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why does everyone think that craig is a badass? he's clearly a dork.

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Creekenny 30

“It’s not what it looks like…”

(of course I’m going to do Creekenny first)

(also this can’t even be considered a ficlet I got carried away and it’s basically a full fanfiction oops)

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Taking Notes to Make that Grade

1. Always date, title, and write down the chapters

I feel like this is very important to do so later I can look back at my notes and know what day, what section, and where I can look it up in the book for question I might have.

2. Important information

Since I am normally writting my notes, if the teacher has anything in his/her notes that is bold, in red, or underline I make sure to underline all those important points. Also, while my teacher is talking about the notes, if he/she really talks about a section or subject I put a star next to that.

3. Use abbrviations

I’m sure you have seen and know about a lot of these but just in case you have never seen these here you go:
&- and
(?)- not sure, don’t know, maybe
=- is,equal
~ kind of
*- pay attention
b/t- between
hw- homework
b/c- because
w/- with
vw- vocabulary word
w/o- without
oyo- on your own
(!)- important (in text)
sp- spelling error

4. Color code or not?

So I know a lot of people think that color coding is a must that needs to be done when taking notes. I dont think this is true. For me, I use the same color for text. It saves time and allows you to keep up with the lecture and it does not distract you. I will say that the only time I do use a different color is when I rewrite my notes and if the teacher has a digram/image.

5. Room to add

When i’m in class and quickly trying to write down the slide I always try to leave a little extra room. I do this so while i’m also writting the slide, I am listening and can add information that the teacher gives that are not in the slides. Using the sides of the paper is also a great place that I like to do this. Keep in mind your notes do not have to be pretty, mine are far from it! Thats the beauty of rewritting notes!

Hopfully, how I like to write my notes helps someone! This is the first post where I have given tips so it might not be the best but hey, i’m tried! Ha! Look forward to more post!

Leftover Threads and Motivations going into the FS

I was going to put this at the end of the Yurio post I wrote, but thought it would be best to separate pre-finale stuff from posts that can stand on their own. And then this post grew massive. I’ll put the rest of the characters after the cut.

Saying what I did in that post (about how scary and full of potential he is), I’m not convinced he’ll win gold here. It doesn’t make sense for him to. It’s rare for skaters to skate two perfectly clean programs in back-to-back competitions - since he skated his FS cleanly in Rostelecom, he might not be able to do so here. And also, it’s rare for a skater to skate two perfectly clean programs in one competition - having their SP and FS error-free is a miracle.

But going away from my figure-skating-senses (because all you have to do is point at the bizarre GPF this season, and Yuzuru last season with his four perfect programs), from a narrative standpoint, it doesn’t quite work. He’s perfected his FS already, and he’s perfected his SP and broken a record at the same time. To win the gold at the GPF now would be so much winning for him this season - he’s won silver twice already. His accomplishment flag has already been cleared with this completed Agape - it’s the one plot thread that was giving him trouble the entire time, and it’s now been resolved.

If he did win Gold, it would be an interesting plot point for his future because it sets him up down the path of a young winner. He would need to handle the weight of the crown and being so young means that there will be so many people who think he didn’t deserve it. It also would draw even more comparisons between him and young Victor. Regardless of winning gold, his showing here means he’ll have to fight in the future to stop being compared (although I’m not worried - he has a great support system).

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