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Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

I once had this at a Thai restaurant and the taste haunted me in the best way. I had to learn how to make it at home, and it’s good if you have some prep time on your hands! It’s become a go-to dessert for me, and while it says ‘with mango’ (and admittedly mango is the superior fruit) I’m certain it’d go good with other fruit too. Experiment!

If you don’t have a rice-cooker, you can always cook the rice in a saucepan. I admittedly don’t have much experience with stovetop rice cooking, so this set of instructions will assume you’re using a rice-cooker.


*1 ½ Cups Sushi Rice (you can typically buy a bag of it in the international aisle at walmart or something; a bag’ll last you a surprising while)
*2 Cups Water
*1 Can Coconut Milk
*½ cup sugar (if this makes it too sweet for your taste, I think 1/3 cup should be okay too)
*Pinch of salt (optional? Still experimenting with this)

*A mango (or whatever fruit you think might go with this)

*A sauce pan 
*A rice cooker 


Take the rice and water and plunk it in your rice-cooker. Set it to the correct setting (if you have a cheapo one, don’t fret; mine only has ‘cook’ and 'warm’ and it came out all right). 
While the rice is going, take the coconut milk and pour it in the saucepan; add the sugar and the salt and stir until it’s dissolved and it starts to thicken up, about 5-10 minutes. You can either do this ahead of time or closer to later; doesn’t matter until your rice is done.
When the rice is finished, take the coconut milk mixture and pour it over the still-hot rice (I typically like to put my rice in a plastic container before I do this, but that’s because I’m lazy). Let this sit for about an hour so that the rice absorbs all that yummy coconut milk.
Serve some of the rice with generous slices of mango.

The nice thing about this is that it makes quite a bit of sticky rice, so you can even save some for another day, or another fruit! I find it’s a great comfort food when you’re feeling sad and just want something sweet to make the day a little better.

Lazy(ish) Chili

Lazy(ish) Chili

For all of us who love stuff that tastes like it took a long time to cook but don’t want to wait 4 hours for their food!

I really like making this when I’m super tired but I still feel like having a homey little meal. Everything non-vegetarian or vegan is easily omitted or replaced.

This recipe uses a mirepoix; Celery, Carrots, and Onions– the holy trinity of French cooking and also your best, cheapest and most flavorful and versatile combo of vegetables on the planet. These guys are in all of the classic American recipes and they usually cost less than $5 to get them all, I love them so much! You can even sometimes buy all three chopped up together, but you usually get less and it’s more expensive– it’s worth it to chop all of them together yourself and store them in airtight plastic bags or containers in the fridge, which helps you stretch them and conserves fridge space.

You’ll need:

- 1 can of ranch-style beans with jalapeños OR 1 can of whole beans (add jalapeños, and ¼ tsp of brown sugar and it will mimic the taste of these ranch beans hella easy)
- 1 can of tomatoes with green chiles (I like Rotel the best, but literally any kind works) OR 1 can of diced tomatoes and 1 can of green chiles/jalapeños
- 1 lb lean ground beef/turkey OR 1 pkg medium firm tofu (you can use a little bit of Worcestershire sauce or brown sugar/tomato paste to mimic the beefy flavor)
- ½ cup each of diced/chopped celery, carrots and onions
- Olive or Vegetable oil
- Garlic powder, pepper and salt to taste.


- A large skillet
- Spatula or flat wooden spoon, something to break up your meat or tofu with.

Heat your skillet on medium heat, add 1 tbsp of oil and when it starts to get slick/shiny, add your veggies and a little pinch of salt. Sauté until onions start to look translucent, and then add your beef or tofu. Season your meat or tofu to your taste and break it up to your preference.

Open your beans and your tomatoes; when the beef is browned, add the tomatoes, stirring to combine. Let the mixture reach a boil, then add your beans, stirring again. Let it reach a boil once more, then lower your heat and let it simmer uncovered for 15-20 minutes or until your carrots are tender the way you like them. Hooray! Chili!

This tastes awesome with tortillas but if you’re willing to make the extra effort it’s also great with some cornbread– the Jiffy brand mixes are usually pretty cheap, you’ll find them on the fringes of the baking aisle usually for less than a dollar and they only require an egg and I think a cup of milk? Both of which are easy to substitute with whatever you please.

