i’m exploding right now i’m sorry i’ve been so mislead, how is the letter even a sasusaku moment?? how???

sorry but that’s insulting to us sasusaku shippers, i thought that was an actual moment because sakura was the one left out around all the couples at her best friends wedding and i cried happy tears seeing those edits/gifs but now i’m fuming having it confirmed that letter was meant to go to naruto

the letter oh god that’s definitely meant for naruto, i legit thought sasuke actually sent something to sakura

seriously SP what the fuck was that, seriously what the fuck, i would’ve loved that letter even more if it actually reached naruto himself like it was meant to, imagine the look on naruto uzumaki’s face when he sees sasuke has been keeping tabs on home and his friends! he wouldve been like “holy fucking shit sasuke is aware i’m getting married today! 

it makes sense for sakura to be happy but come on if it was meant for naruto let the letter reach him first!

it would’ve made us all still cry tears of joy seeing naruto smile because his brother/best friend acknowledged his wedding day

regardless i’m sick of the bias treatment sasusaku gets from those fucking animators, but from what i’ve seen, the wedding actually looked well done so now for me to wait 2.5 years for it to be dubbed and once again lose my shit then

anonymous asked:

I've watched the last episode. And then I've seen an ending called Shinkokyu (the 9th). It was emitated before Jiraiya's and Itachi's death (including Sasuke's fights with Orochimaru and Deidara, which were quite brutal). Don't you think that estetic of anime, despite the plot, went terribly wrong? Now I see how much this series changed itself.

I didn’t even make it until the ending, I watched it to reply to this ask. 

(the usual. anti-sp, anti-ending, anti-s*kura &co under the cut)

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I am making a parsley and violet herbal glycerite!

Benefits: Vitamin A, C, and K, flavonoids, antioxidants, heals headaches, colds, viruses, acne, is an expectorant, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, blood purifier, soothing, cooling, reduces fever, improves digestion.

Uses: Add to soaps, face washes, teas, lotions, or take raw.

How to make it: Fill a jar with 2/3 violets and 1/3 parsley. Cover with food grade glycerine. I used soy glycerine. Stir up and remove air bubbles. Allow to sit for a month, shaking often so herbs do not just float above the glycerine.

I will post updates as it steeps!