A few weeks ago I was re-reading the SS-arc chapters and I found these manga panels and I thought they were pretty, so I decided to color them.

I already made an edit with another version of the first panel last week, but I fixed a few things with it this time. I tried to color both panels in the same way, though I don’t think I did it right. Also I’m sorry for the bad quality of the images, I’m not an expert with digital art.

Original art by Tite Kubo.


Once again I am gonna have to call out on the SS fandom for their immaturity. Honestly I didn’t want to rant on this but screw it!

To those of you complaining about chapter 10, I am gonna be very blunt, you have become just as bad as the NS and SNS fandom! Immature, petty, childish and self-entitled! Of course you just had to make everything about Sasuke and Sakura!

With Sasuke’s dialogue to Naruto, I don’t see what the big deal is other than few changes. Same with Sarada acting flustered when Boruto said he will protect her. I don’t see anything too different other than a bit more flustered than in the movie.

As for the SS part, I can understand some were upset but to me this outrage is not only unreasonable but also complete BS!
First, you claim that SP apparently hates SS, Sasuke and Sakura but of course compare Ikemoto’s panels with the movie scenes that were animated by the same studio you accused them of having a bias against SS (though Kishi was involved in the movie but that’s besides the point). Do you guys realise how unhinged and hypocritical you sound? You criticise SP for not following Kishi’s manga but of course criticise Ikemoto and Kodachi for not following the movie scenes which again, animated by the same studio whom you criticised for not sticking to source material. Again BS!
Secondly, few chapters ago they also left out the part where Naruto asked Hinata to check Boruto’s arm with her Byakugan but where was the outrage on that? Same with the Uzumaki Family scene in this chapter which was reduced so no outrage on that? Or does this only apply to SS? Talk about double standards! Everything is about SS!
Thirdly, Ikemoto was drawing according to Kodachi’s script, not to mention the number of new content there so there was not enough panel space to include this.

Just because it is not Kishi drawing or writing this, doesn’t mean they have to do exactly like Kishi did. I mean this is the same fandom that insulted Ikemoto’s art style just because it doesn’t look exactly like Kishi’s.

I keep saying this again and again! If you didn’t like how SP handles the anime don’t watch it! If you don’t like how Ikemoto and Kodoachi handles the Boruto manga don’t read it! Simple as that! I honestly don’t understand why continue following if it doesn’t go your way?

This is one of the reasons why I took a break from tumblr!

Anyways, sorry for my rant but with all honesty, I have lost what little hope I had left for the Naruto fandom, especially the western fandom!

I come back to Tumblr after a considerable amount of absence only to see this shit

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people are often so confusing and contradictory with their actions sometimes you’re better off without even trying to gain explanations and logics from their behaviour 

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Well it was either this or going to twilight princess but I've played through that maybe 9 times

SS and WW will always be my all-time favorite zelda games, but for some reason I like replaying through TP more!!

I think it’s because TP Link’s face is so much more expressive than the other Links. What a cinnamon roll ( ◕ ◡ ◕ )

Actually you know what I am done

After seeing few SS fans complaining non-stop about their ship not being treated fairly and few NH and Hinata fans being no better than Hinata haters with bashing Sakura and SS.

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