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This is a blog for a SUPER BIG PROJECT called ‘Sausage Party in China’ 这个博客为‘香肠派对在中国’所创立

Welcome to this new supermarket settled up in China! Since the movie is so popular, Shopwell’s had become a international supermarket and it was spread out in other country, and so there’s one in China as well. So what will this supermarket look like?


This blog welcome every contributor, good ideas are welcomed! The food in the supermarket can answer every weird question you ask! Fan arts are welcomed as well!


The main owner is @welcome-to-the-sinfulmarket Daily characters will be post, including their personality. Roleplay and stories will be post in random time.


Thanks for reading!


If I can't have you...

I don’t want anyone: Skulduggery, Ghastly
That’s okay: Tanith, Fletcher
That’s fine but you don’t know what your missing out on: Valkyrie, Dexter
NO ONE CAN: Caelan
Okay, I’ll sleep with your brother: Eliza Scorn
Bitch, who said I wanted you in the first place: China

I’ve tried painting China Sorrows.

Emphasis on tried. I don’t think I’m exactly happy with how she looks? But I also didn’t really find any good reference to wok from… It’s just really hard to draw anything that comes remotely close to how she is described (at least with my current skills that is, someone better could probably do her justice)


Horned Shield Bug (likely Sastragala sp., Acanthosomatidae)

The Hemipteran true bug family Acanthosomatidae includes species noted for their parental care of eggs and nymphs - so-called “Parent Bugs”.

by Sinobug (itchydogimages) on Flickr.
Pu’er, Yunnan, China

See more Chinese true bugs and hoppers on my Flickr site HERE…..

Bear Your Soul on the Ice -- The Timeline!

As requested, a timeline for Bear Your Soul on the Ice.  This is going to be edited a bunch, so it’ll start out pretty basic, but I’ll probably add links to the music posts and stuff as needed.  I’ll try to remember to link it in the notes whenever I update though.

This is going to be LONG…

I figure I’ll go by skating seasons…

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Holy shit u guys
So I’m watching the dub of YOI because I thought it would be funny after having watched the sub at least 7 times
And I just watched the cup of China SP
Phichit’s score is 86.75, stated to be the best of his career by a wide margin
When JJ bombs his SP in the final his score is 86.71- THE WORST OF HIS ENTIRE CAREER
Jesus fuck what kind of skating god is JJ

“Yuri!!! on Ice” and the evolution

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I’m horrible when it comes to writing, but let’s talk about “Yuri!!! on Ice” because I have no friend and I need really want to talk about it.

When I started watching “Yuri!!! on Ice”, I had a mindset that this is an anime revolves around figure skating. I carried the thought that this anime wouldn’t have the “longevity” to leave big impression on me because it doesn’t focus on figure skating as much as I expected. I was too wrapped up in the sport that I made a grave mistake: I completely bypassed the characters’ developments and personal conflicts.

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