sp queue

Ok but, can we talk about Bunny for a moment? I have developed a SERIOUS fixation on that ship. Kenny, the most, shall I say, experienced (?) person in South Park with Butters, the most naive person in South Park? The most quiet (quiet in the sense he doesn’t talk a lot) and the most outgoing? Virtual opposites and yet they make so much sense. Plus, Mysterion vs. Professor Chaos. I mean, come on. You can’t make this ship more PERFECT.

I like to imagine that when they are in a relationship, Kenny just treats Butters so well. Kenny, as a character, is very protective and kind in general. And I just imagine that when they eventually decide to move in together, Kenny would work so hard to provide for them both. He’d let Butters get a job, but he’d count himself as the breadwinner.

Also, he just wouldn’t be able to resist Butters’ cute face. And he would sing to him when he’s feeling upset.