as he rasped out, “Dad?”

There was no answer. 

He leaned back in the pew, getting tired now, the cold seeping into his very bones as his Grace seeped out. The laugh that punched its way from his gut was bitter and harsh. 

“Almost thought you’d listen,” he scoffed. “Stupid.”

He was alone in the church, and alone in the world, and his vision was becoming hazy. He winced, rubbing his chest; the ache there was dull, throbbing and deep.

He drew in a breath, and his voice was barely audible as he asked, “Why did you leave?” Silence. He grew angry. “Can’t you tell me that at least? Don’t you owe me-” Enraged, he tried to stand, and the deep ripping sensation in his ribs forced him back down into the pew. He was dizzy.

“Please…” he pleaded, his voice pained and rough. “Please, Dad…please…You don’t have to save me, just tell me you’re still around. Tell me you didn’t just up and leave us to die like animals…”


Maybe it was true. Maybe he had forgotten how to pray. 

He was tired…so tired. He lay down on the pew, rested his head on a hymnal.

“Pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra.”

His voice was weak. “Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.”

His eyes grew heavy. “Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo.”

He closed them. “Amen.”

There was something poetic about a fallen angel dying in a church.


Rare Ships

↳ Debriel

“I see right through you, you know that? The smart-ass shell, the whole ‘I could give a crap’ thing? Believe me, it takes one to know one.”

“Better late than never, huh? […] And Dean, you were right. I was afraid to stand up to my brother, not any more. So this is me, standing up.”

Let’s talk about Roy.

So two or three years ago my life was completely and ridiculously changed by this guy called Roy, and its a long story and i wish i could put a read more but I cant but I will tell the story

so I was lost in Liverpool looking for this farmer’s market WHICH IM PRETTY SURE DESNT EXIST but if anybody knows of one hit me an ask I wish to visit it but anyway and this guys heading up to this big ass church which is up a hill and im across the road and hes like “‘SCUSE ME, LOVE? YOU WOULDNT MIND PUSHING ME JUST UP HERE WOULD YOU?” and im like “of course not!” because im an A* human being and then we had like a conversation like small talk and then we had like a CONVERSATION and I remember thinking


this guy actually properly values what im saying about how hard school is and how lonely I feel and isn’t writing it off because of my age

and it was like the first time that that had happened for me and I KNOW ITS WEIRD but I felt actually properly listened to by someone who wasn’t my diary for the first time in my actual life

and then he’s like Do you like the Beatles? and im like OF COURSE I LIKE THE BEATLES and hes like Bet you don’t REALLy like the Beatles and i was like YOU DID NOT JUST CHALENGE ME! TEST ME! and he was like whats your favourite song and im like HEY JUDE DEFINITELY and he kind of parks his wheelchair halfway up this big ass hill and plays me the sweetest rendition of hey jude and I literally almost cried and he was so sweet and he got so into the better better better better betTER BETTER YEAHHHHH that it has literally made me smile everytime I thought about it since and its probably the best thing to ever happen to me

and when we got there we said our goodbyes and I just go cAN I HAVE A PICTURE sorry and he was like OF COURSE so we got this woman to take it and he told me not to let anything get me down because I could do whatever I wanted and Roy changed my life and I never saw him again.

so basically tonight i find this picture on my computer and im having intense feels for this guy who was actually properly nice to me at a time i really needed it

Long story short: ROY.

thank you and goodnight.