Naps with Guanlin

Lai Guanlin {Wanna One}


  • He’d be so shy????
  • Honestly you’d both be sitting on the couch
  • Probably on a day off from shooting pd101
  • Because its stressful for him,
  • You decide to just chill with him at your place
  • You two are most likely being weird
  • Talking about random things
  • He starts calling himself a ‘sexy bandit’
  • So you turn the tv on
  • The first thing that comes on is PENTAGON’s appearance
  • On none other than weekly idol
  • He tries to hide how excited he is
  • Until you start fangirling too
  • And he changes the channel
  • “Are you jealous because wooseok is a better swaggy rapper?”
  • He just laughs it off
  • And running man comes on
  • You both get bored
  • So he turns it off and you two just lay there
  • You’re both  laying beside each other
  • His arms are around you
  • Youre facing him
  • But then you both get tired
  • And so
  • Your head is on his chest
  • He’s playing with your hair
  • Super shy omg
  • You ask him to sing a little
  • He’s flustered at first but
  • He starts to sing ‘spring day’
  • Of course starting off with seonho’s part
  • And then you quietly clap for him when he’s finished
  • And you two start talking again
  • You slowly fall asleep as he tells a story
  • Your arm is over his torso as you move to become comfortable
  • And you crash
  • Guanlin just stares at you
  • Amazed you had fallen asleep so quickly
  • But he just smiles and watches you for a bit
  • Before figuring that he should nap too
  • So he closes his eyes
  • Making sure he has a hold of you so you don’t roll off the couch
  • He smiles to himself
  • Probably would say
  • ‘Goodnight y/n’
  • And laugh at himself
  • Before falling asleep himself
  • Now if you woke up first
  • Lord would you be taking pictures
  • You’d probably text seonho while waiting for guanlin to wake up
  • Or you’d fall asleep again until morning when you both wake up
  • If guanlin woke up first in the middle of the night
  • He’d just watch you again
  • Question if he should sleep again
  • And then he’d just stick to laying there
  • Listening to you breathe
  • But eventually
  • He’d fall asleep again
  • And if anything
  • No matter when
  • you would both wake up
  • To each others faces
  • “Good morning beautiful”
  • He would say
  • “Good morning my swaggy rapper”
  • You would reply
  • He’d stare at you
  • Look irritated a bit
  • But hed smile his gummy smile
  • Kiss you real quick
  • And pretend to fall asleep again
  • While you just roll your eyes
  • And get up
  • And threaten to send wooseok the derp pictures he took on your phone
  • And he’d be wide awake
  • Begging you not to
  • Too bad he doesn’t know you already sent it

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having a breakdown

bucky barnes

an: i love bucky with all my heart. i will protect. also, sorry for my uncalledfor hiatus. so much is going on in my life but, hopefully after halloween things will clear up :) requests are open bbs

