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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 3.14.17

scented soy jar candles by simplycuratedcandles

this etsy shop has so many styles of soy candles to treat yourself with — from glass jars in minimal or gilded styles to golden travel tins, from feminine to masculine, you’re gonna find a yummy candle to love.


hey guys! hot off the press, i literally just released my overwatch scented candles over on my etsy shop. these tin candles smell so good you guys (no bias but mccree’s and tracer’s are my favourites) and they look pretty cool too!

the scents are:

AT PEACE - green tea & jasmine.

AMERICANA - hot apple pie.

ANUBIS - egyptian musk.

DEATH’S BLOSSOM - white lily & ginseng.

VIGILANTE - cedarwood & black pepper.

HACKER FOR HIRE - sea shore & lime.

TIME FOR A CUPPA - darjeeling tea rose.

only offense characters are available for now, but ill be releasing defense, tank and support ones soon!

each candle is made from natural soy wax, burns approx. 20 hours, and costs $12.

you can read more about the scents, the candles themselves, and of course purchase them right HERE! please reblog to spread the word and i hope to see plenty of purchases from you guys soon <3


Hey guys~!

Pulled out our silkscreens and hand printed a few boxes. Getting things ready for our next event.

Here is how our Derek Candle looks all packaged up and ready for shipping!

I Had just enough to make one Derek candle for a customer, from Momo-con who wanted to purchase both Derek and Stiles but I had already sold out of the Derek candles by that point…So I promised her if I had enough supplies I would get it done (Before I moved across the country) so that she could have both Derek and Stiles~! So today I am sending Derek out to join Stiles (hahaha oh fandom) I hope she likes them!

To everyone else who has kindly been waiting for me to put the candles up on Etsy - Be on the look guys soon all of the candles will be up and available for purchase!!! We also will be having some really cool announcements in the next month or so, so be on the look out for that as well!

Thank You
- A Fox & Wolf

I’m moving out in 3 days and I have wayy too much stuff to take with me. I have a ton of candles that I made awhile ago and haven’t sold on Etsy yet, and unfortunately I can’t take them with me. I cannot bring myself to throw them away, so I’ve marked them down to $1 for 4 oz candles and $2 for 8 oz candles. If you have the time please check them out or reblog this! Shipping is only $5.50! They are all handmade with 100% soy wax!

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Lemon candles! They  can be used on your altar to promote peace, happiness, energy, clarity, and warmth! Once they are used up, you can remove the wicks and put them outside, as they will decompose naturally into the soil and nourish it.

To make them, simply cut a lemon in half and use a spoon to hollow it out. Afterwards, melt some organic soy wax in a bowl and pour it into the lemon peels. Once the wax is about half way hardened, press a wick into it. Let them sit, and then use them as you will! You can add some lemon essential oil into the wax, too, for an extra powerful scent.


How to make candles.

Making candles is a lot easier than you might think! Here are instructions on how to make your own all natural, safe, and magickal candles.


Anything to hold your candles in. (Moulds, tea cups, sea shells, mason jars…)
Wicks or Wood Wicks
Soy Wax  
Dye Chips
Any herbs of your choice (Recommended: Any mints, lavender, sage, or small cuttings of fruit skins.)
Essential oil(s)

Make sure that your essential oils and the herbs you use smell similarly.


First you will need to gather all of your ingredients and lay them out neatly.

Take your candle holders and fill them with soy wax and as many colour tablets as you desire. The more you add, the darker your candles will be.

Put them in the mircowave (as long as they are not metal - if your holders are metal, melt the wax in a pot over boiling water double broiler style) and melt everything together. You will need to add more and more wax as you go along because melted soy wax yields much less than the flakes. Stir until mixed.

Add your herbs/fruit peel pieces and your oils. Mix again.

Add your essential oils, as much as you feel is necessary. Mix again.

Drop in your wick, making sure to place it in the centre of your holder. You can balance it and hold it in place as the wax hardens by laying a butter knife over the top of your candle holder and balancing the wick against it. (If it is a bit off centre, though, no one will be able to tell.)

(Optional) You can line up whole herbs against the edges of the mould and they will dry along the edges and make lovely decorations.

Let the wax harden. 

Trim the wick.

Ta da! Your candles are ready! Make sure to make them with good intentions and feel free to carve sigils into the top.

