Michelle Kwan Watchpost

1991/92: SP  LP (Concerto in F)

1992/93: SP (a home video of Michelle practising the SP) LP (Miss Saigon)

1993/94: SP (Song og India) LP (East of Eden)

1994/95: SP (Yellow River Concerto) LP (Rondo Capriccioso)

1995/96: SP (Romanza) LP (Salome)

1996/97: SP (Dream of Desdemona) LP (Taj Mahal) (I think this is my favorite set (SP+LP) of MK’s programs)

1997/98: SP (Rach #3) LP (Lyra Angelica)

1998/99: SP (The Fate of Carmen) LP (Lamento d'Ariane) (and this is my second favorite)

1999/00: SP (A Day in the Life) LP (The Red Violin)

2000/01: SP1 (Rush) SP2 (East of Eden) LP1 (The Miraculous Mandarin, skated only at the GPF) LP2 (Song of a Black Swan and Dumky Trio)

2001/02: SP1 (East of Eden) SP2 (Rach #3) LP (Sheherazade)

2002/03: SP (The Feeling Begins) LP (Concierto de Aranjuez)

2003/04: SP (The Feeling Begins) LP (Tosca)

2004/05: SP (Spartacus) LP (Bolero)

2005/06: SP (Totentanz)

Exhibitions and special performances:

i. the beginning
  • warnings ➡ maybe some lack of confidence.
  • when ➡ november 4th, 2008
  • where ➡ high school classroom
  • who ➡ park jiwoo and otani kana
  • what ➡ it begins with lip gloss
  • notes ➡ the first of possibly many self paras about jiwoo’s past and their relationship with kana.

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