Ultimate Bias Tag


Rules: Answer the following questions about your top 3 ultimate biases and then tag 5 people. the questions below are for each biases.

1. Who are your 3 ultimate biases? (any group)

      1. Shin Hoseok- He is the most emotional fluffball ever even though he has             all this muscle and everything. He always stays true to himself and loves             everyone. Honestly the most genuine boy ever and needs to be protected           at all costs.
       2. Choi Minho- I honestly don’t even know where to start with this man……
       3. Kim Wonshik- He’s a goofball, who’s a rapper, who’s afraid of bugs, who              has this adorable puppy that he loves. Need I say anymore?

2. When did you first see your bias? “list all three”

         1. Hoseok- It was a combination of Trespass Music Video and the No Exit               on MBC. Just the way he dances and his voice kill me so much.
         2. Minho- Replay MV, his smile and everything just killed me in it.
         3. Wonshik- Rock Ur Body MV, the red hair, the outfit, the bouncing                          around, the arcade 

3. Was he/she your first bias? *all three*

           1. Hoseok- yes :)
           2. Minho- I want to say yes, but at the sametime I kinda wanna say no                      because of Jinki lol.
           3. Wonshik- yes :)

4. Your favorite thing about your bias?

            1. Hoseok- YOU CAN’T ASK ME THIS QUESTION WHEN IT COMES                    TO HIM!!!!!!! There is honestly not a single thing that isn’t my favorite                    about this man. He has the biggest and most purest heart ever with so                much love that he wants to give out to everyone. How he cares about                  his members so much, his love or Monbebe, his love for his mother is                  adorable. Honestly this boy is too precious for this world and I don’t                      know how many times I have to say this but I don’t understand how                      people can just see him for his body. He is more than that and will                        always be! He is skilled in many ways; singing, dancing, he could be a                personal trainer because of how much he goes to the gym, his                              producing skills on songs SERIOUSLY, and so much more. Seriously I                could go on and on about him. Basically write a whole dissertation on                  this boy alone. Let’s not forget his lisp, it is extremely adorable and                      whoever makes fun of him for it can come fight me.
            2. Minho- His personality, his laugh, his rapping, his dancing. HIS                             SASSINESS OMG. Put him near kids and he’s got the biggest heart                     ever, he’s adorable with them. How he jokes around with the other                       members and his competitive spirit. 
            3. Wonshik- How he can go from being this badass rapper to this                             laughing fluff within the matter of seconds. Or being a complete                           scaredy cat because he saw some bug or it was on him. When he                       goofs off so much to make the other members laugh or to annoy Leo                   as much as possible. His clingyness and how he’s so touchy with the                   other members, mostly Leo lol. His warm heart towards others. How                     he is with his puppy omg cutest thing ever!

5. What do they specialize in:

             1. Hoseok- vocals, visuals, king of selcas and biggest Monbebe lover
             2. Minho- rapper, visual, vocalist, sassiness
             3. Wonshik- rapper, vocalist, dancer, being a goofball 

6. What group are they from?

              1. Hoseok- Monsta X
              2. Minho- SHINee
              3. Woshik- Vixx

8. Favorite picture / gif and why?

            1. Shin Hoseok- you’re getting three and i don’t care!!!

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gif #1- LOOK AT HIS SMILE! He is so precious and soft. Literal definition of an angel basically. I just want to do everything possible to protect this smile at all costs. So if anyone wants to try and go after this boy…. COME FIGHT ME. Also I fully support brown fluffy haired Wonho at all times.

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gif#2 How he gives 0 fucks about gender stereotypes. Seriously the boy has said for his ideal type, gender doesn’t matter as long as they can cook him ramen he’s a happy bunny. At KCON Mexico, he says in English to everyone, “Everybody my boy, my girl”. And here he is again stating that a headband is not just for a girl and guys can rock it as well. Breaking down those gender stereotypes right there that’s my man!

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gif#3 When he gets hyper and happy and has a big sweatshirt on for sweaterpaws. Literally I can hear his laugh through this little video. When he’s goofing around its adorable and when he laughs ahhhhhh.

