sovtek mig

I play post-rock, post-metal and emo/indie

signal chain - (polytune noir) -EAE longsword V1 Deluxe -walrus iron horse -Caroline meteore -empress tape delay -vp jr -OBNE Mondegreen -empress reverb - CB Warped Vinyl -EQD dispatch master -hungry robot blue moon - All off a PP 4x4 - the only pedal not on this board is my Count to 5

Sovtek Mig 100 > Avatar 2x12 - Fender Pawn Shop Mustang and Squier JMJM

Submitted by @bringforththelight

Dude, this is so lit. Really awesome setup. Love that you’re still running the Blue Moon you won. This is a beastly setup. Thanks for sharing it!!