soy wax tart
NEW Triple Scented Home Sweet Home Tea Soy Wax Tart

This particular scent is called “Home Sweet Home”, and as soon as you pop the container open you will understand why. This is a very warm, spicy scent that has a cinnamon base. Home Sweet Home is the perfect scent for the cooler months. Unlike many soy tarts, this scent isn’t too feminine, and will be at home in a man’s space. If you enjoy Home Sweet Home, (and who doesn’t?), you can also get this scent in a candle.
Handmade Handpoured Natural Soy Flower Wax Melts / Tarts (choose scent and color) set of 12 decor, party by Tropical Candles
Tropical Candles are hand-made, scented, colorful candles. The candles can be placed into unique glassware or individual wrapped. This item is a

Flower wax melts/ wax tarts available