The Wiccan’s Glossary


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 5.15.17

home ambience finds by ivyandtwinestore

australian etsy shop ivyandtwinestore has a bohemian and minimal vibe (that includes eucalyptus) and i’m totally swooning this monday. i’d love to smell their caramelised brown sugar + fig candle and try out this lovely little soy melt burner <3

Legitimately though if I were to start providing dried herbs of any of the following types, would anyone be interested? I love working with herbs and wildcrafting them (sustainably, of course,) and my herb cabinet is full to overflowing. Seriously considering starting an Etsy shop for these and live plants (COUGH felony COUGH tansy COUGH) 



Lemon balm

Rose petals (pink or white)

Raspberry leaf

Soapwort (root or leaf)


Willow bark

Rose thorns

Wild carrot seeds

Mint (spearmint, chocolate mint, catnip)


Nettle (dried, it loses its sting, is very good for you as a tea or powdered and added to food)

Dandelion root

I also make arnica balm (with cayenne and ginger, good for sore muscles, arthritis, and bruises) and calendula salve (good for irritated skin, dry skin, minor scrapes and burns, diaper rash).

I can also, if you have a particular skin complaint or specific allergies to ingredients, formulate a balm specifically for you, if desired. For example, if you’re allergic to nuts (base oil is usually almond) I can use a different one that you know is safe. If you’re a vegan and dislike using beeswax, you are wrong but I can use soy wax to thicken the balms instead. I base the herbs in the formulae on your needs.

Made one for a friend of ours who was suffering dry and cracked palms at crossfit, for example; tea tree, calendula, yarrow, burdock, aloe, lavender, and peppermint because she liked the smell. She loves it, and I’ve since sold some to other members of her crossfit class.

My arthritic mother in law swears by the arnica balm, as do a friend of ours with fibromyalgia and myself (I have sprained a lot of muscles in my life, believe you me).

Until now I’ve been selling at the county welcome center and to friends and family.

I’m honestly very curious about this.


Recently I’ve been testing a bunch of new fragrances to add to my shop, and now they’re up, so you can try them out too! 

A few of the new fragrances are in some of my newer fandom candles (like Moana, ASOUE, and Fantastic Beasts,) but now there are even more new fragrances available in my completely custom candles! 

New fragrances include: Birthday Cake, Coconut Hibiscus, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Icicles, Leather, Lemon Verbena, Ocean Waves, Pina Colada, Sweet Snow, and Very Vanilla!

You can see the full list of fragrances available in the cupcake candles, tealights, pill bottle pillars, teacup candles (only one pair left!,) and wax melts.


etsyfindoftheday | pre-halloween finds | 10.10.16

pumpkin harvest soy candle by brooklyncandlestudio

pumpkin and spices like cinnamon, clove, and ginger combine into a perfect autumn scent. this glass candle is made from recycled amber glass … also a nice fall-y touch.


Never let anyone dull your sparkle ✨ Discover why this is our best selling candle - PEONY MAGIC • 100% soy wax with a delicate fragrance of peony blooms, organic rose, lavender, rose quartz crystal & magic 🌸🌷✨ Beware of fakes and imitations. Our Mystic Unicorn Candles are ONLY AVAILABLE from UNICORNMANOR.COM 💞✨ #mysticunicorncandles #unicornmanor #pink #peony #peonies #soy #soycandles #candle #candles #crystal #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #rosequartz #wicca #witch #witchcraft #occult #handmade #magic #cosmic #treatyoself #crystalgems #crystalcandles #handmadecandles #aura

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BUSINESS INFORMATION: Book-themed candles coming this June!

Hello, readers! I have some very exciting news regarding your favourite books; I’m making them into candles. This summer, as of around June 10th 2017, I’ll be launching my candle-making business on Etsy. When the website is fully functional, I’ll drop by with links. Because your feedback is so greatly appreciated, as well as your eagerness to see this project come to life, I’m going to be accepting ideas for candle themes in my inbox. Be sure to begin the message with CANDLE: “_____” to separate the writing requests from the candle requests. Feel free to include the book inspiring the scent, whatever you’d like it to smell like, and possible names. Here’s what you need to know so far:

  • Most of the candles offered will be inspired by books. More details of candle themes and ideas will be listed in the next bullet-point chunk. We will also offer historical candles based on monarchs, palaces, and time periods. Again, more information will be listed below.
  • The company is going to be run by one person, that person being me, until October 2017. That means that candle-making will be as fast as I alone can make it. After October of 2017, my business partners and best friends will be helping me make the candles.
  • The candles, so far, will remain universally white to disguise any scent-changing properties. A good few of the candles we’re thinking of making are going to have surprise scents that match in-book peril or changing events.
  • The money made from this company will be used to help us pay rent. We are all going to be running the company out of our apartment, so buying a candle will not only help you out by means of relaxation, but it will help us keep a roof over our heads!
  • The standard price of these book-themed candles will range somewhere between $10.00 - $12.00 for standard 8 oz. jars. Smaller tins will be available for a much lower price.
  • CUSTOM CANDLES ARE GOING TO BE AN OPTION. The price will be two dollars more for your custom candle, so keep that in mind when ordering! If I like the idea for your custom book-inspired candle, I may make it a regular on the website.
  • Shipping will be added to your final bill. I’m not sure yet of the restrictions I’ll have to enforce as far as shipping overseas, but I’m willing to try anything once.
  • Each candle will be hand-made by yours truly with soy wax, each scent hand-selected and hand-mixed. This is a project entirely of passion and acute detail. Each candle will smell just a little different than others of its kind due to the absence of heavy machinery in this process, but the scents will be as close to parallel as I can make them.