Microwave Scrambled Egg Sandwich

This is something my stepdad made up a while back that I’ve modified to my liking. It’s ridiculously easy, so great for in the morning when you haven’t quite woken up yet, and of course things can be added to it to make it even better.


  • 1 egg
  • Two pieces of toast, lightly buttered (bagels and English muffins are great as well)
  • Shredded cheese (optional)


  1. Beat the egg in a small, microwave-safe bowl. If you are choosing to add cheese, stir the shredded cheese in with the egg. You can also use a small dash of milk to make the egg fluffier and retain more moisture during the cooking process.
  2. Microwave the beaten egg for one minute on ‘high’. If you added cheese, it may take a little longer – I usually do a minute and fifteen seconds.
  3. Take the egg out of the microwave and flip it to the other side (it should be mostly cooked by now and easy to flip, but if it gets a little messy, it’s no big deal).
  4. Put the egg back in the microwave for another 15-30 seconds.
  5. Once the egg is fully cooked, take it out of the microwave and serve on toast.
Poor Man's Rancheros

Poor Man’s Rancheros

My good friend and I used to make these a lot when we were really hungry, but broke. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes to make depending on whether or not you want an egg and your beans are canned or not.

This can easily be made vegan, just make the necessary substitutions to your taste. You can also totally make your own beans and salsa if you’re worried about sugars and fats!

You’ll need:

- 1 bag of dehydrated refried beans OR 1 can of refried or whole beans.
- 4 corn OR 2 flour tortillas
- 1 or 2 eggs
- cheese or cheese substitute that will melt
- salsa or hot sauce of your choice
- butter or vegetable (canola is a good, heart-healthy one) oil
- seasoning to tastes
- fresh tomatoes, spinach, corn, onions, fried garlic, etc. (optional)


- small square glass or metal baking dish
- small pot for beans
- liquid measure (cup) if you’re using dehydrated beans
- spatula for serving & for your eggs
- small or medium-sized skillet

Start off by preheating your oven to 350 F. Then start heating or prepping your beans according to the bag’s instructions; season or leave unseasoned as you please. You can do this in a pot or in a microwave if you’re using canned beans. Place aside.

Grease your baking dish with a small amount of oil or butter, coating it thinly but thoroughly. Lay your tortillas in the dish. It’s okay if they stick up out from the sides, they’ll just get nice and crispy in the oven as you bake your “rancheros”.

Spoon your beans into the tortillas, spreading them out in an even layer. Add your veggies now if you want them– cooking them before or not is up to you, but remember raw vegetables release a lot of water when cooking, so prepare for a soggy bottom.

If you’re planning to have an egg on this, heat a teaspoon of oil or a small pat of butter in your skillet, and cook your egg(s) to preference. Season them with a little salt and pepper if you’d like as they cook. (Tip: for easier over-medium eggs, once I put the eggs in the pan, I cover them and put them in the oven for about 2-4 minutes, until they’re done to my preference. This helps them cook a little more evenly).

Slide your eggs onto the top of your beans and drizzle your salsa or hot sauce on top. Sprinkle your cheese or cheese substitute over it and bake for around 10 minutes, or until your cheese is melted. Remove, slice in quarters or in half, and enjoy! This doesn’t exactly keep in the fridge well with the egg, but I imagine if you don’t opt for an egg it’ll keep for about a day or two– but if you’re really hungry it won’t last!

Microwave Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

A pretty simple, quick and healthy breakfast. I use cow’s milk, but it tastes good with soy milk as well.

> 2/3 cup of old fashioned oats
> 2/3 cup of milk (or more, if you like oatmeal with more liquid)
> 4 tsp brown sugar
> 1 tsp cinnamon
> 1 apple
> dash of salt (optional)

Combine oats and milk in a large bowl. Microwave for 2.5 minutes. (I recommend putting a paper towel underneath in case it bubbles over!) While it’s cooking, chop up your apple into bite size bits. Mix with 2 tsp of brown sugar in a small bowl. Once the oatmeal is done, go ahead and microwave the apples. While that’s cooking, add the remaining brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt to the oatmeal. Add apples on top.

