sozaku art


4 font files (Bold, Demibold, Regular, Light) 

numbers 0-9
punctuation ,:’!”?.
Although I think if you can avoid punctuation with this font you should because it looks so nice locked into a honeycomb pattern. I wanted to give people the option to use punctuation if they wanted though.

I’m going to write up a how to install file and rules on usage in the next day or so and then I’ll be putting it up for sale~ 

(I’ll stop talking about this soon I promise)


Don’t Bee A Wasp (hurr hurr see what I did there)

Just a sample of my typography final.

Although the book is not this size (its actually 5x8) I wanted to try out the new mockup files I got from my awesome professor. This is only 6 of 12 pages and I want to maybe make I few more after the semesters over.

Written and Illustration by Me
Typeface also made by me
(also you can see two different font weights here!)

Excluding the mockup template