Vegan Product Review: Soy Feta

I work in a greek restaurant, and have for the past five years. I have been vegan for three years so I spent the first two years at this job gobbling the feta like it was going out of style. And my boss gets quality feta straight from Greece. Obviously, for the past three years I have abstained. I have been waiting for the Whole Foods near me to get a vegan feta in stock for a loooong friggin time. Finally, this last grocery hoard, they had it! So I brought a greek salad home from work and got to tasting.

First impression…ok it crumbles into kind of a fine powder. Not even remotely the type of texture you would desire from feta. Real quality feta crumbles, but still has a richer texture to it. I know some people make feta with cashews and other sorts of nuts, and I have yet to try them cuz they are at specific vegan cheeseries (I made that word up) and those fetas supposedly capture the texture in a much more accurate impression. This, however, is made from soy, and is a bargain vegan cheese. So, I’ll let the texture slide and go for the taste test.

So I had a bite….


As a non-greek person I am not terribly offended…but if I fed this to my boss…I think he’d run me over with his BMW. 

The herbs give it a pleasant taste, but the texture is just such an important role in enjoying a decent feta that this leaves a lot to be desired. One could try mixing it with a vegan cream cheese, or a creamy vegan dressing, and that could improve it. But if you are a cheese snob you will not be happy.  It resembles more of a Pecorino Romano with greek herbs in it. 

Overall: It will do. I hope to try the fancier vegan cheeses one of these days when I get into the city.