Well, with people actually buying the other Cowboy Bebop t-shirt design I made long ago, I figured I’d start and finish on the other designs I had in mind.

I’m currently hard at work on the Red-Tail ship design and once I finish that I’ll go ahead and begin work on the Hammerhead. If you’re a fan of Bebop like myself, then you understand what I’m talking about, other wise I’m just rambling on about a bunch fish.

So yea, that’s what I have been doing all day today, and will be doing all day tomorrow.

Oh and if you want to buy various things with my previous Cowboy Bebop design on it (see below), then click here.

P.S. Don’t Expect me to advertise my stuff too often, I try to be better than that if I can.

P.S. I know the phrase is “See You Space Cowboy” but it’s kind of too late to change it now… though I think the phrase “So Long Space Cowboy” was used on the last episode… don’t quote me on that.