Back... and a lot to say!

I’ve been away for quite a long time so I had a few posts queued for you to see (it was great to see your reactions to those).

When I got back home, I didn’t have any internet connection so I couldn’t answer your comments nor post new stuff.

But now I’m back and wired.

First, thanks to people who follow me and like most of what I post: it’s a great feeling to see those little hearts from people whose work I regard highly (particular thanks to Memory palaceCandiceKurt JacobsAproposnix and Leitfot for their delightful comments). Aproposnix, I must admit I’m both sorry and glad the picture I took of the layers of earth and stones at Groix played tricks with your eyes because I was struck by the same effect when I shot it.

Thanks to the new followers/likers as well ; I need some time but be sure I’ll have a look at what you do.

Finally, I can’t believe my “full moon” photo reached 48 notes. So again, thanks to everyone who liked and reblogged it. I’m very pleased and honored, and I guess I owe a big thank you to lensblr who promoted it with their reblog (incidentally another thanks to them for reblogging the photo of Groix too).

Now, I need a few days of editing what I shot during my trip to Rome.

About the future, I guess I won’t post as regularly as I did lately because my photography workflow will evolve as soon as I get back to (real) work…