In Celtic Ireland, not only were wild boars and sows held in high esteem, but so were domestic pigs; and the swineherds who tended them were credited with magical powers. Their herds of swine would have been semi-wild, foraging for food in the forests of kings; the herders were thus semi-wild themselves and imbued with the woodland’s magic. The Táin Bó Cúailnge and other ancient texts tell stories of swineherds who battle each other in contests of magic, or who utter prophesies at key moments in the lives of heroes and kings.

Did my own version of the dregs tattoo. I remember reading somewhere in Six of Crows that Kaz likes brandy which I shared with a bartender friend who as it turns out HATES brandy with a PASSION. Every time she sees a snifter she snarls “screw you Kaz!”, so I made this in her honor. Friendship is a sweet thing (almost as sweet as brandy)

Bartender friend on the keyboard now: This is aCURSED!!! POST!!!