soy whip


*1 Banana
*1 Handful of frozen Blueberries
*200ml Chocolate Almond Milk
*25g Protein Powder
*2tbsp Almond Nut Butter
*1tsp Cacao Powder
*Rice/Soy/DIY Whipped Cream and a sprinkle of Ground Almonds to top. 😉💕


Pantone Smoothie 8562C, indulge in some Cherry Chocolate goodness. If you wanna make your own, here’s how:

1/3 cup (1 scoop) @kuranutrition chocolate whey
½ cup soy milk
½ banana
½ cup sweet cherries
1 tbsp cocoa powder
Stevia to taste

Add a scoop of ice and blend it all together. Garnish with soy whip and a pretty cherry pair to doll it up. 


Umm I’d like to have lift you up in a venti mocha soy latte with enough whip cream to make me forget my name plz >:D

i have to laugh every time I see someone that has obviously never made an espresso drink try to come up with a complex order. they’re over here going on about grande half-caf nonfat no whip soy lattes and i’m just like bro ain’t nobody gonna try to put whipped cream on your latte have you ever even had a latte before? and what’s this nonfat soy nonsense? do you want nonfat milk or do you want soy because you can’t have both. seriously folks, if you want to compose an order guaranteed to make any barista cry and/or swear violently, all you have to say is “iced extra-dry cappuccino with almond milk” and the screams will ring in your ears for days

seventeen at the coffee shop

scoups - that guy that just comes in and gets an ice water and doesn’t pay anything. he just wants to look cool carrying around the cup with his name on it

jeonghan - gets something small, is really nice to the barista, leaves a big tip

joshua - taking so many photos of his coffee it got cold and he couldn’t drink it

jun - too busy hitting on the barista, forgot to order, held up the line

hoshi - has some complicated-ass order like “venti frappacino one third mocha one third pumpkin spice one third vanilla half soy half regular double whip caramel” but he keeps forgetting it and has to start over

woozi - gets a large black coffee, no sweeteners. bitter, just like him

wonwoo - using the wifi to update his emo blog. he also got black coffee, because it’s black like his soul

dk - literally just dumps ten packets of sugar into his and calls it a day

mingyu - keeps claiming there’s a “secret menu” and trying to order from it. it’s not going very well

vernon - spilled his on himself and started screaming

seungkwan - in a fight with the barista because his coffee was too bitter

minghao - chugged his in one minute on a dare and really regretting it

dino - they let him get a really big sugary coffee and are regretting it as they watch him attempt to do a hyped-up-on-caffeine backflip in the middle of the store

How Signs kill off their enemies.
  • Aries: Bullet between the eyes, but with a wooden bullet (because of astheics)
  • Taurus: Thrown off a moving vehicle into a perfectly positioned wood chipper
  • Gemini: Limbs ripped off and slapped silly with their own arms
  • Cancer: Spiders?
  • Leo: Giant Jenga tower made of cacti falls on them
  • Virgo: Any way the Brother Grims would kill someone
  • Libra: Poisoned their double-shot extra whip soy milk mocha latte
  • Scorpio: Hitman that does impressions of various English Prime Ministers
  • Sagitarius: A secret combo-move from any Street Fighter game
  • Capricorn: Killed by kindness
  • Auqarius: Hunger Games: The Musical
  • Pisces: An act of God not watching the stove