the signs as i know them irl

aries: loud. have an infectious laugh and make good performers. they like being the centre of attention but don’t crave it like other signs might (cough cough leo). open af and if they’re pissed about something, you will definitely know about it

taurus: they’re decisive and keep their deepest feelings to themselves but will not shy away from voicing their opinions. dark hair and chill af. will listen to ur problems and make u think rationally. they enjoy parties and have a killer fashion sense

gemini: they get a lot of hate but tbh they’re really smart?? how do they know so much abt so many things??? it is a mystery. gems sometimes make bad first impressions but they’re genuinely super sociable and caring, and can easily get along with everyone if they want to

cancer: loyal AS FUCK. once they make a friend they’ll stand by them no matter what, sometimes to their downfall. funny in an effortless way. they kinda… float above it all so sometimes they might seem ditzy but they’re actually just really lowkey

leo: if a leo found out they were actual royalty, they probably wouldn’t be shocked. they have lots of hair and fantastic eyebrows!! can be pretentious and shallow at times but will make u laugh no matter what. they’re more into the arts than academia so total drama queens

virgo: u never really notice how cool virgos are until u start talking to them. they make good classmates bc they’re intelligent and being around them will make u wanna work hard. they’re social butterflies and don’t like spending too much time alone

libra: good first impressions and even better friendships. difficult to read, i can never tell if a libra likes me or not. always ready to help you if you’re in need. brutually honest. usually blonde. they totally have themselves together and know what they’re about

scorpio: they’re quiet at first but they have really big personalities. scorpios will always try and help you out but would rather just chill because they have a lot of their own shit to deal with which they keep to themselves. they get crushes a lot and its adorable

sagittarius: they always smell SO GOOD. sags are the most closed-off and u can never know how they really feel about something. they are uncomfortable with tons of emotion but they’ll make u laugh to make u feel better. lovely people and give off a very gentle vibe

capricorn: being around them will make u wanna study bc they’re so damn motivated to do well in everything. they’re STUBBORN. don’t take themselves too seriously and are easy to approach. caps are reliable but can be distant at times

aquarius: aqua guys are hilarious. aqua girls are cool and intimidating. they’ll make fun of you relentlessly but the meaner they are, the more they like you. fearless and dramatic but don’t function well under stress. aquas give off mixed messages a lot

pisces: they fall hard and fast, a lot. they’re delicate and avoid confrontation as much as they can because if they get into a fight, they will cry and they hate to cry in front of people. they’re selfless and easily hurt but will look after you to the complete best of their abilities

jude and connor having their first major fight and yelling at each other and just being rude af to one another before connor finally just yells “you know what? fine! we’re over!” and walks out of the room and jude just yells after him “fine! good! whatever! i dont want to be your boyfriend anyways!” and five minutes later connor walks back in with tears in his eyes and jude is just standing there shaking and trying not to break down and connor just pulls him into a hug and whispers “no im sorry i dont want to break up” and judes just sobbing a little and saying over and over “i dont want to break up either i love being your boyfriend im so sorry” hahaha fuck

My Concert~Philly 9.1.15~Summary

^^My sign^^

Okay so I’ll start with a general summary and then some specifics. Overall,  the show was a lot of fun.  They all had great energy and seemed genuinely happy which was lovely to see in person.  My friend and I were talking after the show about the fact that they truly seemed like a completely different band (*).  For me, the reason it felt so different was because everyone was so playful and engaging with the audience whereas last year both Louis and Zayn were much more quiet and reserved.  

I know I’ve been saying this for a while now, but seeing Louis more carefree and happy on stage means the world to me. And that’s the craziest part.  Because thinking back to last year, Harry,Liam, and Niall were basically the same performers they were last night (with even further improved vocals imo).  The only one who seemed changed from last year was Louis and his happiness affected the entire mood of the show and in essence is why it felt so different to me. (*)To be fair, the band has clearly changed since Zayn wasn’t there so that obviously impacts things as well (I missed his voice during You and I the most) but it’s more than that.  It’s hard to put into words the fact that the general mood of the whole group seemed lifted.  I’ll leave it at that.

I said this would be short and already it isn’t.  I’m gonna put individual feedback and Larry feedback under the cut so I don’t clog anyone’s dash.

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