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proof craig loves tweek

-craig is always the one to initiate hand-holding

-craig shares lots of his things with tweek including, but not limited to, his laptop, his guinea pig, his wardrobe, etc.

-he also calls his things “our [things]”, implying he has a “whats mine is yours” mentality

-he also gifts things (ie the fidget spinner) to tweek without formal prompting (like a bday)

-he tries to confront issues and challenges differently for tweek even if it is hard for him/he’s not sure what to do (he does this in *all* of put it down)

-he no longer denies that he is gay nor that he loves tweek

-he supports tweek thru moments of weakness and is understanding about his mental illness (which most REAL boyfriends cant do)

-he & Tweek share the Look™ in put it down

-did we forget abt pet names

-he stands outside of Tweak coffee to be close to Tweek

-craig went from flat out denying he was gay to being the gayest kid in school and he loves his bf


└ I forgive you two for the mock-disagreement just cos you’re teasing teases!!!

Context: It is rumoured that Jun’s interest in bonsai has cooled.  While acting all innocent, our youngest expresses shock when Ariyoshi suggests that he prostrate himself in apology to Sho-kun (who feels it’s indeed a ‘problem’ if the rumour is true).

Jun (in shock): Prostrate myself on the ground? Me?!

Jun (respectfully with hands in lap while Sho is holding in his laughter): No no, just… somehow, I’m sorry.

BONUS: Cos we all know Sho ain’t gonna keep a straight expression after that.

Cr: The Yakai 04.01.2018 2-hour SP

└ Damn heartless OTP: all black, all sleek, all smiles… all shippers’ demise. 

Cr: “未完” MV making of from「Untitled」album

Ok but, can we talk about Bunny for a moment? I have developed a SERIOUS fixation on that ship. Kenny, the most, shall I say, experienced (?) person in South Park with Butters, the most naive person in South Park? The most quiet (quiet in the sense he doesn’t talk a lot) and the most outgoing? Virtual opposites and yet they make so much sense. Plus, Mysterion vs. Professor Chaos. I mean, come on. You can’t make this ship more PERFECT.

I like to imagine that when they are in a relationship, Kenny just treats Butters so well. Kenny, as a character, is very protective and kind in general. And I just imagine that when they eventually decide to move in together, Kenny would work so hard to provide for them both. He’d let Butters get a job, but he’d count himself as the breadwinner.

Also, he just wouldn’t be able to resist Butters’ cute face. And he would sing to him when he’s feeling upset.