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Everybody Stop Wishing Death on Heidi Turner!

It’s really bothering me how like at least 80% of the SP fandom on all social media platforms, not just Tumblr, are wishing for Heidi Turner to die in tomorrow night’s all-new episode of South Park. If you want her dead just because she’s in the way of your ship, supposedly changed Cartman’s personality (he’s probably just acting) and/or she’s female, then get over it and learn to at least tolerate her being on the show, which she’s been on since 1999 just in case you were wondering. Besides, I think if Trey and Matt were to kill off Heidi, not only would it shut the door on the show ever having a female character, but it would likely doom the future of not only the other fourth grade girls, but all of the women in town. Do you really want the boys’ mothers, Principal Victoria and Mayor McDaniels dead? I didn’t think so! So if you want South Park to survive and remain entertaining, then Stop rooting for Heidi Turner to die and support the show’s female characters more because as things are right now, South Park actually pays much less attention to women than Family Guy, and South Park being inferior to Family Guy in any category is an eyesore for the South Park brand!