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#AFTER5CHOOL Happy 5th anniversary to my beloved girls, the most hardworking team on kpop. Even though it seems every hardship they have gone through has been useless, it has not, we all fans value their hard work and all the time and pain they have had to bring their stage to the next level ♥ keep working hard, playgirlz and playboyz arround the world will be always supporting you, the past members and the future members, because After School will never end. Nowadays, the 11 of you who have been there will always have my support ♥ After School hwaiting!


After School have been promoting in Japan since late 2013 to mid 2015. However, now they are left with “individual activities” and no promised Korean comeback in 2016, making it almost 3 years since After School’s last Korean comeback. Orange Caramel on the other hand are coming back this year. While Orange Caramel deserve love, After School made what Pledis is today, and to ignore the girls’ wishes to come back as a group and instead promote their sub-unit is completely unfair to both the girls and their fans (Playgirlz/Playboyz).

Please sign this petition if you care about After School’s career and if you’d like to see them come back in 2016.

RyeoWook: This is my 3rd musical, and all the roles I've played were in their teens. I think the secret to (getting those roles) is (my) young looking (face) ㅋㅋㅋ Park SoYoung (Producer): When I first heard that idols are going to be in this (musical), I thought 'What if they aren't able to come to practice' before anything else. Because there is a lot of dancing scenes, there was a lot of practice to do. I worried that (if they) lack practice, (it) wouldn't look well. But when Ryeowook-ssi came in, my thoughts changed. He worked harder than anyone, and spending time with him rid all those worries. The title of 'idol' disappeared, and I was able to see him only as 'Ryeowook', a person.