Squash casserole


  • glass baking dish
  • sharp knife
  • carrot peeler
  • cutting board
  • pot for boiling water


  • 1 butternut squash
  • cheese - I used cheddar but you can use whatever you have on hand
  • sauce - I used enchilada sauce but you can also use pasta sauce, again whatever you have in your pantry
  • half a pound of frozen peas (optional)


  1. Set pot to boil and preheat the oven to 350
  2. microwave the peas until defrosted
  3. Peel squash and cut it in half lengthwise
  4. Cut into strips about half an inch wide
  5. Boil the squash for about 10 minutes, until it is tender enough that you can cut it with a fork
  6. Spread a thin layer of sauce at the bottom of the pan
  7. Add a layer of squash
  8. Sprinkle some of the peas
  9. Top it with cheese
  10. Continue until you run out of squash then top with a final layer of sauce and cheese
  11. Bake for 20 minutes until the cheese is melted and the sauce is warmed.

BakingWithBooks Does Whole30 - Shrimp & Mushroom Shakshuka 

I have previously done a uova al purgatorio (eggs in purgatory) recipe. Shakshuka is very similar, but different spices are used because this is common in Northern Africa and other parts of the Middle East. Filled to the brim with vegetables and warm spices, this amazing egg dish is the perfect Whole30 compliant breakfast, dinner, or both. 


1 28oz can of crushed tomatoes 

2 roma tomatoes, diced 

1 jalapeño pepper, seeded only if you don’t want a high level of spice, and diced 

2 large cloves garlic, minced 

1 ½ cup portobello mushrooms, chopped 

½ yellow onion, diced 

Bell peppers (red preferred, rainbow even more preferred), cut into strips 

Large handful (or two) of spinach 

4-6 large eggs 

½ lb jumbo shrimp (about 6-9)

Seasoning blend: 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp chili powder, 1 tsp Italian seasoning, 1 tsp black pepper, kosher salt to taste (you will not use all of this seasoning – unless you absolutely want to) 

Olive oil 


In a large and deep skillet or cast iron skillet, heat 1 tbsp of olive oil over medium heat. 

Once the oil has come to temperature, add in your onions, garlic, and jalapeño, and cook until the onion starts to become translucent. Season with a pinch of the seasoning blend. 

Once the onions develop color, add in the peppers and the mushrooms. Cook for an additional 2-4 minutes while the veggies begin to soften. Season with another pinch of the seasoning blend. 

Add in all of your tomatoes, season, taste, and let the mixture simmer for about 3 minutes before adding in the spinach. 

Add in the spinach, give everything a good stir, and arrange your shrimp in such a way that an egg can be cracked in between them. 

Season generously, reduce the heat to simmer, and cover with a lid to allow the shrimp to cook. 

When the shrimp is near completion, crack an egg into a ramekin and gently pour it into the tomato sauce (you want the yolks to stay intact). 

Once all of your eggs are in the sauce, cover with a lid and let them poach until you reach your desired yolk consistency. 

Turn off the heat, taste and season one last time. Garnish with fresh cilantro or parsley, and serve warm. 

Can be made vegetarian/vegan by omitting the shrimp!


Egg Drop

I make egg drop a lot when I’m feeling lazy or sick or just not up for a lot of cooking. It’s hearty and filling, and no-carb, which is really nice as a diabetic.


  • Eggs
  • Water
  • Bouillon cubes, or Better Than Bouillon powder


  • Chicken stock (for richer soup, instead of bouillon and water)
  • Green onions (chopped)
  • Mushrooms (chopped)
  • Ginger (shredded fresh or powdered, for the broth)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Corn starch (to add thickness to soup of silkiness to eggs)


  • Saucepan (this recipe scales but I use a medium saucepan and it makes two big portions)
  • Egg-whisking receptacle (i use glass measuring cups or mugs, but a bowl can work too)
  • Whisking utensil (a whisk or a fork)


I scale this recipe by cups of water:bouillon cubes:eggs. So if i use one cup of water i use one cube of bouillon and one egg. It keeps the ratio well balanced and the soup from being too weak, but obviously personal tastes differ. My normal portion is 2:2:2.