                 2. Choi Minho-

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His compassion and love for his members especially in this moment when Jonghyun was crying and they just embrace in the hug. He’s always there for them and is just so warm to them. I can’t even write this without wanting to cry just cuz of this gif omg.

                3. Kim Wonshik

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lemme put it this way…. THAT PUPPY WAS SO ADORABLE AND HIM WITH PETS DONE BYE!!! He’s so soft and squishy I can’t handle it. But basically that’s also how he is with the members, all touchy feely and just ahhhhh lol.

9. Why do you love them?

  LOL nobody has time to read any of that. Especially for however much I would write for Hoseok. If you haven’t figured out by now just how much I love him, please feel free to message me and I will provide some power points on why. Also here’s a better question……
How could you not love them?

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it’s been a heckin loooooong time but i think i’m at that stage in college now where i sort of (??????? lollmao not really) have a routine so i guess i can slowly come back to tumblr now!!! trUST ME when i say i’ve been waiting a long time for this day so i can come back on here and interact with y’all again !!! 

i was tagged by my queen @wongguk for the selfie tag, and i’m gonna tag a bunch of people/mutuals now but it’s fine if you don’t want to do it - i just want to know how y’all are doing !!! if you’re ever online leave me a message and tell me how you’ve been bc i’ve missed you xxxxxxxx

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if you do decide to do the tag, pls @ me so i can see your lovely faces <3 <3

have a wonderful day/night!!! muchos love,

Rules: answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know better

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Name: Sara
Nicknames: ummmmm… Bones (there’s a whole story behind it ^_^)
Zodiac sign:  Capricorn
Height: 5ft 2in
Orientation: Straight
Nationality: American
Favorite fruit: Kiwi!!!!!
Favorite season: Fall, not too hot and not too cold
Favorite book: anything Sherlock Holmes related or having to do with Samurais and Ninjas
Favorite flower:  cineraria, hibiscus
Favorite scent: warm vanilla sugar, anything oriental related, whatever food i’m cooking for dinner (lol)
Favorite color: turquoise, teal…. anything blue related lol
Favorite animal: RED PANDAS!!! and koalas… they’re fluffy and adorable
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea and hot chocolate, depending on the mood
Average amount of sleep: LOL depends on the day on average maybe 5 or 6 if I’m lucky
Cat or dog: dog but i don’t mind cats 
Favorite fictional character: Axel from Kingdom Hearts, Renji and Toshiro from Bleach, Sherlock Holmes and Watson
Number of blankets you sleep with: 5.. even in the summer, i get cold very easily
Dream trip: south korea and japan to see different parts of the ancient world.. i’m a major history nerd especially when it comes to Asian countries.
Blog created: July of 2011.. holy shit i didn’t realize i had it this long
Number of followers: 411 and i love you all oh so much even if i don’t show it enough or maybe at all but just know i do love yas!!! ^_^

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as per usual you do not have to feel obligated to take part in this but if you should….. it would be really awesome and i thank you in advance for taking your time to take part in it  :)

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can you answer them all?? 👀👀 lol jk jk ~ 15, 31, 32, 57, 78, 95. narrowing them down was hard just fyiiiii. 💛💚💜

OMG if I did all of them I’d never sleep hahaha 💜💜💜

15. Favorite snapchat filter?

The one that makes your mouth really big!

31. 3 Favorite boy names.


32. 3 Favorite girl names.


57. Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?

I haven’t spent much time in hotels and the stuff in the ones I’ve been to is kinda shitty so no lol.

78. Do you sleep with your door open or closed?

CLOSED. ALWAYS. Even my closet door has to be closed.

95. Summer or winter?

Winter all the way. I like big fluffy sweaters and all the comfy clothes that winter allows you to wear. I’d rather be cold than hot. You can always put more layers on when you’re cold but you can’t take your skin off when you’re hot.

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Oh look here I am doing another bias selfie tag!

Okay no but seriously I was tagged by @kimyugy, @itsjjptime, and probably someone else but I’m too lazy to go looking ;) (thanks lovelies!!)

