i hope emmerdale didn’t expect me not to just ball my eyes out at the scene with robert trying to get aaron out of the car. rob being so calm and focusing his attention on helping aaron and saying they could do it together - my babies being a team and then aaron - aaron dingle the most terrified i have ever seen in my life. it was the most tragic thing in the world to see him like that and i will never get over it. not ever. because that was aaron truly thinking that he would die right then and there and he was absolutely terrified right down to the core and he was panicking worst then ever but still - still he was worried about lachalan, about robert and gah that i love you through tears was the saddest thing in the world because it just showed how removed aaron was from helping himself anymore, all his energy was on making sure the man he loved survived and gosh rob’s reaction was everything.

can you tell i’m a mess guys?