Soysaucekay's Follow Forever for 1,500;;

So…here is my attemption to make a pretty follow forever xD Also, this is my thank you for reaching 1.5k followers- I’m kinda too lazy to make a shoutout video xD…no shame at all LOL. This follow forever is rather special to me, though, because it’s the first one that looks relatively legit…LOL. And I spent a lot of time on it xD !

No, but seriously:: the people on this list are all very special people to me. Not only do they run the most fabulous blogs, but these people have all interacted with me in some way, shape, or form. Without their support, without their kind words, funny jokes, and their love, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It is thanks to them that I’m still here on Tumblr. I love each and everyone of them so much, for sticking with me and my shit, for spazzing with me over fictional characters, and for being genuinely kind to me in general. It really, really means a lot to me, and I’m not that good with words, but there really isn’t a way for me to describe my happiness for meeting all of you :’)

So I would like to thank;; (In no particular order haha)

Leo, Alex, Amanda, Aaron, Sam, MalinaKristina, Jessica, Pilu, Asc, Katrina, Amy, Hanna, Char, Taryn, Yesica, Taylor, Ally, Alex, Luna, Payton, Ane, Crystal, Gavin, Chewie, Chloe, May, Jose, Nadia, Elena, Anna, Kat, Aaron, Yin, Vanessa, Kirsty, Casey, Rachael, Ashley, Misra, Pam, Alex, Destiny, Andrea, Deniz, Michael, Nat, M, Zenib, & Angela

I would especially like to thank the two bolded people above: I love those two so much, and I have no words to describe how much support and care they have shown me. Thank you so, so much :’) *sends you hugs and kisses over the internet* ~

My apologies for all the misspelled URLs and probably names as well xD…

Once again, thank you ღ ~

So its been a while since I’ve posted something on my own so…. I made a Follow Friday mina! haha I hope you like it! :D


Erzxa  Starukos  Soysaucekay  Nightofmiracles  K-ushina  Dokugiri  Godaimes  Laxem  Nawtsu  Hakuryus  Houtarouh  Oirokes  Minatosexual  Ukyos  Mipato  Grimnjows  Altairis  Switch-girl  Rainnieday  Deidara-sempai  Seikens  

And if you’re not on here it doesnt mean that i dont like you, its just that these were the first people that i saw on my following page. Gomen



This is my first Valentine's Day on Tumblr, and I thought I could make a kind of special thing for my close friends here > u < ~
These eight people are some of my most precious and close friends here on Tumblr- they're always super kind to me and reaching out to talk to me, and they're absolutely some of the funniest, genuinely warm hearted people out here!
No worries, I'll make a legit Follow Forever soon enough! Please bear with me! :D

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Tumblr Crushes:

Ewww I don’t want Brooke on there.

I’m not one of her favorite blogs, so she shouldn’t be on my list.

Apparently Rissa just won everything too. xD