June 2017 NT Camp Roster

Shania Adams, Buckeye
Elena Arenas, Georgia Elite
Jade Carey, Oasis
Jordan Chiles, Naydenov
Christina Desiderio, Parkettes
Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus
Frida Esparza, Head Over Heels
Norah Flatley, Chow’s
Margzetta Frazier, Parkettes
Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati
Madeleine Johnston, Hill’s
Shilese Jones, Buckeye
Adeline Kenlin, Iowa Gym-Nest
Eliana Lazzari, GymNasti
Sunisa Lee, Midwest Gymnastics
Lauren Little, Everest
Ashton Locklear, Everest
Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams
Jay Marshall, TIGAR
Konnor McClain, Revolution
Victoria Nguyen, Chow’s
Maile O'Keefe, Salcianu Elite
Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite
Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s
Alyona Shchennikova, 5280 Gymnastics
Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams
Deanne Soza, Texas Dreams
Trinity Thomas, Prestige

The camp will begin with physical abilities testing, followed by verifications on all four apparatus. As members of the U.S. national team prepare for this summer’s competitions, including the P&G Gymnastics Championships, scheduled for August 17-20 in Anaheim, Calif., the focus of the camp will be to finalize routine construction, improve technical execution of skills and exactness of dance elements.

avatarsymbolismsblogs  asked:

au + 5 hc focusing on the Fire Nation royal family where everyone's gender is reversed, so daddy's girl Zuko and momma's boy Azula

Side note, I always have this debate with myself when I write genderswapped Zuko, because “ko” is a feminine ending in Japanese names.

1. Firelord Azula takes her younger daughter Oza with her to ask for the hand of Avatar Roka’s grandson.  Poor Ursulon was uh, kind of engaged at the time, to another guy, and yes, his wife at their wedding still tells him she and the royal family own him now, and really this was not how Ursulon ever expected his life to go.

2. Firelord Soza and his daughter Azula have between them ruled the country for more than a hundred years when Azula orders her younger daughter to murder her daughter Zura.  Azula was a warrior Firelord who led armies in the field, and her daughter Ilah is leading an army against Ba Sing Se.  How dare her younger daughter Oza dishonor the memory of her niece, another warrior princess, when Oza has never spent a single day on campaign?

3. Little Zura wakes up after a strange conversation with her father in the middle of the night to find her father gone, and her mother the new Firelord.  Her face is still burned, and she is still cast out to hunt for the Avatar, with an all female crew, lest she muddy the succession with a pregnancy.  Little Azulon is still favored and still a protege.  One glaring difference however is that he meets Mai and Ty Lee through somewhat different channels, as he doesn’t go to the Royal Fire Academy for girls.  Zura brings them over as friends, and Azulon sets out to steal them instead.

4. The really interesting thing about this AU for me is two things, after more than a hundred years of powerful warrior women Firelords, the Fire Nation martial tradition is gender neutral, and for many if not most Fire Nation people, the image of a fearsome warrior is female.

5. The other is how other people in other nations react to Zura.  Sokka for example makes the terrible mistake of laughing at her, and loses a tooth and gets his nose broken as well as being dumped in the snow for his pains.

April National Team Camp Roster

Jade Carey, Oasis
Jordan Chiles, Naydenov
Christina Desiderio, Parkettes
Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus
Frida Esparza, Head Over Heels
Norah Flatley, Chow’s
Margzetta Frazier, Parkettes
Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati
Morgan Hurd, First State
Madeleine Johnston, Hill’s
Adeline Kenlin, Iowa Gym-Nest
Eliana Lazzari, GymNasti
Sunisa Lee, Midwest Gymnastics
Lilly Lippeatt, Cincinnati
Lauren Little, Everest
Ashton Locklear, Everest
Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams
Victoria Nguyen, Chow’s
Maile O'Keefe, Salcianu Elite
Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters
Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite
Emily Schild, Everest
Alyona Shchennikova, 5280 Gymnastics
Deanne Soza, Texas Dreams (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Tori Tatum, Twin City Twisters 

Notably missing (probably for no reason as this camp isn’t necessary for any selection or anything): Ragan Smith, Riley McCusker (and all the MG Elite girls), and Trinity Thomas,

Sooo after talking with @omgsamchap last night about attitude turns (yeah bc why the fuck not) and whether or not they’re difficult, bc they might not necessarily look impressive, I feel like making a post about them. 

The diffcitulty of attitude turns/pivot is that it generally takes you years and years of practice and technique to get a good position and I rarely see good ones in WAG, bc they don’t have time to focus enough on ballet technique.

