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I don't appreciate you eating my food's food.

unlike me, your “food” eats a steady diet of pesticide laden, low quality corn, soy, and wheat, along with artificial growth hormones, other nonsense deemed unfit for human consumption (which then ends up in your body), and even defective skittles…

when we see matteo skating through the park, acting all confident and flirting with girls, he’s got the ‘chico fresa’ attitude (”al fin comprendi quien soy en verdad/(…) ya no cambio mas/si no me conocen me conoceran”) but then he spots someone who resembles luna and what does this fucker do? he skates to her, of course, but the moment he sees it’s not actually her, his mood does like a 180 degrees!!! and then he starts remembering all the moments he’s lived with luna and that’s when it hits me. no matter how hard he will fight it and deny it, luna’s more than a girl he just happened to fall in love with. she’s matteo’s center of world and there’s nothing he - or anyone for the same matter - can do to change that

Grocery shopping!
  • S. Coups: Helps you choose between good-quality soy sauce and the cheap one.
  • Mingyu: Tries all samples.
  • Vernon: Helps take half of the things
  • Wonwoo: A universal discount coupon.
  • Woozi: Gets mistaken as your younger brother.
  • Joshua: Carries the stuff no matter how heavy it is.
  • Jeonghan: Picks the best hair products.
  • Seungkwan: 'LOW QUALITY? Naw, pick the BEST-quality.'
  • D.K: Places snacks into the basket secretly.
  • Jun: Stares at something until you ask him if he wants it. (He says yes)
  • Hoshi: Squid dance at the seafood isle.
  • The8: Gets lost.
  • Dino: Fanboys when a Michael Jackson song plays in the store.

Sooo… It’s a Hell’s Kitchen AU!

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