SO here’s me and the two men who are currently using my heart as a punching bag and showing no mercy… aka Zico and Dabin (DPR Live). I am also the queen of animal filters so…

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I was tagged forever ago to do this bias selfie moodboard thing by @soybeantree who said it wasn’t optional for me hahaha and I’m finally doing it!!! 

So here’s a Night on the Town with Namseok and I :’) feat my favorite color

this isn’t the best i’ve ever done omg i’m so out of practice but i tried

I’m gonna tag: @hoodiejungkook (cuz i feel like you haven’t done a moodboard like this since right after we became mutuals, it was the bias x color one, so you gotta) @velvethoseok (because you’re the moodboard queen and although you’ve already done something like this I wanna see it again) @ricepot-jisung (uhm Rams… because I said so) @allysonincatland (BLESS ME WITH PINK AND HOON AND YOURSELF PLS ALLYSON) @rosykook (okay but Saige i need to be blessed with a Saigekook moodboard) AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO DO IT!! PLS TAG ME! We don’t have to be mutuals, loves!


I was tagged by @ricepot-jisung and @baebae-goodnight to do the bias selfie tag! I’m surprised you aren’t tired of my face yet… but thanks lovelies!

So here’s me and the second love of my life, Woo Jiho (Zico)! One of these days I’m gonna attempt to include ALL of my biases, but today is not that day.

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I REALLY couldn’t find the selfies I wanted (and it takes me forever to take good ones so I’m using some older selfies) but I felt like if I didn’t do this now, I would forget so you get this non matching set lol!

I was tagged by @jungkookio and @nverever (you’re both so pretty omg I am not worthy!) to do the bias selfie thing! So here’s me and the two loves of my life!

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I was tagged by the beautiful and talented @agustdia to do the lock screen, home screen, last song listened to, and most recent selfie thing! Thanks love!!!

My boy Dabin (DPR Live) has been my home screen for the past month 🤧 (although it’s been different pictures of him)

I’m gonna tag: @ricepot-jisung @hoodiejungkook @allysonincatland @soybeantree @cinnamonsuga @velvethoseok @taepott @blameblamebts @myg @rosykook @mylovejhs @honeysugah @jungkooknoises @yongceo @amazzjin


I was tagged by @hongbombs (ily jen) to do the bias selfie tag thingy (aren’t y’all sick of my face by now? like what? also i look slightly frightened but oh well)

If you thought I was gonna limit myself to just one bias, you thought wrong. I mean I could have put more… I did actually limit myself to 5. Be proud.

I’m just gonna tag all the usual suspects because I love you guys (you really don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. I know most of you have done this at least once) @justwhatevermark @got7peaches @allysonincatland @chimchim-cheree @cinnamonsugas @war-of-hormoan @the-porcelain-doll-xo @soybeantree @rudeboywonho @baebae-goodnight @iget7

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fav multi-fandom accounts?

Pretty much all of my mutuals are multi-fandom blogs, if I’m being honest. But here’s a few that I reblog from and talk to most!

@justwhatevermark - Melissa was actually the first person I became mutuals with when I switched to a kpop blog. She’s the best and one of the funniest tag talkers I know!

@junhyoongs - Jen is actually the second person I became mutuals with. I love her to death. She’s also probably got the widest range of content and idk how she keeps up with all of these groups but I admire her dedication immensely.

@allysonincatland - Prepare to have your YG heart explode. Allyson also likes to kill me daily by sending me posts of my faves. We both hate love Lee Seunghoon very much.

@soybeantree - Em and Hana are the CUTEST BEANS and some of the nicest and most supportive people ever. I’m so very happy we became mutuals!!

@chimchim-cheree - Syd is the best. I had been following Syd for a while and when we became mutuals, I yelled. Enough said.

@got7peaches - Claire! Who doesn’t love Claire, I mean really? She really loves Tae and dogs but especially both of them together.

@war-of-hormoan - If you aren’t already following Ramsey, you need to be. Rams writes some of my most favorite fics ever. I think I’ve read Ashes about 10 times, if I’m honest.

I could go on and on with this list, but I hope you don’t mind me only putting a few!

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