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Types of South Park Fan

Normies- post GIFs and stuff of new episodes when they come out. Sometimes write nice little analyses of the show. Have some ships, but are pretty nice about everyone else’s.

South Park Is Gay Problematic- love the early seasons, hate everything after about season 8. Obsessed with another cartoon as well as early SP. Ship Style and only watch the new episodes because they want those two to look at each other.

Krazy Kymans- would die for Cartman. Liked Heidi in season 20 but not really in season 21. All know each other very well. Often pretty right-wing.

Cutout Artists- focus on drawing the characters how they look in the show. Prefer straight ships to gay ships. Usually do fanart rather than fanfics.

Creek Without A Paddle- love their gay coffee son and their gay bird-flipping son, but also love the other kids and know all their names. Post really cute art and fics.

The Brains Of The Operation- obsessed with Trey and Matt as much as the show itself. Most likely to say ‘Matt and Trey’ instead of ‘Trey and Matt’. Like analyzing interviews and the show. Usually the ones who find rare interviews or shorts.

This… Is Crack- have a million different gender and sexuality headcanons for the characters which they all love. Ship everyone with everyone (except Cartman). Super fun to talk to and discuss headcanons with.

Who’s Who of the 2017 Grand Prix Series, Part 3: Men

The third part of our Grand Prix previews will cover the talent-packed discipline of men’s singles! Remember to check out our previews of the ice dance and pairs disciplines as well, and our playlist of program recommendations for currently-competing singles skaters.

The last two seasons have brought about a technical revolution in men’s skating the likes of which have never been seen since the advent of triple jumps. Although the men have been attempting quadruple jumps for many years, up until the 2015-16 season, most skaters included 1 quad in the short program and 1 or 2 in the free program, and most attempts were limited to the toeloop and salchow jumps. Everything changed when Chinese teenager Boyang Jin brought a catalytic spark to men’s skating in his senior debut season, making waves with his consistent quad lutz and 6 quad attempts across two programs. Reigning Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan then increased his own base value, smashing world records into the ground, and it was all history from there.

The last two seasons have seen the successful completion of the world’s first quad flip, quad loop, and quad lutz and quad flip combinations. The top men of the field now include 2 quads in the short program and 3-6 quads in the free program. The ripple effect has spread throughout the entire men’s field, with more and more skaters attempting the harder quad loop, flip, and lutz, and continually increasing the quantity of quad jumps in their programs. While there are very real concerns about the direction men’s skating is taking and the long-term effects of so many quad jumps on skaters’ health, there is no doubt right now that men’s skating is in a uniquely exciting position. With at least 6 skaters vying for the Olympic podium and potential dark horses waiting in the wings, every competition this season promises to be a thrillingly unpredictable battle.

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“News Every” (aired on 12 Oct 2017) - my partial, brief translation:

Aug 2017, Yuzu: “The desire to win the gold medal at the Olympics is very strong.”

Narrator: This Olympic gold medal dream started when he was in elementary school.

2008, 14 year-old Yuzu:
“Arakawa-senshu (athlete) won the Olympic gold medal and I want to be the 2nd Olympic gold medalist from Sendai.”

Narrator: Shizuka Arakawa is from the same home rink as Hanyu.

2011, 16 year-old Yuzu:
“I am practising in the place that Shi-chan (Shizuka) was practising before, so I feel that I want to work hard to reach there too (Olympic gold).”

2014, 19 year-old Hanyu won the gold medal at Sochi Olympics.  However, in interviews after that:
“Yesterday was the free skate. I am full of regrets.”
“I was unable to show fully my capabilities on that big stage, and I have regrets about that.”
“It feels like I lost to myself.”

Narrator: He pushed forward, putting no limits on himself.

In 2015 Nov, at NHK Trophy, he re-wrote the history of the skating world (set world records in SP, FS and total score). And he kept on challenging himself.

2016 Jan, talk show with Arakawa-san.
A: You are someone who seems to have no limits.
Y: There is still more that I can do. Now I am practising the quad loop. I want to keep challenging my own boundaries.

Last season (Sept 2016), he was the 1st person to succeed in the quad loop in competition. This April, he won the World Championships with 4 quads and set a new world record for the free programme.

Press conference in Aug (2017): last season’s free programme 4 quads –> this season 5 quads.

3 types of quads: Hanyu explains how he does them.
– loop- takes off on right foot
– salchow- takes off on left foot
– toe loop- left toe pick strikes the ice.

Aug 2017 interview:
He writes on a board: ‘Things I should do now. Follow through/persist now.’

Y: “ 'Things I should do now’ refer to things that I have been thinking about since Sochi Olympics. Things I have been thinking about and things that I want to put into action, I want to follow through properly on all these things.”
“The regret behind the gold medal at Sochi has been a great driving force for me these 4 years.”
“I would like to accomplish it on the Olympic stage.”