hes literal art^

  • being a college student as well as a big part of the avengers was hard
  • you were in control of their suits and their improvements
  • and although you were smart
  • working for tony stark
  • and making crazy money
  • you wanted more
  • and everyone understood that and helped you
  • and you were beyond grateful
  • tony understood
  • and he helped you chase your dreams because he saw you as the daughter he wanted but knew he couldn’t have
  • at least not with his current lifestyle
  • and bucky was an angel
  • he arrived at the tower and you embraced him
  • both metaphorically and literally
  • you treated him normal
  • and normal was something bucky yearned for
  • until he began yearning for not only control but
  • he yearned for you
  • and that brought him to a state of wanting you but being too afraid to let his love get exposed to your beautiful self
  • and it wasnt until one night that he allowed himself to crack for you
  • you had told everyone at the tower that you would be at your lab
  • playing such a big part in the lives of the avengers meant you got alot in return
  • your own lab
  • your own room
  • your own car
  • and all the love and support you could ever ask for
  • you sat yourself down on one of the desks in your lab at 8 o’clock pm sharp
  • but you still found yourself stressed as ever at 3 o’clock in the morning
  • you had to repair sams wings, peters shooters and you had to fix up your own mistake on tonys suit
  • annnnd you had two exams to study for that were 75% of your grade
  • you felt hopeless
  • and even when you finished one of the touch ups on sam’s wings
  • you still felt overwhelmed
  • maybe even more so
  • your eyes felt heavy
  • and your head was fogged with worry
  • you felt the tears in the back of your eyes
  • they stung with stress
  • and the lump of your throat was suffocating 
  • but you kept going
  • and kept your composure until it hit 4 am
  • and you heard the door of your lab open with a small jingle of the bell you had placed on the door
  • it was meant to cheer you up on long days bc it usually meant company
  • but all it made you want at the moment was to cry
  • after such a horrible night
  • you doubted you could face whoever it was
  • and when you heard his voice, you could only gulp loudly
  • “doll, what’re you doing up..”
  • “n-nothing..”
  • he could tell you were lying
  • so instead of pushing
  • he merely sat next to you
  • on your extra spinny chair
  • which he found entertaining on your long days in the lab bc he wouldn’t want to leave you but he would be bored
  • “you look tired, how about i take you to your room and ill wait till you fall asleep?”
  • “i can’t buck, i got too much on my plate…”
  • when he saw your bottom lip pout ever so slightly he would d i e
  • “I want to sleep, but i… can’t…”
  • when he heard your voice crack, his heart literally dropped
  • “doll, of course you can…”
  • “no buck, i cant.. ill let everyone down..”
  • “you could never let anyone down y/n”
  • you could only shake your head at that bc you knew that if you said anything you would start sobbing
  • so instead you stayed quiet and low
  • to cover up the fact that you were crying
  • but bucky knew right away
  • so he quickly spun your chair towards him
  • cupped your face and pressed his forehead against yours
  • “y/n listen to me, you will never let any of us down”
  • “b-but”
  • “no. listen. you are so smart, kind and loving. you’ve already done so much for us, and im a hundred percent sure that if tony saw you like this, he would be telling you the same..”
  • “i hate to see your beautiful eyes filled with tears doll…”
  • he would pull you into his chest bless his soul
  • and rub your back
  • he would probably use his sleeve to wipe away your tears
  • and his chin would be resting on your head as you cried
  • he would just hold you
  • because whenever he would cry
  • he just liked to have someone hold him
  • and luckily for him
  • that someone was always you
  • and he was sure you were the same way
  • hes known you long enough to know that
  • once he felt you stop crying
  • he would pull away slightly and wipe your face once more
  • and when you looked up at him and he saw the small, sad smile on your lips
  • he couldn’t help himself from running his thumb over your bottom lip
  • and dying
  • “you think my eyes are beautiful?”
  • “i think all of you is beautiful”
  • this time your smile wasn’t sad
  • and this time bucky returned the smile before kissing you gently
  • it was like a quick kiss
  • bc i legit stand for the idea of bucky being so shy during your first kiss
  • and then when he saw you didn’t freak, hed do it again
  • and the kiss would be slow, smooth and soft
  • like him
  • then hed pull away with the cutest grin mixed with his silly bedhead
  • ugh im crying in a ball
  • and he’d be quick to scoop you up bridal style and take you to his room for cuddles
  • literal soft comforting bucky
  • an aesthetic^^^
amusement park date with wonwoo

↠ Asked: ❝Hello~ I really like the amusement park date with Minghao. Could you please do one for Wonwoo as well? Thank you

