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Next time use your tumblr name instead of ranting as an anon.

lol, well you’re the LAST person I expected to hear from. Thanks to this I just had the pleasure of checking your blog out, and I can’t even figure out which anon is supposed to be me? (I hope it’s the one that said Dani shouldn’t twerk, cuz…come on…)

I’m sorry to break your heart, but you haven’t been relevant since I stopped getting messages about you. At best I might see some of your posts in tags, or someone will tell me they saw them, but I definitely don’t do anything about them.

Contrary to what you might think for whatever reason, I have no personal problem with you. You’re just another dude with an opinion on the internet, a place full of people who fit that exact description. I don’t take anything you say seriously. You’re like an amusing circus clown with an arsenal of played out acts and jokes. I don’t even have to visit your blog, it’s always the same and it’s been the same since forever: “This girl’s a slut! That girl’s a slut! This one’s not a slut because I masturbate to her! She’s a pure Christian angel and a virgin just like me! Here’s a journal log of what I’ve been fapping to! Azn gurls are so hawt! fapfapfp LOL im epic kewl!”. I might be a little off there but that’s GOTTA BE at least 80% accurate.

The only thing I don’t understand is your infatuation with me. You see me in your ask box when I’m not there, you think every other person on Tumblr is an alt account of mine, and if I didn’t know better I’d think you saw me in your sleep. It seems unhealthy…you should probably stop thinking about me. You’re so far up my ass I couldn’t get you out with a full colon cleanse. Though, I suppose being figuratively lodged up someone’s rectum is the only way you manage to stay so consistently full of shit, right?

and because I’m such a nice guy, I’ll do you the favor of pre-writing what is sure to be your incredibly thought-provoking response out for you: “LOL lozer wrote an essay LOL wut a lozer haha! EPIC FAIL LOL OWNED. -SFB”

I'm starting to dislike T-ARA because of this tumblr user named "Soyeon-Fanboy."

He bashes every other girl group that he feels is a threat to T-ARA, and comes up with lame excuses to why he said it.

You can really find his ass trolling on the 2NE1 and SISTAR tag. This guy really doesnt have a life.

Im sure not all T-ARA fans are like this and i respect that but damn, he’s annoying….

. Soyeon Fanboy .

Bashes 2NE1 & Sistar. SO I asked this Ass to post a picture of itself to at least show that it is better looking than the members it calls Butt-ugly. You know to make sure IT even has the ability to judge anyone on their looks based of of IT’S.   I hope i’m wrong because i’d hate to see an ugly beast calling My CL and Minsy Butt Ugly

never the less..  Soyeon Fanboy I am waiting

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Its kind of sad you deny posting as anon on SFB blog. Be honest for a change, always pretending to someone youre not. I know it was you old person. Anyway thanks for your essay. u and jiyeon-fanboy hold the records for longest essays sent to SFB.

Pretty amusing that I’d get a rant about honesty from a clown who spends all his time pretending to live in Korea, as if it somehow gives him credibility. Though, even if you were in Korea, I’d get why you never speak the language…you’ve barely got a handle on English, and if I’m going by everything I’ve seen from you I find it hard to believe you have the mental capacity to retain another language.

You must be a squirrel, judging by how reluctant you are to get off my nuts. If any of my ex-girlfriends were as committed to me as you are I’d probably be married. This right here is the kind of admiration that lasts forever. You even dressed up in a fancy new Tumblr account for me! (your new dress makes you look fat, btw)

and sorry, I’ll try to keep it short next time I respond to your love letters; I know too many words make your head hurt. Thanks for being a fan. I look forward to you stopping by again next time you miss me <3~

This is so ridiculous… I was tolerant for a while now, but what enough is enough.

Come on, that soyeon-fanboy ruining “HwaYoung” tag here in Tumblr is annoying. I believe he didn’t have a single bad word about her while she was still a member just after she left T-Ara. Boy, think. She was the part of the group, she did a pretty nice job with learning all the previous dances while she was not there, she was good at rapping no matter she wasn’t a trainee for years and she developed her skills slowly but nicely during those 2 years. I’m proud of her and I’m not just saying this because I’m HwaYoung biased.

I also had someone who was not that near to my heart but I tried to explore all her good inner and outer features and in the end I started to like her. It was BoRam, I won’t hide this. She is cute in a way and I like her funny faces and now I can smile when I see her.

Look, everyone can have his/her opinion in things, but be careful and try not to hurt others.

