SWITCHING PLACES: Which member in this gif would you like to be?

Love this Yixing and Sehun moment :DDD I just miss EXO Showtime in general hahahahha

Here’s how we play this segment:

  1. Look at the gif! Observe the roles of the members in the gif.
  2. Choose the member you’d rather switch places with. (In this case, you can choose to be SEHUN or LAY).
  3. Clearly type the NAME of the member you choose in the answer box below!

- Admin Mercydel

So who do you chose?

I’m so sorry for the bad writing, I’m just lazy bringing this to photoshop and all.

Anyway, another comic for my Blind Boxer Tweek AU and it’s the part where Craig finally gets curious at Tweek always mentioning Ned, so he decides to go to his gym to talk to him when he suddenly finds out why Tweek kept mentioning him. He’s actually being taught boxing by Ned, who seems pretty proud of the guy.

Craig is doubtful. (Also he still doesn’t know he’s blind, like the majority of the cast finds out much later, Ned knows though, but that lil shit ain’t tellin, just like Tweek.)