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  • i love wonwoo
  • wow
  • ok so
  • your trip to the amusement park was kind of very unplanned
  • you were on the way to go look at a house with him!!!! lookin for your first house together because u wanted to you move in together!!!!!
  • and you had an appointment to go look at it and everything
  • on the way there though you just happened to pass by the amusement park
  • one you and him have never been to before
  • and you both gave each other this Look and you just knew
  • u guys were going to the amusement park
  • that house will still be there tomorrow and you can just make up an excuse so the realtor isn’t too too upset
  • so you guys go and park the car and wait in line for tickets
  • and it’s actually pretty busy for the middle of a weekday?? there’s a bunch of younger kids?? 
  • and wonwoo pretty much reads your thoughts because he mumbles “shouldn’t they be in school?” 
  • and you’re like hm yea
  • but it’s no biggie
  • these particularly young lil boys came with their parents
  • and they’re so obviously full of energy because they don’t stop running
  • they’re playing tag
  • and they stay out of the way of other people 
  • except
  • when one of them turned his head around to look at the other that was chasing him
  • he bumped right into wonwoo
  • and the little boy fell on his bum and looked up at wonwoo
  • wonwoo just turned and looked at him for a minute
  • then he was like oh
  • and reached a hand down to help him up
  • his parents rushed over and apologized and took him away
  • and wonwoo just watched the boy and was so concerned??
  • the boy was laughing it off and wonwoo looked like the one that wanted to cry
  • so you started to console him
  • and then it was your turn to get tickets
  • wonwoo sniffled as you were getting them
  • and once inside and past the gate it was just like he forgot about it all
  • “Y/N!!!!!!!!”
  • “yes dear?”
  • “Let’s go on that ride- OH they have- Look at that roller coaster!!! That goes so high!!! Oh my gosh look at that it goes so fast-”
  • oh man he gets so amazed by it all
  • it’s honestly not that impressive of an amusement park like it’s pretty small?? but he’s still so wowed by it
  • if that’s a word
  • and you just let him ramble on and pull you all around it
  • he sees one ride and it’s like
  • “hey let’s go get in line for this- OH WAIT let’s go on that first instead-”
  • and like 40 minutes pass and you guys haven’t gone on a ride yet
  • so you just pull on his hand and he stops walking
  • “wonwooooooo”
  • “yes yes what is it?”
  • this boy gotta calm down
  • “wonwoo let’s just go on this first~”
  • you giggle and point to the haunted house ride
  • it’s just where u sit in this little cart thing and it goes through the haunted house so all u gotta do is sit and watch and scream your lungs out
  • you were kidding by the way
  • but he was like YEAH
  • so now you’re seated practically on his lap in the cart
  • how he persuaded you to go??? who knows
  • but the ride was starting and you heard this chainsaw noise and a scream as you entered the house and it got really dark 
  • there were occasional flashes of light to show stuff going on inside
  • and it was scary 
  • to say the least
  • like within 10 seconds you were screaming
  • this wasn’t like any haunted house rides that you have been on before
  • and you have never been on one so you couldn’t really compare it to anything but still
  • and suddenly
  • the ride stopped
  • and you both thought it was part of the whole ~experience~
  • but after a couple minutes of dead silence and darkness you hear over a speaker
  • “the ride is experiencing some technical difficulties, please stay in your cart until further notice”
  • and you’re like AAKHvnjkHUEIGHSOIKndjkIEFJOI
  • but wonwoo is still calm as ever
  • now you’re stuck in this cart in this haunted house with only the red emergency lights on and clinging onto wonwoo
  • but he does his best to calm you
  • “y/n, it’s okay, shhhhh~”
  • you hide your face in his chest because all the stuff surrounding you both
  • although not moving
  • still is scary
  • he tries to make you more comfortable and kisses the top of your head
  • rubs the side of your arm up and down
  • and then wraps both his arms around you in a tight hug
  • “none of this is real, and don’t worry, we’ll be out soon okay? and then we can go back outside and walk in the sun and we will never go through another haunted house ever again”
  • and you’re actually pretty calm after listening to his voice
  • “that sounds nice.. thank you..”
  • you keep your eyes closed because no way in heck are you looking in the haunted house again
  • but you lean up to peck his lips lightly
  • after probably 10 minutes of him humming and singing and stroking his thumb on your arm the voice comes over the speaker again
  • “the ride will now continue, thank you for your patience”
  • and the cart moves forward until the end of the ride but no other scary stuff happens they just wanna get the people out of there
  • so soon enough you and wonwoo are back outside
  • and you two just stand there hugging for so long before continuing on with your day
  • you go on a bunch of the big rides like roller coasters and such
  • and he buys you both some drinks and cotton candy
  • no “real food” because he wants to be sure your tummy doesn’t get upset
  • but you’ll both go out to eat later of course
  • like everyone does at the amusement park, he tries winning a big stuffie for you
  • he ends up winning each game he plays but not fully,, so you end up with a bunch of cute small stuffed animals rather than a big one
  • and you say you like that more than having one big one
  • “but y/n i just wanted to get you a stuffie like that one-”
  • he pouts and points to a big green and orange stuffed dinosaur
  • and the sAME kid as before comes out of nowhere and bumps into him again???
  • the parents come and apologize and take the kid away again
  • he just smiles
  • “what are you smiling about?”
  • he turns to you and brushes his hands on your arms before he holds you
  • “i want one of those with you too..”

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(Ice-fairy-tail) Luca@Nine: Soyour friend isn't very happy then? I could fix that. Changing people's emotions is a specialty of mine.

I can sense that Saph is under a temendous amount of stress at the moment, even if he’d rather not show it. And right now he’s about at his limit.

He’ll be okay once this mess is over. But for now, I think it’s important for me to keep his spirits up.

… I’m not going to manipulate my best friend. I like him for who he is.

Blue Confetti

Prompt: The trying times of Sebastian becoming a dad

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Genre: Daddy seb and other cute love stuff

Word Count: 4,717

Author’s Note: Idk i was in training and started imaging what Sebastian and babies would be and my heart started hurting so here’s the thing. also i AM working on requests; i have one nearly finished but i needed to get this out so

Your world stops spinning the moment the little white and blue stick sitting on the bathroom counter reveals a little black plus sign. It’s not like you hadn’t planned on having children in the future, but there had always been something about having a small person to take care of that absolutely sent your nerves on fire. Between having to raise the child in a responsible adult and somehow attempting to make sure they grew into a less shitty adult than yourself, it had never been a priority- even when you and Sebastian had begun to talk about having a future together.

You shake the stick in your hand a few times in hopes that it’ll change the result, but when the little symbol only seems to become darker, you force yourself to face the facts. You drop the stick into the trash and cover it up with a few bundles of toilet paper. Something at the back of your mind nags that it could be a false positive, but there’s another feeling deep down that makes you know it’s probably not that.

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Vernon: Boyfriend

Anonymous: “Boyfriend vernon ?”

