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Can you separate fact from fiction?

It’s 2015—and now more than ever is the perfect time to restart your skincare with #TheGreatCleanse. The Sephora Glossy chatted with Senior Brand Strategist Jamie Anderson to get the dirty details on common cleansing myths. Read on and rethink the first step in your clean routine. RENEE TRILIVAS

TRUE OR FALSE? All cleansers are the same.

FALSE: “Cleansers have come a long way, baby! Cleansers now are not the same as they were ten or even five years ago,” Anderson says. “They’re much more elegant, much more elevated, and they have added skincare benefits now.”

TRUE OR FALSE? Washing your face can be fun!

TRUE: “Trying is believing. Our new cleansers feel fun and different than your normal face wash. They’re cushiony, they smell yummy, and they leave your skin looking and feeling better. You can get a beautiful glow or brightness. Clean skin, but still soft. Not stripped, not dry.”

TRUE OR FALSE? You don’t need to invest in a quality cleanser because it goes down the drain.

FALSE: “You need quality ingredients that are effective at breaking down the oil, makeup, and dirt on your skin. Cleansing is not the only thing that has changed, but what we’re putting on our faces has changed. Old-school cleansers might not work on the new-school sunscreens or the new longwearing makeup. Logically, you need different products to remove these new, different formulas.”

TRUE OR FALSE? Your face shouldn’t be “squeaky clean” after cleansing.

TRUE: “The surface of the skin has a lipid barrier, which is essentially a protective barrier. When you think about it, if it’s disrupted by being ‘squeaky clean,’ you’ve potentially made your skin vulnerable to all kinds of things—it’s a playground for bacteria. Try the new gentle cleansing formulas that will get rid of dirt, grime, and makeup, but won’t compromise the lipid barrier.”

TRUE OR FALSE? I don’t need to cleanse with tools—my hands work just fine.

FALSE: “There are limitations to only using your hands to wash your face. These high-tech tools and beautiful sponges get into all the little nooks and crannies of your face. The sponges are infused with ingredients that are good for your skin and the high-tech tools have a sonic pulse to loosen up the dirt. Clinical studies now show the difference between cleansing with your hands and cleansing with a tool.”


"Lumps of Coal", Soy Candle Tarts, Cookies for Santa scented Soy Candle Melts:

These are adorable soy candle tarts, that have been shaped into lumps of coal, for the holiday season! (They would make a really cute and festive gift for yourself or someone special.)

This set of tarts has been scented with Cookies for Santa fragrance, which is a delightful blend of sweet, buttery cookie dough and sugary, vanilla frosting, with just a hint of almond.
It is a really scrumptious fragrance!

You can find them here:


I have restocked the etsy shop and nearly everything in it is on sale! If you were ever looking at my crafts, now is a great time to pick them up.

My etsy shop is on sale because I do not plan on attending any conventions this year as a vendor, nor keeping the etsy shop up for the long-term. Everything that’s up there is it for on-hand stock! I do have quite a few candle and lip balm materials left over, so I may use those supplies up and make a few more items, but beyond that I can’t guarantee any of these items coming back in the near future. I am not going to be placing any reorders for materials that I run out of, as using them up is the goal!


Bug Off! Soy Melt ESSENTIAL OIL (6 cubes) $6.00:

Hand poured in Melbourne, Australia

Approx 60 hours burn time (10 hours per cube)

Bug Off! Soy Melt ESSENTIAL OIL Description:

Infused with citronella, lavender, lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus & peppermint essential oils, this soy melt is sure to deter any unwanted pests whilst enjoying the outdoors. Rid yourself of chemical-based insect repellents & try the natural version that’s safe for the whole family (young children & pets alike). Guard yourself with this soy melt & head out into the wild! Perfect for the backyard & camping trips! 

To purchase, please visit my Etsy store: 


Cotton Candy for everyone! 

Well, maybe not real cotton candy, but soy melts/tarts, that smell just like cotton candy! (One whiff of these and you’ll be transported to the county fair.)

The tarts are available at my Etsy shop:

Better come quick and check them out!

A lush Arctic forest, hints of moss and amber. These soy wax melts are designed to slowly and steadily release their scent into the air as they …

This particular scent is called “Home Sweet Home”, and as soon as you pop the container open you will understand why. This is a very warm, spicy scent that has a cinnamon base. Home Sweet Home is the perfect scent for the cooler months. Unlike many soy tarts, this scent isn’t too feminine, and will be at home in a man’s space. If you enjoy Home Sweet Home, (and who doesn’t?), you can also get this scent in a candle.

A night in alone. Well, with the baby in bed and the man out at a cricket function.

I organised a few soy wax melt orders to post on Monday. And ordered some stock. And drank the biggest cup of tea ever.

I sat on my laptop (which I never do these days) and browsed the internet about parenting and first birthday ideas.

Now I am finishing off my pram liner.

It’s been a lovely night tonight to catch up on some things.