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Eclipse lunar penumbral 2 by José María Arboleda C.

Same Patterns {Part 5}

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Summary: You and your broken heart now live separated from the Avengers. It hurts, and they all try the same thing to make you come back - but when will it work?

Words: 1423 - this was supposed to be a drabble

Warnings: Angst. She slaps someone…not telling who.

You had promised to be only gone a week, but a week had turned into two and then three, then a month, not quite yet ready to face him. If you were honest, you would probably spend the rest of your time like this; unless something big happened. And happened it did.

It was early in the evening. You were tired. Tired of your meaningless job and the endless stacks of paperwork needed to be filled out; tired of the simple scout and report missions that a five year old could undergo in their sleep; and tired from knowing once more you may have to hurt your friends and turn them down once more because your heart had been trampled on.

Because you do not think you would ever be ready to hear why Bucky did what he did. But life was something that never went as planned. It was always a cup full to the brim with just one more drop from spilling over and releasing a flood. Two months after hiding yourself, the one person you wanted to see the least or most, you still were not quite sure which it was – knocked on your door.

“For the last time guys, I don’t want to come back yet.” You called from inside your apartment, assuming it was someone else here to convince you otherwise. Maybe Peter?

“I’m not here to convince you to come back, Y/N. I just want you to give me the chance to speak.” Not Peter. Definitely not Peter.

Your whole body seized up, unable to comprehend what he was doing there.

“Y/N?” he spoke again after your silence.

You managed to get your mouth open and force some sounds out to show that you were still there. “So speak.”

“I…I’m so sorry, I can’t say anything to excuse what I did but I…I get it if you never want to forgive me or see my face again, but don’t punish everyone else for my stupidity. Everybody misses you. They need you there. You’ve been gone for nearly two months and I don’t think things have ever been quieter than right now. Steve misses training with you. Tony’s happy whenever he leaves to check up on you, but when he comes back he has this sour look on his face. That punk, Peter stopped showing up as much now that you’re gone – you know he looks at you like an older sister; you have a family back home and…if I’m not a part of that, so be it. I deserve it. I royally screwed up, but don’t punish them.”

You stood with your back to the door, lightly resting your head against the wood as he spoke. When he finished, you remained there, absorbing everything. Slowly you took of the chain on your door and opened the door just a crack. At the unexpected sound, Bucky had leapt up to look at you for the first time in months. He only caught a peak of you, just enough to know that your eyes were red-rimmed and the dry paths of tears betrayed you, you had been crying since before he was there. Your hair was a mess, not combed through and all over the place; he caught a glimpse o what shirt you were wearing. It was one of his, probably swept up in your packing that day before you erratically returned his belongings. He had assumed you would have burnt it in your anger. You still looked beautiful in his eyes; the same enchanting person you were when he first met you. His heart leapt and then broke once you opened your mouth.

“Why?” The voice was so broken and hurt. Bucky loathed himself for being the cause of it. How could he have ever caused you this pain? He opened his mouth to ask ‘Why what?’ but you interrupted him, continuing, “Why did you do it?”


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umfb&mha program music

Chapter 1 - Season 1 – Years ¾

Viktor’s SP - Winter Music Instrumental January by Derek & Brandon Fiechter

Viktor’s FS - O Mio Babbino Caro - Sung by Renee Fleming

Chapter 2 - Season 2 – Years 4/5

Viktor’s SP - Francis - Cœur de Pirate

Chapter 3 - Season 3 – Years 5/6

Yuuri’s SP - Nocturne - Secret Garden

Yuuri’s FS - River Flows In You - Yiruma

Viktor’s SP - Waltz of Love - Eugen Doga

Chapter 4 - Season 4 – Years 6/7

Yuuri’s FS - Hell Hath No Such Fury - David Chappell

Chapter 5 - Season 5 – Years 7/8

Yuuri’s FS - Mariage d'amour - Richard Clayderman

Season 6 – Years 8/9


Chapter 6 - Season 7 – Years 9/10

Viktor’s SP – Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

Viktor’s FS - Por Una Cabeza – Played by Nicola Benedetti

Yuuri’s SP – Oblivion – by Astor Piazzolla, played by Stjepan Hauser

Yuuri FS - Trędowata; Walc - Wojciech Kilar


Chapter 7 - Season 8 – Years 10/11


Chapter 8 - Season 9 - Years 11/12

Viktor’s FS – Belle from Notre Dame de Paris

Yuuri’s FS – History Maker by Dean Fujioka

Chapter 9 - Season 10 – Years 12/13

Viktor’s FS - Sun and Moon from Miss Saigon

Chapter 10 - Season 11 – Years 13/14

Yuuri’s FS – Tango des los Exilados by Vanessa Mae

Chapter 11/12/13 - Season 12 – Years 14/15

Yuuri’s SP – Eros from the YOI soundtrack

Viktor’s SP: You Only Live Once from the YOI soundtrack

Viktor’s FS – Love Story by Francis Lai, lyrical version originally sung by Andy Williams

Chapter 14 - Season 13 - Year 15

Viktor’s FS - Stammi Vicino from the YOI soundtrack

Yuuri’s FS - Yuri on Ice from the YOI soundtrack

When someone says that shipping abuse survivor(s) makes you a abusive, bad person.

i seriously thought this deadass fandom was done w this style vs kyman bullshit. listen bud i ship style and i dont like kyman but if u ship kyman i literally couldn’t care less. we all need to like sit down and chill like yall act so immature over two ships that aren’t even canon lmao