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Phone Store Vocab + Tips

Just had annoying long and hellacious time at Docomo, here’s some vocab that you might want to know if you’re trying to get a phone in Japan




容量「ようりょう」storage space


防水「ぼうすい」water proof

防塵「ぼうじん」dust proof

非対応「ひたいおう」incompatible, unsupported

ワンセグ Japanese digital broadcasting service for mobile devices

生体確証「せいたいかくしょう」finger print recognition


月額料金プラン「げつがくりょうきん」monthly plans

カケホーダイ     all you can talk (category of phone plans offered)

補償サービス「ほしょう」compensation, reparation (phone insurance)


毎月末に引き落とし「まいげつまつにひきおとし」billed at end of month

手数料「てすうりょう」handling charge

ACアダプタ  charger

ケース phone case

頭金「あたまきん」 downpayment

機種代金「きしゅだいきん」model price (aka phone price up front)

分割「ぶんかつ」split payment option

一括「いっかつ」lump-sum, pay all at once

自動更新「じどうこうしん」automatic renewal

満了「まんりょう」expiration, termination

契約をやめる to quit a contract

Tips: (At the very least applicable to the Docomo store in Kagoshima) If you are like me and your work only offers work contracts one year at a time (so visa and residence card are also only one year) then you are not eligible to pay off your phone month by month. You must pay for your phone up front, either cash or credit card. You will also need your residence card when you go in. There is a chance your luck might be like mine and your card doesn’t work with their machines, you will instead of a credit card need these three things:

  1. 在留カード 「ざいりゅうカード」residence card
  2. 住民票「じゅうみんひょう」certificate of residence
  3. キャッシュカード  cash card (give to you when you open a Japanese bank account)

Should your credit card not work for some reason, have these and cash. I get that this is a lot to take in but I wish I knew some of this before today. Also, you might need a はんこ, offical seal with your name, to properly “sign” the documents. 

Also, to give you an idea of what this might cost you, I’ll put up the prices and total of what I’ll have to pay:

  • カケホーダイライト ¥1700  each call under 5 minutes is free for this price
  • データパーク 2GB ¥3500 (if you want 5GB of data it’s ¥5000)
  • SPモード  ¥300 (honestly don’t remember what this is)
  • ケータイ補償サービス   ¥500 
  • 機種代金 ¥43,848 (one time only)
  • 手数料 ¥3240 (one time only)

So the total fee I will pay upfront is ¥53,568 but after that the monthly fee with taxes is¥6480. Go forth and be prepared for this because I sure as hell wasn’t ready for this today

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Hitsdailydouble on Pink (I think an anon asked before?) Looks like a huge debut for Pink. Awesome!! "P!nk should land on top of our SPS chart next Friday with the fourth-largest debut YTD. Beautiful Trauma will also collect 2017's largest opening week for a female artist. In other words: BIG. >>> P!nk (RCA) 300-375k SPS, 290-340k album

That is amazing!  It’s been 5 years since her last album and those are numbers anyone would kill for in today’s music biz landscape.  

“According to HDD, ‘Beautiful Trauma’ by P!nk is expected to debut at #1 with 290-340K in pure sales and 300-375K in SPS. #BeautifulTrauma is set to become the biggest female debut of the year!“ (Pop Crave).

- B

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Quick question: any tips for grinding sp relatively fast? Thanks!

Easiest way normally is to go into a chain challenge map you havent beaten yet, ideally a 10 map one on easy, and then do 9 maps and on the last map give up. You keep any sp you gained in the 9 maps and it won’t half the sp gain. You can get like 100-300 sp depending on skills and timing.

The other option right now is the camilla warriors map as it’s so cheap and there’s tons of units.

S&W M&P10 - .308 Winchester
S&W M&P15 - 5.56 NATO
Remington 870 - 3 inch shells
S&W 617 - 10 round .22lr
Walther P99AS - .40S&W

Want to add:
S&W M&P SHIELD - 9mm
S&W M&P R8 or S&W 686 in 6inch barrel - .357 Magnum
Remington 700 SPS in .300 Winchester Magnum
Might be getting the Ruger 10/22 my father trained me on if he chooses to.

Yes, I’m a Smith & Wesson fan. 


Cima Settsass e Croda Negra par Massimiliano Teodori
Via Flickr :
Cima Settsass e Croda Negra visti da Passo Giau.