soy bean

reason 5748938573242 why hispanic apollo is good
  • apollo: okay what's "mucho gusto"
  • klavier: nice to meet you?
  • apollo: "estoy bien"
  • klavier: i'm fine!
  • apollo, to waiter: soy beans
  • klavier: i am beans
  • klavier: wait

dinner is served! huge plate full of delights: lettuce, broccoli, grilled zucchini, quinoa&veggies soy burger, white rice, flax seeds, all seasoned with evo oil, fresh parsley, pepper and chili pepper. AWESOME!

“Lucid Dreaming” sigil
Lucid dreaming is the ability to realize that you’re dreaming in a dream and able to control it once realized.
However, lucid dreaming is a bit difficult. That’s what this sigil is for, to help make lucid dreaming come easier to you!

Recommended Color: Silver (Color of Dreams; not a complete list)

Recommended Crystals: Lazulite, Moonstone,and Rhodonite (Crystals that induce lucid dreaming; not a complete list)

Recommended Foods: Soy Beans, chicken, and pumpkin seeds. (Foods that induce lucid dreaming; not a complete list)

Recommended Placement: Either stitched or under your pillow.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Book ~ Ancient Egyptian profiles

First of all I apologise for the quality! As I mentioned before I don’t have a scanner so those photos were taken with my phone and camera.

Under the read more are the profiles from Ancient Egyptian section of Millennium Book. I’ve included Grandpa because his profile is for when he finds the Puzzle at age 43 – his food likes and dislikes are different to age 72 Grandpa as is his height and weight! So I thought that was kind of interesting.

Everyone has a full profile except Kisara who was only given a height and weight. I have also tentatively included kind of birthdays. This post does a wonderful job of explaining why we can’t ACTUALLY translate the Ancient Egyptian birthdays to the Gregorian calendar.

But I figured as everyone is going to do it anyway, I may as well include them so at least everyone’s on the same page, so to speak!

There are a couple of translation notes at the bottom and my Japanese is by no means infallible so if you find anything wrong, please let me know! Probably some of the names are wrong because I can never remember the official way of spelling them so please forgive me! (I come from a time before official romanization and I wish this book had included it!)

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Midwest Gothic

everybody knows you should never get to close to the corn but no one knows why. but you know the real danger is in the soy beans. never underestimate them. never turn your back.

you saw someone new in town today, which is odd because there’s never been anyone new. nobody moves in and no body moves out.

your dog has been staring at the same spot in the woods for an hour. even from this far you can see the eyes glowing. he hasn’t moved a muscle. you’re not sure if it would be better if he did.

the frequency of tornado drills is increasing. the coyotes have been acting strange. it seems you’re being prepared for something far worse than a tornado. you don’t question it and put your head down.

there is a chicken in your math class. the teacher does nothing to remove it. it receives a higher grade than you.

the rain hasn’t stopped for a week. everything is fine, the officials say. this is normal, they say. someone is swimming in the soccer field. everything is fine. you park your canoe by the bike racks. this is normal.

there are rumors of a big city a days north of you but no matter which direction you go you always end up back in town. every few years someone attempts the trip and is never seen again. it is unclear if they escaped or were caught

you’ve never met your neighbors. the closest one lives 10 miles away. none of them even know where you lived. then one night very late, there is a knock at the door

I made the broth from carrot, kohlrabi, white radish and leeks. Then I stir fried pineapple and tomatoes with a bit salt and then poured them all in the broth. For toppings I stir fried mushrooms and bean curd sheets with soy sauce. Actually I supposed to fry tofu too but I was too lazy so I just use the white tofu. Put some rice noodles and the toppings in a bowl, garnish with some bean sprouts, chopped green onions and coriander and there you go. 😋😋😋

Pre-E Ladies

Estrogen Boosting Foods:
Dried fruits (especially apricots, dates and prunes)
Sesame Seeds (only beneficial with healthy foods, not Mcdonald’s buns ect.)
Alfalfa Sprouts
Bran Cereals
Soy Milk
Soy Beans

Testosterone Decreasing foods:
Vegetable oil
Alcohol (be careful young ones)
Trans- Fats (ironic)
Ice Cream
Cookies (yes)
Nachos (legit)
Chicken Wings (for real)