aren’t all the good stories always like this ?     passed from one mouth to another with one or two things melting into the tongues of those who preach the sanctified word.     forever lost, altered history.     we’re seventy years worth of good stories and for seventy years, many have tried to tell them.     but somehow in all the madness of good people and bad people, of right and wrong, they forgot to tell the story of how much i love you.     as if the heavy slope of my shoulders doesn’t write a hundred paragraphs.     as if the way i look at you doesn’t write the singular ending.


two and a half minute

I’d like to headcanon that their “date” lasted for two and a half minutes because of an interrupting situation. Maybe there was a message from hawk-san, or maybe they were on a mission and they happen to have stopped by that lovely scenery, shared a few loving words and were interrupted by the hooligans they were pursuing.

There are plenty of reasons why the date didn’t last long but what reassures me is the fact that they had a date as such in the first place. It tells us that the early love between Sakura and Sasuke was indeed existent, tho kept discreet by the SP crew (because they are jerks).

I’m trying to stay so positive here.

I mean, on an unrelated note, Ted Mosby even had a killer date with Stella during her two minute break. 😂


hello everybody! first off, we updated our tumblr banner to include 4th grader esther! she’s been helping us out with character and background design these past few weeks :). 

above is some art from the 3rd episode of this season - “the damned”. Up top are some storyboards done by greg and keo, then a background done by shaina, and a pack of Danish citizens by charis. 


here is another background shot from last week’s episode, “wieners out”. above is the concept sketch, drawn by keo, and below it is the finalized version that made it into the show! for larger backgrounds, we’ll often tag-team the work to expedite production. for this piece, shaina, renee, and katie helped out keo.

Simple Plan US tour

So, I’m gonna go to the MD date (Nov. 26th) and even though I don’t want to I’m going alone. It sucks not having any friends who like SP as much as I do. Even if I took someone with me then they wouldn’t be able to come in early to the SP Crew soundcheck party or whatever. I haven’t been to one before.

Of course MD is the only date that isn’t up for pre-sale yet. :( I hope it’s up soon. I’m totally getting the bundle, don’t care that it’s $50+