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  • tbh he’s not even sure your relationship is real
  • like you’re so pretty????
  • and nice????
  • an all around great person???
  • and he’s the awkward meme machine
  • he was really awkward when you first started dating
  • he was so handsome and chill
  • and you were, well, you
  • luckily you realized you weren’t the only nervous one on your guys’ first date
  • his hands were super sweaty
  • it was actually kinda gross but it reassured you
  • but on the other side vernon is flipping out
  • tbh he probably used wikihow on how to have a perfect date
  • and watched 928374 youtube videos about what girls look for in guys
  • i see him consulting the internet a lot on dating bc he’s too embarrassed to ask his hyungs
  • your dates are always casual
  • going to the park to play some games, arcades, carnivals
  • anything cheap
  • since the both of you are young the both of you are poor
  • stay at home dates aren’t that bad tho
  • “yo (y/n) check out this dank meme”
  • you cry in the inside bc vernon is a meme
  • and who says things like that?????
  • he says a lot of awkward things
  • especially when he’s flustered
  • “your face looks like flowers”
  • “what?”
  • “i mEAN PRETTY”
  • “YEAH”
  • cue the blushing as he runs his hands through his hair
  • speaking of his hair
  • you like to play with it
  • he lays down his man pride to let you do so
  • your fingers going through his hair feels pretty nice
  • just don’t let him find out you take photos of him wearing your work ;)))
  • his kisses are always short and sweet
  • he blushes 94% of the time
  • but then he cheeses really big when you’re blushing too
  • not too big into couple things???
  • not really obvious ones
  • maybe hoodies or bracelets that have corresponding colors
  • he turns into a tomato when his hyungs tease him for it
  • on anniversaries he gets you small things
  • he’s only 17 
  • what are you expecting?
  • a car????
  • he does have his really sweet moments
  • like he doesn’t really know how to comfort people
  • but when you’re upset he disappears for a few minutes
  • probably looking up how to cheer up a girlfriend on wikihow
  • and he comes back with headphones and places them on you
  • “um, sometimes when i’m upset i listen to music. it helps me relax my mind and stop thinking about my problems”
  • then other times late at night when showing each other memes he wraps his blanket he’s wearing around you and pulls you close to him
  • he smells like the popcorn he was eating earlier but it’s nice
  • dating vernon is nice

him, jeonghan, and wonwoo wreck me. i crei evrytiem :’(

requests for MTL lists, scenarios, and drabbles are OPEN!

-admin 1010

Subtle Invitation
Mariah Carey
Subtle Invitation

See it’s hard to tell somebody
That you’re still somewhat
Attached to the dream
Of being in love once again
When it’s clear they’ve moved on

So I sat down and wrote these few words
On the off chance you’d hear
And if you happen to be somewhere listening
You should know I’m still here

If you really need me
Baby just reach out and touch me
You don’t ever have to be
Downhearted again
If she hurts you or misleads you
Baby all you ever need to do
Is call me and let love rush in

What can I say, I had a little extra time
So I figured I might as well explain
A couple little things to you
That you probably never knew
Like you’ll always be an intrinsic part of me
Even though life goes on

If you really need me
Baby just reach out and touch me
You don’t ever have to be
Downhearted again
If she hurts you or misleads you
Baby all you ever need to do
Is call me and let love rush in

And in my love will flow
Like the waves to the shore
You can fall into me
Once again effortlessly
And I’ll comfort you so
Your heart won’t hurt anymore
I’m waiting patiently

If she hurts you or misleads you

you can just call me baby
If you really need me baby
Reach, reach
No, don’t ever hesitate to call me
Downhearted again
And if she hurts you, she’s a damn fool!
All you gotta do is call me, boy

I got you

Yeah, yeah
If you’re listening to me baby
Like you used to
Before I even knew you
Then you know I’m singing to you
So I just wanted you to know
That “anytime you need a friend”
I’m here, you can still believe
In fairy tales
Yours and mine
So if by chance you take a listen

I’m quite sure you know that this one’s for you
‘cause I’m giving “my all”

My King

He glistened in the sun
Invisible to the untrained eye
But clear as day wrapped in bronze
He stood in such magnificent glory
A king
Who has yet to fulfill his destiny
Or live his story
Embraced only by the struggle
Preceding the defeat
He thinks it's inevitable that history shall repeat

Bone of his bone
I lift up his chin
I place my hand on his chest
My King your power is within
Don’t dare let this world
So clouded with hate tear you down
I traced my fingers on his jaw
Working my way across his frown
I took a piece of my heart and placed it on his head as a crown
You are royalty in my eyes..
My love dubs thee so
Forget the chains that tether your ankles
Spread the wings I know you have
and just let go
Breath Freely, for you deserve to do so
Your worth is not limited
There is no cap for your power
I am by your side always
Queen to a King
And baby this world is ours.

-frosnprose//a poem a day