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Disney shuts down their 2D animation department and declares 3D animation more important and the first thing they spout out after basically declaring themselves best in the business to their mainly female fanbase is that women are too difficult to animate uniquely and expressively

When they have literally made it their solemn duty to animate this way

Like goddamn you lazy dog turd

ok so ideas for technomancy

  • everything is wireless. even physical things. printers dont need to be connected to ink anymore. stuff doesnt need to be plugged in. 
  • mics that always hear you perfectly and can exclude background noise, no matter your distance from it
  • music player charms that play your music right into your ears without headphones, no one else hears it, etc. could glow colors depending on music, also to show you’re listening to music. (probably spawns high schooler–made charms for invisibility for secret listening, or fake ones to look busy)
  • no more searching for files. accio that shit. touchless typing, scrolling, etc.
  • viruses that cause not only computer damage but disease in the recipient.

I’m now offering commissions!!

Important though, if you can only afford to support one artist, it should be someone else who needs the money; I’m only looking for extra.

The images above are examples of styles I’ll offer commissions in, from least to most detailed option. The styles and prices are:

  1. (Top left) (full image): Rough pencil sketch, for 5$
  2. (Top right): Simple sketch (digital or pencil), for 7$
  3. (Middle left) (full image): Digital sketch with simple colors, for 10$
  4. (Middle right) (full image): Pencil sketch with digital rough colors, for 15$
  5. (Bottom left) (full image): Semi-detailed digital portrait, for 20$
  6. (Bottom right) (full image): Detailed pencil sketch, for 25$

Other information:

  • For this first run, I’m only doing portraits of characters I know or that you can provide an adequate description of (plus OCs!).
  • I can draw multiple characters per image, but it will cost 10% extra per person.
  • I can only take payment through Paypal right now.

If you’d like to ask for a commission, send me an ask >here!<

Let me know what style, characters, and framing (from bust to full body) you’d like, plus any other specifics you might be thinking of, like a pose or color palette/range.

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Portrait commissions are open (again)!

I made a post like this before, but now I’m seeking some money to have on hand for college next year, so I’m revamping things a little bit (cheaper stuff!) Here’s the info:


[1L | 3R | 4M]: 5$
[1R | 2R | 4L]: 10$
[3M | 3L]: 15$
[1M | 4R]: 15$ ***
[2L | 2M]: 20$

***These come from >this post<. I can do the same for your face, or a friend’s, or a celebrity’s, or [etc.]!


Bust [1M | 2L | 3L | 3M | 4L | 4R]: +0$
Torso [1L | 1R | 2R | 3R]: +3$
Fullbody [2M | 4M]: +5$


  • Send me an ask or email me at 3mesofdoom@gmail.com with:
    • Your url
    • Your character(s)
    • The style you would like (1L, 2M, etc)
    • The framing you would like (bust, torso, or fullbody)
  • Price will be the style price + the framing price
    • example: 3M (15$) + torso (3$) = 18$
    • Extra characters are 20% extra per character.
    • I take payment over paypal

If anything is a little off (you’d like a slightly different style, or something is a little out of range, or anything at all) I’m happy to negotiate.

Whether or not you plan to buy, if you could give this post a signal boost I’d appreciate it as well! Thanks so much!