Okay OOKAY OKAy we all know how the gangs’ youtube channels and IG profiles would look like, but imagine this….. SNAPCHAT

Like Nate would most def be confused at first, hell I bet he’d even forget he has it for a couple of weeks…then he’d discover the animal filters and OH BOI WOULD HE GO CRAZY WITH THEM!
Elena’s would be like Hannah Hart’s or something. Amazing and powerful yet adorable af
Sam’s story would be filled with vids of zoomed booties of random people… Or something similar
Rafe would go on a hate spree. “omg look at them. so stupid” “ugh i hate it” “omfg what even” “incompetent swines”, but also loads of selfies and b&w

Dunno what other would snapchat about tho……..

Anyway. That was a shitpost provided for you by me, you’re welcome.