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GPF Free Skate scores, or, How Yuuri can win

I don’t know about you, but the scores after the Short Program have got me worried. Yurio seems to be waaaay ahead of Yuuri (of course it’s going to come down to these two).

Let’s add up the current SP scores with their previous FS scores:

So that’s HUGE difference. However, Yuuri didn’t really do his best in the Rostelecom Cup with Victor gone. Looking at other skater’s FS scores, the average without mistakes seems to be 199. Here’s the adjusted scores:

Okay, better. Now we’re looking at a difference of just over 21 points. 

I read a really good post here talking about the two Yuris and how they predict that since Yurio broke Victor’s SP world record, Yuuri would end up breaking the FS record. The current real FS record is 219.48 and is held by Yuzuru Hanyu. If Victor’s record is similar, Yuuri would have to score around 220 to break it.

Wow, only a .6 point difference! So in order for Yuuri to win, he needs to break the world record and Yurio needs to score less than he did in the Rostelecom Cup. 

And then we get our wedding and can die happy. The end.


Nathan Chen’s Short Program at the US Nationals 2017.

Le Corsaire by Adolphe Adam, Léo Delibes

Choreo. by Marina Zueva

TS 62.07 + PS 44.32

Overall 106.39*

Ranked 1st [Before FS]

*He broke Jeremy Abbot’s 2014 US Record of 99.86, and is the first to break the 100 mark in the SP.



Javier Fernández (ESP) - Malagueña - 104.25 (TES 56.93, PCS 47.32)


In the end, each main character has a world record.
Yurio has the SP record with 118.56 points.
Yuuri has the one for the FS with 221.58.
And Viktor has the record for the overall score with 335.76 at least.


( I hope they keep doing that in season 2)

me, at any given moment: yuuri’s updated!eros at four continents and worlds is going to be so fucking good. updated!eros absolutely has the potential to break the SP world record, for a number of reasons, but it’s going to be so fucking good. updated!eros at worlds could break a world record. yuuri katsuki could hold the world records for both the short program and free skate. i want to see updated!eros get the scoring it deserves. a perfectly performed updated!eros would be so good you don’t understand updated!eros could break the wor

anonymous asked:

I don't know if this is a spoiler, but who placed on the podium? If we're going by canon scores then Viktor would be 1st, Yurio would be 2nd, and Yuuri would be 3rd. But you also didn't mention if Yurio broke the SP record so I'm just curious

So Viktor and Yuuri don’t care who won and I’m so proud of them for that but can WE know?!!! :D please? Is this something we will actually have to wait months and months for??? :o omg please spare us that misery of not knowing!!!

I know that we shouldn’t care about who won at the end and I don’t but! Yurio? Can we know at least how he fared?

The three on the podium in the end were Yuuri, Viktor and Yurio. Yuuri broke the FS world record but Yurio never broke the SP world record because Viktor never choreographed Agape for him and he didn’t go on the same emotional journey as he did in canon.

As for who actually won I wont say and I never will, not even in the companion fic. Because the whole point of the ending was that it doesn’t matter who won, they all skated their best for the love of skating and for each other and that’s what really matters. Yuuri and Viktor don’t care who won so in neither of their POVs will it ever come up 

anyone: i want yurio to keep the SP world record because he worked hard

me, thinking about how hard yuri katsuki has been working for years, how he’s much closer to the end of his career than yurio who literally just started, how he’s never quite understood his own successes nor felt that he’s ever really won it big in a way that’s been so easy for yurio: can’t relate

Day 1 of the Grand Prix Final 

  • I changed my mind, it’s not Grand Prix Hanyu, it’s Grand Prix Final de Flaque d’Eau
  • What the fuck are those seats
  • The triple lutz is cursed 
  • 3-3 combos are no longer a requirement, we just missed the memo 
  • Marin Honda is sick
  • I’ve seen Cha Jun Hwan’s *screaming internally* face
  • Brian Orser is still a busy guy 
  • Alina Zagitova is an upgraded version of Evgenia Medvedeva, she can raise both arms when she jumps 
  • And she just broke the junior ladies’ SP record so you can predict the future from now on
  • Will the senior men continue the disaster stay tuned

anonymous asked:

Soooo, we know that Yuuri broke Viktor's FS Record with 'Yuri On Ice', and that Viktor's record was for 'Belle', but what about the other world records? In canon all the world records were held by Viktor; now that Yuuri's super competitive with him, did they keep breaking each others' records over the years? Did Rostelecom Cup Eros break the SP world record? What about combined scores?

Viktor held all the world records up until the final chapter which is where some of the conspiracy theories about Yuuri’s motivations came from. In the FS he first broke the record with ‘Waltz of Love’, then broke it again with ‘Belle’ and Yuuri broke that record with ‘Yuri on Ice.’ In the SP Viktor first broke the record with a song that isn’t in the fic when he was younger and then again with ‘You Only Live Once’. ‘Eros’ at Rostelecom came very very close to breaking the record but not quite. As for combined, he set the record with ‘Sun and Moon’ and his unnamed short program and would have broken the combined again and his own FS record with ‘Love Story’ at the WC in chapter 13 had everything not gone to shit just before his skate 

yoi ep 11 (aka: we're all still dead)

- i missed a lot of things as the stream is laggy as fuck
- lol they didn’t waste time with the flashback and the ring kiss lmao (victor kissing yuuri’s ring, yuuri kissing his own ring, victor kissing his own ring, so much kissing and rings)
- dat moe as fuck flashback
- lmao victor jumped along with him ahahahah
- phichit has hamsters!!!!
- phichit so moe so chibi so cute
- phichit crying
- yurio kicking victor and yuuri off the kiss and cry lol
- otabek was added to yurio’s agape memoryyyy
- mila looking so proud of yurio
- megane!chris omg
- yurio cheering/watching for otabek!
- otabek’s sp song is nice
- moe chibi otabek watching moe chibi yurio flashback yessss
- i still cannot stop laughing at the theme of king jj
- jj getting shook from otabek’s performance
- mamo got his wish to sing along the jj song lol
(i kinda expected it, but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (what’s up with that owari yuuri noooooo) (you can’t just “end this” after gpf wtf wtf wtf)


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Avanz Records ‎– SP/CR-20014 – Released in 1997.
Armando Trovaioli ‎– Vedo Nudo (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recording).