–video thanks to pino16.17

Some pics from the video:

(Below: Yuzu in 2007, when Arakawa-san visited her home rink in Sendai. Such a cutie.)

[thanks to twitter fans for the pics!]

anonymous asked:

Clyde Donovan is autistic and his special interest is sports, esp. foobaw

oh FUCK dude, you don’t know how much i love autistic clyde! hes just like. so relatable as an autistic person

like from the movie we see him absolutely SUCKIN at maths but throughout the series hes proficient with english which yknow us autists tend to be good at the stuff we like while disregardin the stuff were not interested in so thats one thing

and hes pretty literal minded? thats not the exact phrase im lookin for but he takes shit at face value a lot, like in the game where he just believes that the slime is taco bell sauce even when confronted with indisputable evidence that its not eg makin fuckin nazi zombies bc “well they told us it was taco bell sauce” and GOD DAMN if i havent done that EXACT SHIT BEFORE bc i TRUST PEOPLE and clyde is just. so trusting. baby boy baby

anyway yeah clyde donovan is autistic 10/10 ign thanks for comin to my ted talk


Some interesting points in this TV news (after SP of Autumn Classic 2017):  

[2:44 of video]  Yuzu said: “Doing a clean performance like that during competition really helps with increasing my confidence.”
Narrator:  After setting new world records for SP in 2015, he could not do a single clean SP performance for the next season.  He did not get any satisfactory results (for SP).

Yuzu: “For this costume, this is the 3rd time I set a new world record wearing it.”
Narrator: 1st time was 2015 Nov- NHK Trophy. 2nd time was 2015 Dec- GPF.

(briefly translated by me)
(maybe that’s why he didn’t change costume??? haha)

– video thanks to pino16.17


Looking back briefly from Sochi Olympics til now by News Every (9 Feb 2017): 

The wall is the ‘world highest’ himself 
-one year to PyeongChang Olympics-

Narrator: 3 years ago, at Sochi Olympics, Hanyu was 19 and participated in his 1st Olympics. His SP had a quad toeloop and a triple axel with a difficult entry. He scored 101.45 which was a new world record and the 1st time in history that the score broke 100 points. He won the 1st gold medal in men’s figure skating for Japan.

[holding the medal]
Yuzu: It’s so round. (laughs) Holding it in my hand like this, I am very happy.

[press conference after Sochi]
Y: 4 years later is PyeongChang Olympics. I will make use of the time effectively.

2014 Aug,
Y: After raising the level, continue to raise the level further. This is what I must do, and this is what I want to do.

Just as he had said, last season he pushed up the level of the figure skating world in one swoop.

[GPF Dec 2015]
Quads: 3 at Sochi; 5 at last season.
Difficult jumps with high quality, rich in expressiveness.
He made new records for SP, FP and Total score.
But even then, he does not intend to stop evolving.
Yuzu: To make a new wall (meaning challenge), how much of an ideal form can I make my skating….

N: The wall is himself, the world’s highest (or best).
To surpass himself, he thought about the jump layout before this season started.

[Aug 2016, Yuzu looking at his own protocol sheet for GPF 2015.]
Y: It’s rather….. difficult. (laughs)….. The hurdle is high. (laughs)…. I will calculate it now.
[difference between last season and this season shown on protocol sheet]
Y: The difference of one quad jump is very big in terms of the score…. and also in terms of stamina.

N: For this season, he adds in the challenge of a quad loop which no one has succeeded in doing before.
[open practice in Toronto in Sept 2016]
Y: During practice, I feel like crying. (laughs) Like, why can’t I do the jump….

[Oct 2016, competition- Autumn Classic- succeeded in quad loop, landed 3 out of 6 quads for SP and FP]
Yuzu: I am just very regretful. Most regretful that I could not do my programme completely.
N: But he had no intentions of lowering his jump level.

N: There are many more skaters doing difficult jumps now compared to the time at Sochi.
Yuzu:  The figure skating world now is in a situation where there are almost no limits. Everyone is gradually opening up the paths.
Being able to do something difficult, I feel happy and there is a sense of achievement.

[Nov 2016- NHK Trophy]

N: Although it was not perfect yet, he scored above 300 points in total, a first for this season.
Then at GPF in Dec, he won his 4th straight victory but he was still unable to surpass “the world’s best, himself”.
Right after the competition, [Yuzu leaving venue]
Y: I will work hard again. I will practise a lot.

[press conference]
Y: I want to win the gold at PyeongChang and I am working hard for that.

N: From Sochi to PyeongChang, surpassing himself, towards the gold medal, the champion continues to evolve.

–translated by me, just the important points.
Thanks to pino16.17 for the video.