  1. If using stock, pour a reasonable amount into the pan – if using water and bouillon, pour in just water. As mentioned above, i usually pour in two cups but it’s not precise. Set to boil on high heat.
  2. When the water is beginning to simmer (small bubbles on the bottom of the pan, or a rumbling sound), add in bouillon cubes or powder. As mentioned above, I normally use two but your sodium needs maybe differ.
  3. While this is happening, whisk your eggs until well combined. If you want silkier eggs, like those you find in a restaurant, add roughly a ¼ teaspoon per egg of cornstarch. Beat well.
  4. If adding green onions, add green onions to boiling water.
  5. When water is at a rolling boil, take your egg mixture and your whisking instrument and position yourself over the pot.
  6. Very gently, pick up a little bit of the egg mixture on your fork or whisk and drop it over the boiling water. When it hits the boiling water, it will cook into little filaments of egg. Keeping your fork- or whisk-fuls small will help the texture of the soup stay neat. If you get impatient (i do) pouring in larger quantities also work, but you get a chunkier soup and less of that soft, silky texture.
  7. You’re done!
  8. Add toppings of choice.
Cheesy Veggie Bowl

I learned this from a friend in middle school. It’s warm, easy, pretty healthy, and insanely filling. I recommend making it in a deeper, rather than wide and shallow, bowl, or even a mug for a snack size portion.


-rice (leftover or fresh)

-Veggies (I use spinach, mushrooms, peas, and shredded carrots but anything you like can work. Fresh or frozen work better than canned)

- sliced or shredded cheese (I use shredded jack, but whatever meltable cheese works. Use vegan cheese to make this vegan/dairy free)


Mound some rice into your bowl. If it’s leftover, I recommend adding a teaspoonish of water on top. Pile on veggies, as much as you want to eat. They go further than you think. Then, cover the top with cheese. Narrow bowls or mugs work best because you can get a really good cover. Then, microwave the whole thing for a couple minutes, until the cheese melts really well. I like to poke a few holes in the top and pour soy sauce on top. You could add leftover meat, any veggies about to god bad, it’s just a great recipe for clearing out the fridge. Tasty and tummy filling!

Coffee Shop Breakfast Sandwich Dupe

I developed a mild obsession with Starbucks sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches, and didn’t want to keep going out+ paying to get them, so! You will need:

- 1 egg
- 1 English muffin (I use white but it can literally be anything)
- 1 pre-cooked sausage breakfast patties 
- Cheese if you want some, not necessary at all!
- Spices to taste (I use salt, pepper, cumin, and garlic)
- Butter or oil
- Frying pan
- Lid for frying pan
- Spatula

Optional step 1: Stick the two halves of the English muffins in the toaster if you prefer the texture of toasted to non-toasted bread (I do). Putting them in first means they have time to cool before you load them up with stuff so they don’t get all soft from trapped steam

Step 2: Pre-heat a small frying pan and put in some butter or oil. Once it’s heated up, place your sausage patty in the oil. If you’re using frozen patties, cover the frying pan so the steam helps it defrost. Flip once it’s thawed/browned to your satisfaction, then wait for the other side. If frozen, keep it covered! I usually flip it one more time to brown the other side Really Well since the first round is really more just to thaw it xP

Step 3: Place the now browned sausage patty on one half of the muffin

Step 4: Add more butter/oil to the pan and turn the heat down a little

Step 5: Crack an egg into the pan and keep it more towards the side. Once everything’s starting to turn white, dip the corner of your spatula into the yolk and swirl the egg around so it makes a nice, little “patty” that fits atop the muffin. Keep shoving in the parts that leak out until the rim of the eggs are set enough it holds everything in

Step 6: Spices! This is what has ruined me for coffee shop breakfast sandwiches because the spices make things so much better. Spice the top of your egg however you want

Step 7: Cover until the egg is set

Step 8: Flip to cook/brown the other side of the egg. Optional: add on some cheese and cover again to let it melt

Step 9: Lay the egg over top of the sausage and cover with the other half of the muffin


via IG @koeygreen_

  • Cooked rice noodles (according to package instruction) 
  • bell pepper 
  • asparagus 
  • mushrooms 
  • cilantro 
  • Sauce: 1 tbs soy sauce,1 tbs rice vinegar, ½ tbs sweetener, 1 clove crushed garlic or powder 
  1. sauté bell pepper and asparagus until mostly cooked 
  2. add in mushroom, noodles and sauce 
  3. cook until everything is heated though
  4. stir in cilantro and enjoy

Easy poor student sandwich maker recipe.