My favourites in WAG are from 

- Deanne Soza :

Originally posted by unevenbeam

bc her back leg has a pretty “round” position and is not on the side like say Lieke (still love you) plus she manages to keep her hips rather square and has a nice alignment with her shoulders

- Morgi Hurd :

Originally posted by rulzette

same qualities as Deanne /now kinda waiting for a Semenova ;) but there’s no rush

- Kseniya Afanasyeva :

Originally posted by flaviasaraiva

her back leg is a tad too much on the side but she manages to bring it to an horizontal axis and she has a nice relevé

- Ksenia Semenova

Originally posted by chibiusa404

kinda similar to Afan and what’s also nice is that both don’t bring their shoulders too far back as they settle to turn

- Olivia Cimpian also has a nice one which could be improved even more, but I can’t find a gif

NOW, MOVING ON TO RG, where pivots and turns are more important than in WAG, bc they really count a lot towards the D score and there are many in each routine

- Grace Legote :

even though her back leg could be further back, look at the square hips/shoulders, the relevé (plus her legs are like the size of Flavie Saraiva so it looks very elegant)

- Neta Rivkin :

best relevé out there, maybe her back leg a bit too bent and a very slight shift of the hips but her attitude position is above horizontal and her shoulders/hips really revolve around the same axis

- Yana Kudryavtseva :

Originally posted by johnterryismybae

very similar to Neta’s (even though this is her in 2014 and she broke her foot at the end of 2015 and now her relevé is slightly not as perfect as it used to be)

- Viktoria Mazur :

literally sob every time she nails one of her pivots (ukrainian technique at its finest), her back leg isn’t crooked or too bent at all. Ballet dancers would tell you she moves her left shoulder way too far back as she settles for her turn though

- Ganna Rizatdinoa :

Originally posted by goddesseswearhalfshoes

Originally posted by swanvika

She gets 2 Gifs bc one wouldn’t be enough to appreciate the perfection of ukrainian legs. Ganna is the queen of pivots of this quad, even though her relevé isn’t quite as good as Neta’s or Yana’s, but her attitude position is so good she can hold a ball with her leg..

and if you want more attitude pivots, rhythmics quals start next friday !!!

[drabble] i still get jealous

Title: i still get jealous

Summary: four times dan seethed in jealousy, and one time phil acted on it.

A/N: japhanfic!! i almost didn’t write anything bc i have no idea what’s in japan so all the locations are p vague :x

A/N 2: title from – you guessed it – the nick jonas song i used this ironically im soz

A/N 3: written in one sitting on my phone so like theres no read-more i am so sorry

A/N 4: my phil glossybutt is sick so this is dedicated to him we’re filming on thursday and friday u little shit get better (im jk i was sick when we filmed two weeks ago too im soz pls get better ilu no hetero)

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2015 P&G Champs Day 1 Event Rankings- Juniors, WAG


 1.     Jazmyn Foberg- 15.000  

2.     Jordan Chiles- 14.950

3.     Deanne Soza- 14.800

 Uneven Bars

1. Lauren Hernandez- 14.900

2. Jazmyn Foberg- 14.800

3. Alyona Schennikova- 14.550

3. Jordan Chiles- 14.550

 Balance Beam

1.     Ragan Smith- 14.500

2.     Jazmyn Foberg- 14.350

3.     Gabby Perea- 14.300


1.     Ragan Smith- 14.550

2.     Sydney Johnson-Sharpf- 14.350

2.     Lauren Hernandez- 14.350

Secret Classic Results Juniors

Gymnasts in bold met the nationals qualifying score (52.5)

1.Lauren Hernandez 58.450

2.Ragan Smith 57.700

3.Jazmyn Foberg 57.400

4.Gabby Perea 55.550

5.Deanne Soza 55.500

6.Shilese Jones 55.200

7.Sydney Johnson-Scharpf 55.150

8.Jordan Chiles 55.050

9.Morgan Hurd 55.000

10.Christina Desiderio 54.950

11.Abby Paulson 54.600

12.Emma Malabuyo 54.000

13.Maile O'Keefe 53.950

14.Maggie Musselman 53.900

15.Abigail Walker 53.650

16.Trinity Thomas 53.150

17.Emily Gaskins 53.000

18.Tori Tatum 52.900

19.Elena Arenas 52.850

20.Alyona Shchennikova 52.750

21.Shania Adams 52.700

22.Aria Brusch 52.150

23.Chae Campbell 51.950

24.Olivia Dunne 51.850

25.Alyssa Al-Ashari 51.800

26.Grace Quinn 51.650

26.Kaitlin DeGuzman 51.650

28.Colbi Flory 51.300

29.Adeline Kenlin 50.650

30.Anna Huber 50.250

31.Adriana Popp 49.750

32.Tienna Nguyen 49.350

33.Madison Rau 49.100

34.Caitlin Smith 49.050

35.Jaylene Gilstrap 48.950

36.Hannah Joyner 48.600

37.Megan Freed 38.850