In case anyone is wondering about specific smells they might look forward to, here’s a list of what we’ve brainstormed so far. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of this slice of our selection!


  • Edward’s Meadow (Twilight inspired)
  • La Push (Twilight inspired)
  • Possible collections for Twilight: The Cullens (a collection of 4 oz candles inspired by each Cullen’s book scent) The Wolf Pack (a collection of 4 oz candles inspired by each member of the pack) and The Volturi (a collection of 4 oz candles inspired by prominent members of the guard)
  • Thornfield Hall (Jane Eyre inspired) - this will be a scent-changing candle with a surprise scent as the candle is running out!
  • Moscow (Anna Karenina inspired)
  • Petersburg (Anne Karenina inspired)
  • Longbourn (Pride and Prejudice inspired)
  • Pemberley (Pride and Prejudice inspired)
  • Netherfield Park (Pride and Prejudice inspired)
  • Possible collection for Pride and Prejudice: The Bennet Sisters (a collection of 4 oz candles inspired by each of the five sisters)
  • Baby Suggs’ Pie (Beloved inspired) - this one smells so good, I can’t even explain it to you.
  • SOMA (Brave New World inspired)
  • Birnam Wood (Macbeth inspired)
  • Fair Verona (Romeo and Juliet inspired)
  • House of Montague (Romeo and Juliet inspired) - a more “masculine” scent variation of Fair Verona, sold with House of Capulet as a wedding gift
  • House of Capulet (Romeo and Juliet inspired) - a more “feminine” scent variation of Fair Verona, sold with House of Montague as a wedding gift
  • Elsinore (Hamlet inspired)
  • All Hogwarts Houses as separate candles (Harry Potter inspired)
  • Darlington Orchard (Peaches inspired)
  • Victors Village (The Hunger Games inspired)
  • Green Light (The Great Gatsby inspired)
  • St. Swithin’s Day (One Day inspired)
  • Send The Bees Love (The Secret Life of Bees inspired)


  • The Six Wives of Henry VIII as separate candles or discounted as a collection (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr) - each wife of Henry VIII will have a specific scent that matches their personality traits.
  • Victoria and Albert (great candles for wedding gifts!)
  • Marie Antoinette
  • The House of Romanov
  • William Shakespeare
  • Queen Elizabeth I

Please be sure to message me if you’re interested in details! This, along with my normal job (which may end up being two jobs), and commissioned writing is helping me get through school and pay for an apartment once I graduate this time next year. Thank you all for supporting this idea!

To commission writing, see here.

To message me about candles, see here.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just got raw materials for candles, wax, wicks etc. Any tips on how to make the best ones? and how do you add herbs and crystals? like is there a guide to avoid any? thanks!!!🎵

So, I’m going to be lowkey greedy and I’m not going to give you all the tricks and trades to candle making because this is how I make a living, 73% of my profits come from candles and it took me along time to find out some of the more helpful tricks. But I’ll gladly help a little, so here’s some starter stuff. I’ll also be publishing a book which will have all of my information. If you want a guide, you should do some research, there’s countless forums, books, just google it. Best of luck to you and your candles. 💞

  • You definitely need a thermometer unless you’ve done it enough to know the timing by heart. Also, stoves fluctuate a lot so it’s not super reliable. 
    • Why though? Essential oils(or candle oils) are chemicals, and at high heats some of their scents will definitely change(side eyes orange). You need to make sure you pour your candles and add oils at the right temperature. Also, if they’re too hot your scents won’t be as strong.
  • Don’t use soy wax in pillar candles. 
  • Use dye blocks for color instead of liquid color, both will work but dye blocks you use MINIMAL. I do maybe two shavings(think of small shredded cheese) per BATCH, with liquid dye I used half a small container for ONE candle.
  • Please don’t pour any type of alcohol into your candle for the scent. Your shit will catch on fire, I’ve had to many asks saying someone did this. And it’s genuinely no one else fault but your own.
  • As for adding herbs, just like, throw that shit in there? Maybe say some words? Please don’t add any that have toxic smoke, do your research.
  • Don’t waste your wax. If you have some left over just let it cool and then put it in a bag. That shit adds up.
  • There’s a difference between beeswax, soy wax, and those generic bags you can buy at craft stores. 
  • As for crystals, I just put them on top when they’re 99% cool. If you’re going to put them in the candle, please research on how the rock is affected by high heats, wax, and essential oils. Some degrade.