Sandwich makers with removable plates are really versatile tools for people without the proper cooking equipment or energy/time required to cook. They’re compact little appliances that you fill with ingredients, close for a few minutes, and open to a hot meal. They seal the sides of a sandwich to keep all of the fillings inside, like an Uncrustable. If you don’t have a sandwich maker, you can make this recipe on the stove, just fry each side of the sandwich like you would for a grilled cheese, but it won’t seal the insides so be careful when eating with some of the variations.


  • egg
  • slice of american cheese (or any type of cheese you have on hand, soy cheese for those with restricted diets)
  • salt and pepper
  • water (or milk)
  • turkey bacon (or really any type of meat)
  • sandwich bread



  1. Heat up sandwich maker with the triangular plates.
  2. Place bacon or other meat on it to cook for a few minutes.
  3. Whisk egg with salt, pepper, and a tablespoon of water as if you were making scrambled eggs.
  4. Dip one side of each slice of bread in the egg mixture.
  5. Remove bacon from plates.
  6. Place one slice egg side down on the hot plates.
  7. Tear up bacon and place on top with cheese.
  8. Top with second piece of bread, egg side up.
  9. Close sandwich maker and let it cook for 5-7 minutes until golden brown.
  10. Enjoy.

Tip: if you have extra egg, pour it in one of the dips of the sandwich maker, close the lid, and cook it for 3-ish minutes. You’ll have a nice fluffy side of eggs!


Bread dipped in egg is a great addition to any sandwich because you hardly taste it but it adds more texture and protein. Here are some other things you can fill the egg-bread with, in order from less to more energy needed to cook them.

  • just plain american cheese or cheddar (grilled cheese)
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • jam
  • nutella
  • diced canned fruits like peaches
  • honey and canned fruit
  • canned pie filling
  • nutella and banana
  • nutella and mini-marshmallows (s'mores!)
  • no filling, just dip both sides of the bread in egg, cook as usual, and sprinkle with powdered sugar once cooled (french toast)
  • fried or scrambled egg (egg-ception)
  • fried or scrambled egg with bacon or another meat and hashbrowns (straight up breakfast)
  • cooked ground beef and cheese (hamburger)
  • cooked ground beef, taco seasoning, and shredded cheese - dip in salsa (tacos)

The possibilities are endless!


Creamy, Comforting Low Carb Broccoli & Cheese Casserole

I am not on a low carb diet, but sometimes I make low carb recipes to help my energy stay up and motivate me to make veggie or protein-centric dishes. This is a quick & simple spin on a classic casserole I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do!


  • 1 lb broccoli
  • 1 bag shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 8 oz. block of cream cheese
  • 2 8 oz. packages shirataki rice (pictured above - available for purchase on Amazon)***
  • Olive Oil
  • 1 bouillon cube (chicken or vegetable) or 1 teaspoon Better than Bouillon (pictured above) - optional
  • 1 lb. diced ham (omit or sub veggie bacon to make vegetarian)
  • Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Chop broccoli and sautée in olive oil mixed with a little bouillon (I use a teaspoon of the vegetarian “no chicken base” bouillon pictured above) until cooked through. This will take approximately 10 minutes on medium high heat.
  2. Prepare both packages of the shirataki rice. This stuff is great for diabetics or folks on a low carb diet, but MAN is it stinky when you remove it from the packaging. In order to remove the strong odor, following these instructions: Open the containers and rinse rice thoroughly. Place in a pan with 1 cup water and cook on high, stirring occasionally, until water has evaporated. Sautée an additional 5-10 minutes until rice is completely dry. 
  3. Combine broccoli with rice in one pan and add cream cheese and shredded cheddar cheese. You can also add diced ham at this point if you are not making it vegetarian, or a meat substitute such as veggie bacon if you are. Season with salt and pepper to taste. 
  4. Pour the mixture into an oven safe container and bake for 15 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. 

That’s it! Enjoy! This is great leftover as well, so feel free to double the recipe if you want it to last through the week. 

***If you don’t want to use shirataki rice, you can use lentils instead to keep it diabetic-friendly/low carb. And, of course, you can always just use regular ol’ rice if you prefer that!