I hope you will read this, because there is one thing I want to ask from you. Please, if you can and if you keep on saying bad things about her, don’t tag it like “HwaYoung”, because the ones who checks the tag are her fans, not her haters. ^^

Also, you can dislike groups, it’s your own will, but then again, don’t tag your post with the name of the “hated” group. You are clearly CCM and SoYeon biased who hates HwaYoung and dislikes 2NE1 and their Blackjacks along with YG Entertainment and there are so many people liking them, don’t ruin their mood, especially that it’s Christmas time…


I am absolutely, positively thrilled to hear this news. Seriously, thanks so much for sharing this with me. This is my dream job. For years I’ve longed to be a part of this, I just had no idea personal primary blogs required–or even allowed–multiple admins.

Please, as my correspondent, do me a favor and have my application sent in. I have turned your ask (which isn’t a question, but I forgive you) into a photoset and attached both my resume and a masterfully designed new header as an example of my work. Please do make sure he has a look.

Here’s to hoping I get the job, and that the pay is good!

Soyeon Fanboy only replied with “I am an attractive guy”

lol, so of course I wrote “prove it”        AAAAND nothing, he ignores that ask. OH NO BUT HE DOES GO ON HIS PAGE RANTING ABOUT HOW DISRESPECTFUL PEOPLE ARE. His page is full of disrespectful comments and replies to people’s asks. wow.

My favorite part is where he bashes everyone who ism’t Korean’s love for Kpop.    For example.. according to him. I don’t know shiza about Kpop and i ONLY listen to 2NE1.

-______-   so this was my response

LOL. From what I’m seeing here, I’m like the 2nd most discussed topic on his blog. Looks like I have to come clean again…I do actually have children…to be specific, I have a child. I had a child. I lost contact with him…until now. I had him when I was about 6 years old–back when Big Daddy Brandinator was Little Papi Brandinator. See, the thing is…this child of mine…he was the worst kid you could ask for. My god, what a little attention-whore of a child, with no talents or redeeming qualities whatsoever. Everywhere we went he’d scream out for attention by constantly restating when he didn’t like something and making sure everybody heard it. He’d announce it like some big event: “Hello people of #the supermarket. I have an announcement. #pepsi sucks! I am important! Please everyone look at me!”. It also must have been pretty obnoxious the way he spoke in hashtags…not sure what that was about, but it’s how I remember it.

Eventually, being a 14-year-old, young, single father (his mother left me because she was afraid I’d breed more monsters like this), it became too much for me to handle. I dropped him into a time machine and left him there when he was about 8. Unfortunately, it seems he’s found his way out 10 years later, learned of my whereabouts, and now constantly cries out for his daddy’s attention via Tumblr. Imagine my surprise when I found out my child had popped out of the time machine a freak of nature, a child with the body of an 18 year old and yet still, the same mental capacity of an 8 year old. It was horrifying.

It’s ok, mi hijo. Daddy is here now. There’s no need to lash out anymore. You have my attention. I’m here for you. I can help you become a better man, I promise. We’ll go play catch and other father/son activities we missed out on. Come now, let’s hug it out. I’ll undo this wrong I’ve done ;_;

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Seriously what is up with SFB? I am rather new to T-ARA tumblrs (regardless of being a loyal QUEEN for awhile) Why is he such a famous blog? Was he always like this? God, it makes me feel so bad for the fandom

He’s “internet famous” because he’s a shock jock. He says things no one wants to hear to get attention, tags negative comments with related group names so that fans of those groups/idols can come in and defend them, and then pretends he’s important because he gets messages about it. He also gets around by randomly badmouthing other people for attention, such as myself, so that we can have this exact conversation about him. That, coupled with the fact he’s a severe megalomaniac makes for a lot of people getting butthurt in disbelief that someone can actually act like this, which in turn gets him even more attention.

I get why people get mad and send him angry messages defending their idols, but it really is futile. Thing is, you can’t reason with people like this. He lives in his own little bubble, so he’s fully convinced half the things he’s made up about himself/idols/other people are true. They say you should never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

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Brandinator is sexting with my friendHe really believes my friend is a girl lolololol Seems Brandinator is here for predatory purposes..a 34 year old man sexting with teens. I can’t approve. #Brandinator #hyominfangirl #jiyeon #Soyeonberry #eunjung #Sex #Sexting

Alright…looks like the cat is out of the bag. I’m man enough to admit when I’ve been caught—so here is a 100% real and absolutely not photoshopped screenshot of one of the conversations in question:

I am not proud of my actions…I know what I did was wrong. Forgetting that I am someone who can influence another person, I carelessly engaged in “predatory activities” with what I believed to be a cute Asian girl. I am deeply self-reflecting on the mistakes I have made. I will study more in the future and work harder to become a more mature person.

Does Chris Hanson still do that thing? Please don’t call him :(

and yes, to my knowledge, sexual predators still use an incredibly old version of AOL Instant Messenger.