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Beyond Meat: A New Fake Meat Designed to Save the World

I thought this article went hand in hand with the last post about USDA and environmentalism.

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Beyond Meat is a brand new meat substitute projected to be available to consumers nation wide in the next year or 2. This brand of meat is unlike any other before. It’s said to be so realistic that even a die hard meat eater wouldn’t know the difference. It comes in chicken and steak and the steak is even being designed to have the proper “bleed” to it (using beet juice of course).

Unlike most faux-meat companies, Beyond Meat plans to sell their product alongside chicken breasts and filets in the supermarket. Their goal is not only to entice vegans and vegetarians, but to cut down on meat consumption all together. They’re taking on the meat industry itself.

Like mentioned before in my last article, meat and dairy production is extremely harmful to the environment. The goal of the researchers from Beyond Meat is to cut down on non-sustainable environmental effects from the meat industry. They are targeting regular omnivorous people to try to cut down meat consumption as a nation. If they were successful, this would benefit our national health, the environment, and of course, animals confined in slaughter houses.

I’m interested to see how well this product is received.