The Kishin Beside You - South Eater

So in this AU/crossover I thought it’d be cool if Kenny was actually kinda a bad guy because he kinda fits with his whole ‘immortal’ thing. I imagine that at the start he pretends to be normal only to reveal what he is later and being a traitor I suppose? He and Kyle were pretty close so of course things get real tense between them and Kyle sees it as his and Stan’s responsibility to take him down personally for falling for his innocent act. 

When I find a fic that has a interesting plot, the world building is crazy good and the character development is well written, I’m like…

But when the smut comes and find out my preferred top is a bottom and preferred bottom is a top…


all data gathered from AO3 results


1. since this is AO3, not all data represents the entirety of the fandom. AO3 is a reliable fic source for ~6 years of fanfiction, but since the community of SP is so old, not all data can be correctly graphed! this was all for fun. do what you want with this gathered information.

2. some ships are prevalent in fan art, but not writing.

3. while searching I found small groups of people over years of SP fandom who have commented butters/jimmy being an interesting dynamic. they wanted fic/art of them but no luck. just thought that was a weird discovery.